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Hitler and 4-20, Sharing my Birthday

Updated on October 22, 2017
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Sharing a birthday was not fun

My Birthday is the same day as Hitler's, but no worries, My God's not dead He's surely alive...
My Birthday is the same day as Hitler's, but no worries, My God's not dead He's surely alive...

Sharing a Birthday with a Tyrant,and 4/20, Oh my!

If this topic offends, I assure you it isn't my intent. Sharing a birthday that falls on the same day as Hitler's birthday and is know to the world as National Pot Day, can be a tad frustrating. I suppose the feeling that ensues is, that my celebration of birth becomes a nightmare, because of the chaotic noise of the infamous date!

The day carries the nickname 4-20, I hear it all the time, “Oh, Wow, your birthday is National Pot Day, the same day as Hitler’s birthday.” It’s true, I share my special day with a historical tyrant, and National Pot Day (which I didn't know of until recent years!), which brings emotion and complications all its own.

Some choose acts of rage, conspicuous anger against others to glorify a tyrant, on my birthday, April 20th. Or better yet, there's the celebrating the cloud of cannabis and legalization of herb. Whichever side of these prevalent issues you fall to mean little, however, this is a day the Lord has made, a day of birth and renewal, and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Extremist groups choose this timing of, on or close to Hitler’s birthday to commemorate his life. To name some of the most horrific events, the Columbine High School massacre and the Oklahoma City bombing. Both were close or on that infamous date.

In Europe, Hitler performed acts of violence as a means of retribution against the Jewish people and others. Loyal followers seek to bring him recognition, lies the antedate allowing replication of evil as a celebratory act honoring a tyrant.

Hitler claimed some sadistic form an alliance to Christians, yet he was the complete antithesis. This tyrant somehow mystified an era, creating an allegiance of pure unadulterated evil toward masses of people, somehow condoning his position or beliefs. Hitler borrowed his twisted version of Christianity to gain a power to his occult spiritualism and radical views. How sad, as his mind was so distorted, this man with his distorted rationale had robotic servants with a willingness to perform horrific acts.

(Hitler wrote: “I believe I am acting under the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” As a boy, Hitler experienced the anti-Semitic attitude of his culture. In his book, (Mien Kampf, 1925), Hitler reveals himself as a fanatical believer in God and country. This text presents selected quotes from the infamous anti-Semite himself).

Why people gravitate to and follow negative influence? By choice are you denying your conscience, acting against the truth in your own heart? Are you allowing hate to regurgitate biased with acceptance of position whether right or wrong? Would you stand firm in your faith and belief if the masses formed against you? Where one may disagree, the truth remains; belief is one’s choice.

A choice is free, but we must maintain a loving character, agreeing to disagree avoiding opinion or the enactment of hateful vengeance. Where we lack clarity in the violence leaning on our own understanding confuses. Leaning on God, is purposeful and He may do a work through you to reveal His conviction. It remains His work and His timing. The best choice is to love as God loves dying self and living a life that glorifies Him.

April 20th is a great day a celebration of the resurrection of Christ in me. Many will miss the connection, but I will be screaming, “God’s not dead.”

Again the choice is free, and no one can dictate by entrapment, unless, you relinquish control. Relinquishment of your soul in chaotic allegiance allowing deceit and destruction is a choice. However, it is a counter-intuitive position when the choice is a belief in Christ as your Savior, as you live by faith, renewing your life.

I have grown up with formidable anticipation of dread related to this date, April 20th, my birthday and Hitler’s birthday, also National Pot Day! While I see the negativity associated with it, I choose to acknowledge the beauty that has come from the ashes.

As for my past birthdays and future birthdays landing on this infamous date, I am claiming joy!

Honing in on 4/20 turn bad to good in the ashes
Honing in on 4/20 turn bad to good in the ashes

Hate is hate no matter how we spin it

Hate no matter how we spin it creates a vicious web!

Hate-to-hate, or to rationalize negative actions based on belief or non-belief to justify a position is pathetic. Regardless of faith, one cannot condone hatred of any sort. True, all people have capability to misconstrued notions that allow them to perform acts of evil. However, no Christian or non-Christian has rights to justify self, or a group, by hateful evil actions, based on their stance.

