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April 2016 Numerology Forecast

Updated on April 14, 2016


This month is about completion and reaching our goals. It's about planning your work and working your plan. The foundations established this month will support mega success. People in power are open to receive new ideas that benefit ALL. When in doubt, consult your team ie. your lawyer, accountant, etc.

April 2016

1 - Great day for marriage, travel, sales, and signing contracts. People in power positions are approachable today.

2 - Today's focus is on family as well as success. Quiet contemplation can lead to revelations. Avoid heated arguments over petty details. Enjoy the magic of love!

3 - Things slow down today. Expect delays, trails and success after difficulty. Great day for meditation and spiritual practices. REST!

4 - Great business/partnership energy today. Consult your team for advice if needed. Great day for studying another language.

5 - Birth and beginnings are favored. This is a great day for visiting the sick and shut in. Give today without thought of reward.

6 - A day requiring self reliance, honesty and good judgement. Contradictions, surprises and unreliable friends make for a challenging day.

7 - Quiet fire day!! Great for partnerships, finances, learning and abundance. Artist gain financially! Every one will be energized to do and be their best. False plans/friends are revealed.

8 - Ship Ahoy!!! Today's emanations favor successful conclusions. Today is a day for abundant rewards and celebration. Great day for romance/marriage too.

9 - Drama day today. Is someone looking for a fight? Don't get pulled in. There's an air of competition, law and order. Stay positive and finances can improve. Stick to your budget.

10 - Share your wisdom and expertise with others who need a helping hand. Favorable settlements are likely today. Right triumphs over injustice. The victory is good news!!

11 - Today we have the opportunity to be of service. Do what you can for family and community.

12 - Travel, movement, log jams are broken. Things start moving today and settlements are likely. Love is in the air.

13 - Today is "alchemy" day. Turn your ideas into money. Buying, selling, inheritance, all financial matters are favored. The caterpillar becomes the butter fly under today's transformation vibration. $$$ ching ching $$$

14 - Follow through to completion. Keep pushing to the end. Some relationships, and conditions must be released.

15 - New beginnings and fresh starts are the order of the day. Work with friends and family to improve finances. A new relationship may start that becomes a lasting one.

16 - Today our cup runs over with good contacts, finances, and romance. Spiritual experiences reveal inner LIGHT. A very high energy day. Impulsiveness leads to accidents. Secrets are revealed.

17 - The love vibration is strong today and people want to get away and have fun. Great day for joining forces with others for projects that promote goodwill.

18 - It's back to work, get done what has been put off. Building is what today is all about. Obstacles are a blessing today. GOD is establishing a new order so breaks and separations may occur.

19 - Today we get to enjoy the "promise land" vibration. Hopes dreams and wishes come true today. Take a chance, risk something new. Today, fortune favors the bold.

20 - Today is a day for love and cooperation. Help someone in need. Reach out to family. Artist get a creative burst today.

21 - Be still and know. Healing takes place, arguments are resolved. It's time for peace and celebration. Eat drink and be merry.

22 - A day for re-evaluation. Are you happy? Did you get the promotion? Are you appreciated? If you answer yes...your right were you belong...if you answer no, it's time to make a new plan..

23- Imagine.... you have a glass of milk, that milk spills on the floor. You pull out the dry/wet vac, suck up the milk and put it BACK IN THE GLASS. Now....would you really want to drink it??? I don't think so. Learn from the past and let it go!!

24 - If you let go of the past yesterday, today, every thing will be brand new. Seeds are bearing fruit. Things are changing for the better. The future looks bright for those following God's plan for them.

25 - Today, through faith, dreams are fulfilled. Beware of vanity, ego, jealousy or being frivolous. Weigh, decide, and discard. Proper choices are rewarded.

26 - It's a day to think like a philanthropist. Use your resources to help someone else. Abundance is flowing today. Travel, explore, romance is in the air.

27 - Today is a day for accomplishment and success. Hard work pays off. Illness is healed. It's all good. Be careful not to over indulge in food or drink.

28 - Looking for love? Today could be your day. It's a great day for family, friends and fun. Expect happy changes, variety, surprises and recognition for a job well done.

29 - Today is about what is true and what is false. Disagreement and hostility is possible. Those fighting for the right and standing in the light will score a decisive victory today.

30- The battle is over. It's time for rest. Conditions are changing. Time alone is necessary to get in tune with our inner promptings. Tune in to the real you. Seek inner guidance.


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