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Aquarius in 2010 - a short view of the month of Aquarius this year

Updated on January 28, 2010

Aquarius this year: What do you need to change?

Aquarius is always a month of surprises for those who prefer to stick to their structures. The transit of the Sun through Aquarius brings to the surface those issues where we feel that our freedom and independence are threatened and more often than not, we have trouble attempting to resolve them by becoming stubborn and rebellious. The energy of the month of Aquarius may speak about change but this has to be creative change, bringing about our original insight and strengthening our projects towards the future. This view cannot be accomplished if we remain isolated and attempt goals on our own rather than through groups and remembering the importance of being a member of something much bigger than our individual world.  Any project you undertake must be aiming to give to others as much as to yourself.

Between the end of January and 14 February the message will be BALANCE. To balance thought and emotion is not always an easy task but to be patient and learn to use silence may prove to be a valuable tool. Aquarius tends to bring impulsiveness as well and this month the sky configurations tell us that this is not necessarily the wisest choice. To start new projects or push in any particular direction is unlikely to bring us the flowing results we expect before the 14th.  It will be important to maintain a positive outlook and remember that everything changes and therefore we should not push an outcome that does not develop naturally and effortlessly.

The transit of the Sun between the end of January and 19 February this year reminds us also that love and compassion are to be part of our day to day lives.  However you cannot give what you don't have.  Looking into your inner space becomes an important exercise and reviewing what you have accomplished and where you need to focus your attention is mandatory.  Think about those areas of your life where 12 years ago you were not able to achieve success.  This year, you may be able to target those same areas and achieve what you were looking for at that time.  This will also help you to realise what were the plans and objectives that in reality did not have the value you expected them to have.


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