As people, we should have a moral conduct allowing differences as we continue to grow without disgusting attacks. People with freedom should agree our views and positions come with diversity. Sharing without beating or harming one another is imperative. To trust any point of view heard or shared here on earth, is that of man’s opinion. I pray that as human beings we realize whether passionate or not, we may be imperfect in our presentation and our interpretations.

I am a Christian; I believe in Christ Jesus as He is the reason for my life, His word is my truth and I love to glorify Him. Personal faith grows in His word each day and yet as His, I continue to live and react in this human existence. I live with the regret of my sinful nature and still I desire to glorify our Father in Heaven.

While I remain His servant, I recognize belief doesn't come without issue. Opinion of this world harms others for their beliefs or non-beliefs. By doing such a thing, the world shows evil itself. We can accept one another, but we need guidance from the word of God!

I am imperfect, living with my imperfections and Jesus loves me. He died for my sins so I could live. Our precious Jesus, did this for me and for you!

I love people, yes; I have anger at the hatred of this world; I am sure we feel this pain., I try my best to take people where they're at. I listen to their point of view, agree to disagree and respect the life that one is living. Attempting to figure where someone’s coming from, what their experience has been and how it has formed their opinion is a necessary challenge.

I love sharing with others I have a living and loving Christ alive in me. This belief is a fact for me and I need not push or berate anyone as I believe God handles our connections. How in awe I am of God; His miraculous omnipotence is life-giving as He saves us, taking us, at varying intervals of life. As a believer I like to share word ever humbled that He takes us where we are, recognizing that to love like Christ, I must love people in this same manner.

I remain the student hoping to surrender with a desiring heart; nonetheless, staying clear of the purification in the assault of another’s journey. Therefore, humbly I misstep, trusting Him first and living for His purpose. In knowing Him, it’s my life’s desire to seek Him in others, as He sought me in my darkest places, lighting my way.

I chose to refute the bonds of our sinful existence sharing His promises, thereby giving glory to God. I hope to exhibit His light, and when the lamp lights, I pray an attraction toward its glow, drawing those in the abyss to its warmth. For I was there and He called me by name, hence, I desire to share Christ as He lives within my heart.

When I get close to His purpose, I will welcome the attacks, claiming my loyalty and honor to Him. His love is greater than any earthly treasure and I will trust in Him. When I am a fool with doubt I pray others lead me back to His path, derailing any rampant exploration of temptation, which separates me from His glory.

No greater pain exists than isolation of pulling away, therefore, when separated one secludes in self-tormenting, inclusively aware as they hide their light. Choosing selfishness is a form of neutrality or denial. Many of the lost remain vulnerable to attack, we are all vulnerable to attacks. How does this choice, of denial of God's Love, this foolishness by action, make one any better than a tyrant? When acting in any other manner than loving we are part of the problem.

Mini Biography of Hitler and His tyranny

I am no Judge but I am roaring like a Lion

I'm no judge nor do I justify; as a person living a life, making choices with free will, like anyone else. However, I reiterate my view that hate is hate and acts against human life are wrong, to justify evil stance or position based on a belief or non-belief is pathetic as everyone has value. God values and wants everyone.

If we love people, regardless if people put blinders on, Does that mean we do the same? When everyone lacks forgiveness, we can still forgive. One person can spew hatred and we can love. In situations many choose lies and hiding, it’s a choice to speak up for our faith and belief. We can show kindness, with gracious, acceptance, lighting the way through our actions.

On another note, if I am spewing hatred or impatience, negativity or evil, which could lead to dissension, war or chaos, I hope for and need accountability. So please hold me accountable. This accountability is futile without love or condemnation, but with the love of Christ we grow. The love of Christ is perfect, and I am imperfect who am I to decide anyone's fate?

Choosing His word seeking Him is my course. I am no judge, nor a bad person, but I can be better. Grace finds us in conviction as it brings one closer to our Father’s plan.

In this world, I spend much time in the word of God; however, He deserves me in my entirety.

My truth, He is everything and I desire Christ-likeness. Desiring a life of prayerful obedience to glorify and honor Him is my goal and grateful that He walks with me.

