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Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon Combinations

Updated on May 5, 2013

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Sweet Nature.

Her Dark Side: Bullheaded.

What a nice person. She's so sweet, and she's not opinionated. But she's the most stubborn woman alive. And do you know what? It'll be over nothing or practically nothing. She'll let you have your way and bend over backwards to please everyone. Then suddenly she'll get this maniacal look in her eyes and boom! She's crossed her arms and is pretty darn mad. This lady is sensual and romantic. Even in her aging years she'll have a sparkle in her eye for many of the men in the retirement home. She needs companionship and wants a man who can work and play with her. She's truly the wife beside her man. Her children will receive the sympathetic ear and get a good hot meal to start their day. She's also caring in other ways that make her special. She accepts people or her family as they are, and doesn't make a big fuss over trying to change them. She lives by the Golden Rule. That's a lot to be said about one person. She can be eccentric in dress, loving odd little hats or other very personal statements of fashion. She's often progressive, unconventional in terms of romantic relationships. She can be the first woman on your block with a very young husband or to live happily out of wedlock. She makes her own laws, and they're simple, fair and just. She may not have come from the easiest childhood situation, and life may give her a few bad turns before she's 30, but she'll pull herself out of the slump and obtain her own brand of security--- a peaceful home and enough money to pay the bills. Her love of luxury may be subdued to a small collection of Dresden and a well stocked refrigerator. She doesn't complain about her lot in life, because she knows there's more to obtain than material things on this earthly planet. This lady would rather have her rewards in heaven, and I for one, believe that she'll get them. An Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus or Virgo will find a place in her heart."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Can be a huge success.

His Dark Side: May forget his address.

This Uranus/Venus man has a sensitive nervous system and a plodding calm emotional nature. These influences just don't harmonize in the same body. It is his basic nature to accept the unusual and unconventional. His emotions require tranquility. He never really gets it. The Aquarian can happily go off on one tangent after another, but the Taurus just wanted to have wine with dinner. The Aquarian thinks money is the root of all evil, the Taurus needs roots. People sense this conflict as erratic and impulsive. But as he grows older he becomes a huge success, and he falls more in-sync with himself. Public acclaim comes looking for him, he does not pursue it, nor even dream of it. It will not turn his head. It, like money, is nice to have but his goals were always more directed towards humanitarian ventures. He would like to set up outer space travel tours, give lectures on how to gain self confidence, launch campaigns for social reforms. His Psychology Today personality can't figure out how the Wall Street Journal got into his mailbox. It was his Taurus Moon that ordered it. Every now and then that stubborn little Moon gets its way. The moon gets its way with women too. Women are ever so attracted to this man. He in turn is romantic, but in a space age sort of way. He will want all the elements of a hot romance without the commitments of yesteryear. He likes his girls curvy, frilly, and dainty. He wants to do the pursuing. But he will be ethical in his approach. He will not tell her wild stories and tales of devotion to get her into bed. He doesn't have to. He makes an eventual good husband, and a loving and accepting father. He won't ask that you follow in his footsteps. The lovely Libra, the misty eyed Pisces, and the cool Capricorn have the best chance of a long term relationship with this man."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


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    • profile image

      Pavi 11 months ago

      Hi Ellie!...Could you please do a cancer sun and Taurus moon combination?..This is my combination but I act so much like a Sagittarius..Which is nowhere in my chart and that is so confusing..


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