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Aquarius Zodiac Sign - what makes them tick

Updated on November 22, 2010

Aquarius the ultimate thinker

Quick Facts

21st January - February 19th

Aquarius element: Air

Aquarius ruling planets: Uranus

Aquarius Symbol: The Water Bearer

Aquarius stone: Amethyst

Aquarian Friends

Notoriously friendly the Aquarian has often been discribed as one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac , always ready to lend a hand and unless you've done them wrong in the past they are unlikely to turn down anyone in need of help. One of the Aquarians flaws lays in their inability to forgive easily though so if you're thinking of crossing an Aquarian it would be wise to remember you will have to work your socks off in order to gain their favour again, if indeed you manage to at all.

Aquarian Personality

The Aquarian personaility is never one to follow the crowd, infact they will often head in the opposite direction to most of their friends, they could never be discribed as 'sheep'. This isn't down to some need within them to be seen as individual, its simply down to the fact they will always do what suits them and to hell with what everyone else thinks, they are highly self- referencial and rarely seek others approval.

Aquarians in Love

In love the Aquarian is loyal and dependable, very family orientated and will defend their offspring like a lioness defends her cubs even to the point of blindness to their true behaviour. This means that once an aquarian falls in love they are unlikely to mess around outside of the relationship.

Aquarians and heath

When it comes to their health aquarians are usually naturally lithe and healthy as young people, often very slim but do little to take care of themselves. A common comment made by friends is'How do they manage to stay slim when they eat the rubbish they do?'.

Aquarians are natural athletes though and whilst not nessesarily involving themselves in sport they tend to go for more 'outside of the box' physical activities ( think free running...snowboarding ). Older Aquarians are prone to heart problems and all the consequences that go along with that if they don't address the eating habits they picked up inĀ  their earlier years!


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      "Older Aquarians are prone to heart problems and all the consequences that go along with that if they don't address the eating habits they picked up in their earlier years!" Just one reason to be a vegetarian. But -really- most of our food is compromised. Thanks for the hub.

    • kenneth godin profile image

      kenneth godin 7 years ago from canada

      Hey thanks for the comment on my poem "run far away"

      keep following because my goal is to write a poem per day!

      I am an aquarian also

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