Our testimony is the cross where He carried all sin, and I pray to take up my cross with integrity like Christ. Seeking to trust in His sufficient grace during the storms with our weak flesh. I'm safe and blessed by His forgiveness and, therefore, I will forgive those who come to attack me. His timing is perfect and my flesh is slow to respond as He would, but the Holiness of His Spirit within me convicts my soul.

I have come to trials, joys, and miracles, whereby His touch has changed a situation beyond comprehension. During life experiences, I have been close and beyond death. This statement may sound crazy to some, but it doesn’t matter because, I know my God is greater, awesome in power. He wants and requires much from me as He is inside of you. Christ lives in our core, and that is what I want people to see in me. I know you can choose Him and when you do; He is with you; He lives inside of your heart and your attention to His word shines from there.

Here is the kicker, I’m a God Girl, I love Him; I know Him and yet I struggle like the rest of the world. Here is my stance as to why. We know that God is greater; we know that evil is free to roam and attack us on this earth. God claims us, and yet we must choose Him, beyond our circumstance. I know that when I go to God, He is there. The closer I come to Him, the greater the attacks. So here is my theory, for every minute I spend with God, evil is spending five minutes trying to separate me from Him.

My concern is this if I spend one minute and evil has five minutes to pull me away, and another minute I pray obedience to God. Well, the multiplication of attacks would grow. But, if I spend five minutes focused on Jesus and no time with the evil pull, imagine the strength of the armor that could surround me and you.

How would you handle a tsunami in life?


If a tsunami hit your shores how would you live?

If a tsunami hits and we find ourselves on an island with say ten people of varying points of view. Where some views may conflict, I would hope to display a sampling of unconditional love. My guess is we would want to heal wounds, make the campfire, protect, enjoy life and live our time together in peace while loving and respecting one another. If this seems pathetic, mushy, yet, it’s my view.

If by my choice to love like Christ brings attacks possibilities of becoming maimed or killed, again so be it. I would still make my choice, loving the way I know how, and dying with the peace of knowing I did everything possible to share Christ’s love and without hate.

Well, there it is people, again I choose my faith in God grateful for it! In the past I shied away from sharing my birthday is April 20th because of negatives associated with the date.

But you see some amazing things happen on this day. My life began as the daughter of a King. Blessed on this day, given to a loving family believe in living for Jesus. No matter what anyone says, He is my choice, and He’s alive, because He is alive in me and I live for Him.

If nothing else Love one another as yourself, but please love God first. He will rock your world in a good way. If you share a birthday with someone or something less than desired, don't fret. Because God chooses you, and God is alive, He is alive in us!

Newsboys ~ God's Not Dead

How about a verse or two ~

Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”

2Corinthians 12:1-10 Paul’s Vision of His Thorn

Romans Chapter 7:7-25 The Law and Sin

Peace In Your Stages and remember we are allowed our choices and our views because of free will ~ Blessings to you and yours

My God's Not Dead ...

So Tell the World that God's Not Dead ~ He's Alive and living on the inside roaring like a Lion with the sound of Revival!
So Tell the World that God's Not Dead ~ He's Alive and living on the inside roaring like a Lion with the sound of Revival!

Please share your view

Is your God Living on the inside roaring like a lion with the sound of revival?

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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 9 months ago

      Dream On,

      I thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Your words are very kind and uplifting. Blessing to you this day and every day.

      Peace in your stages

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 10 months ago

      Each time I am sad on April 20th thinking about the things that happened that we had no control over and Hitlers birthday. I will pray for those hurt by injustices. Then I will think of your birthday and many other wonderful, special, loving people that make me want to celebrate. Jesus is always on my mind and blesses those who do right. Thank you for writing and sharing. Have a great day.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 3 years ago


      Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate your time and many blessings to you always.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A great topic of debate and so interesting from all sides I learned more about such history after my move to Europe.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 3 years ago

      Hello Dear Blossom

      I can always count on my sisters in Christ when under attack for standing up for His word. Thank you for the birthday wishes and your kind words of support. Hugs and much love

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      A great write. Thank you for it - and happy birthday for 20th! God bless you.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 3 years ago

