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Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon Combinations

Updated on June 24, 2013

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Intelligence.

Her Dark Side: Emotions can Chill.

This all American, unorthodox, and revolutionary lady who has lead many a cause is going to fool you. You'll swear I have her all wrong and that she's really childlike and almost irresponsible. She is not. She is possessed of stern stuff. She's highly intelligent and is going after some wonderful, inspired things from life. She's fully capable of taking care of herself and making her own decisions. She can't help it that you're so slow to understand her. She has a lot on her mind, and her absence of explanation is often mistaken for not having an answer. She does indeed know what is going on. She's not as empty headed as she may appear to the less astute man. That she doesn't prefer frills in her attire, or satins and lace, doesn't mean she's not feminine. She's quite simply not worried about her appearance or the impression she makes on you or anyone else. In spite of this indifference to the impact she makes on others, she is highly concerned about her own opinion of herself. She may be found at any number of self-improvement classes, and she may tote her children along. She may in fact take up child rearing as a near cause should she have a large family herself. It's her way of lending a universal helping hand. Men who can't see her concern with humanitarianism will leave her appalled at their self-centeredness. She's a lot to contend with. You'll have to fit into her life plans, as she has no time to adjust to your needs. She's a big hearted person, but she's not the most romantic or typical of women. She aims high and looks for a man of considerable talent, ambition and concern for the welfare of others. Her icy little Capricorn Moon will sort him out for her. She'd be a delight with a Gemini, Capricorn or another Aquarius. The Virgo Moon, while in the same element as her Moon, better not need much mothering or she'll be looking elsewhere."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Integrity.

His Dark Side: May Marry to Better Himself.

This man wants a few simple things out of life, like to be an astronaut, the President, or maybe a General. He has lots of integrity and determination. He is a workhorse, and has had problems with his father. He will not at all be above marrying to better himself. If all this drive doesn't pan out early, and it usually doesn't, depressions are likely. We are talking about deep, dark, gloomy days where he wonders if it is all worth it. It is, and he knows it. He knows he will eventually get what he wants, and that makes the bad times tolerable. Never for a moment will he lose faith in himself. Oh, he may worry, and fret, but deep inside he knows. He knows that if he doesn't get to be a General, he can settle happily for Colonel. He has a stern formality about him. Even, I suspect, when he is alone with his cat. Oftentimes you will feel he is talking down to you; he probably is. Given to a feeling of superiority, he really can't help himself. He is used to executive positions at an early age, and takes naturally to leadership. He will make decent money, but your social life will always have a practical use, rather than just being for recreation. You will be his person, not his partner, if he decides that you are the one for him. You will be expected to be the political wife even when he is just starting out as a law student. You must be poised, calm under pressure, stately and as ambitious as he is. Naturally not many women are willing to fit this bill, nor could many meet the rigid demands. Who might want to give it a try? A Capricorn, naturally, or a Libra who has no plans of her own. Sometimes a bright little Aquarius will fit right into the softer side of this man."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


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