      My dear friend Mekenzie

      So sweet of you to stop in, to lift me up on this beautiful day our Lord has made. Thank you for your heart and encouragement. I wrote this hub because, so often I am the joyful God Girl heart that has been associated with the negatives of this date. This year my birthday along with many of God's children falls on the glorious day of Easter, so I decided to claim it! To praise Him and scream it from the mountain tops that our God is an awesome loving God. Regardless of circumstance, He has always sustained me. I am hearing the negatives, and expect to here more, so I love that my brothers and sisters have chosen to stand along side of me on this day to share this view. Thank you for the scripture I will hold on to it this day and all the days to come. As I am very glad and I do know the reward that awaits us, together as we stand united for Him on this life journey. I will be so happy to sing His praises with you my dear sister in Christ, Love and hugs

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 3 years ago from Michigan

      The day April 20th is a day the Lord made. Though the evil Hitler was born on this day - God still made it and created you and many other of His dear children on that same day.

      This statement stood out to me: "My testimony is the cross He carried was for my sins, our sins, and I pray to bare any cross in this life with a mere ounce of His Grace. I believe and trust His grace is sufficient for any storm even when my flesh is weak." We can do all things through Christ - He strengthens us when we draw near to Him.

      Your surrendered heart is so transparent in this writing - your love so hungry for God and people. Should you get attacked for standing for Christ - remember this: ""God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, the ancient prophets were persecuted in the same way." Matthew 5:11-12

      God Bless you for standing up and shining your light in these darkest of hours.

      Love and Hugs!


    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 3 years ago


      Thank you for this comment and for so getting it. I needed to bring to light the negativity that comes with this date and claim the beauty of Christ and His resurrection. Wish your sweet girl the happiest and most blessed birthday from me. I know we are strong in our faith and love of Christ, sometimes we just stir the pot, no pun intended, to put the light where it belongs, on the loving Spirit of Christ in us. Thank you and God Bless and keep you and your sweet girl. :)

    • Kimmifier profile image

      Kimmifier 3 years ago

      God shines through you and your writing is so God honoring. Beautiful light!

      My daughter also shares an April 20th birthday and I can tell you as a mom whose greatest gift here on earth is that little girl, that April 20th overflows with blessings from above. The enemy can spend all the time he wants trying to make that day into something that goes down in history as having horrible events associated with it, however our God and God alone created that day and you, and me, and my baby.

      I will find it fitting this Easter Sunday to surrender my most precious gift back to Him so that His will in her can be completed. It may only be in symbolism that I do this, as God already knows how her life plays out.

      For me, April 20th is about resurrection and the love, so great from our Father above, that He have us His only son so that we may have life in Him.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 3 years ago

      Dear Faith

      Thank you for you kind words and comment. This was a toughy for me to write. I feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in my desire to share and trust in His protection when addressing such topics. Not to my surprise the spinning wheel of death on my computer was rampant in this post. Then when trying to make a correction I lost internet connection. I took essentially hours to post and I am sure it requires much work but editing became tedious to say the least on this piece. Again Satan in busy and I am not shaken. Peace friend

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 3 years ago

      Dear Sunnykid

      First thank you for your comment, I truly agree I have edited to reflect the point I was tryin gto make. I completely agree with your comment and was concerned about how this point would come accross. There are some reports of a childhood connection to a faith based religion, however, I remain clear he was a tyrant and agrred the polar opposite of Christianity. Thank you again and I hope my correction clarifies the point. If not I would be humbled to edit again. thank you and many blessings to you

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Excellent hub here! You have written powerful truths here to His glory. Yes, as long as He is living on the inside, we are able to love unconditionally. I love the particular scripture you have shared. I know that His word also tells us that those who do not love, do not know God.

      Up and more, pinning and tweeting, etc.

      God bless you. In His Love,

      Faith Reaper

    • profile image

      sunnykid 3 years ago

      I couldn't read your entire article. I will later. But I noticed the remarks about Hitler being a Christian of some sort. He used the word Christian, and I think perhaps to gain popularity, but his actions were not those of a true believer. He actually looked to the occultic practices of spiritism to guide him. This is well documented. It is the polar opposite of Christianity. Though anti theists will labor hard to put Hitler into the Christian camp, ultimately it simply doesn't work. Hitler was not guided by Christian ideals. Jesus said you will know his followers by their fruit. Bad fruit is not of him.