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Archangel Raphael, His Purpose and How To Call Upon Him

Updated on February 6, 2011

There are so many questions when it comes to guardian angels and archangels who are they? What is their purpose? Are they real? No one really knows the real truth of their existence or do they? The archangels all serve a purpose of their own and I want to share with you what archangel Raphael will help you with healing when called upon.

Archangel Raphael’s name means “God has healed” and he is the physician of the angelic realm. He carries a cup with him at all times of healing unguent and archangel Raphael’s element is mercury. Archangel Raphael works on the green ray of the emerald crystal and he rules over the physical heart chakra with a direction of East.

When calling upon archangel Raphael, he will assist you with all types of healing which don’t just include illness, he can help you with marriage issues, addictions, grief and losses and also stress in your lifestyle. An example of minor healing would be if you had a headache, imagine yourself surrounded by a gentle rose-coloured light and then call upon the healing angel Raphael to soothe your headache. Archangel Raphael will wash away your discomfort and pain and will transform it into love and light.

To call upon Archangel Raphael, you can just say his name and what you would like him to heal or you can say something along the lines of “Archangel Raphael, Please come to my side and help me feel better about ..............., Please surround me in your healing energy and guide my thoughts and actions so that I am healed”.

Archangel Raphael is known for guiding and coaching healers, doctors, nurses and even surgeons whilst they operate on patients and diagnose people with their illnesses. But he will also help when your off on your travels, ask him for his help and guidance for a safe journey and looking after your luggage and he will give you it.

A good idea for you to do if you are feeling stressed or poorly is to meditate with Archangel Raphael, you simply relax yourself, close your eyes and call upon him along with your spirit guides and angels to assist you in your healing. This is an effective way to release you stresses and problems with great results. Remember though to always thank your angels and Archangels for their help, assistance and input.


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    • profile image

      tinaleger 2 years ago

      i need to invokearchangelraphael real bad ineedhishelpandhealingandetc howdo igethishelpandhealingandetc

    • profile image

      FRANK ASAMOAH 3 years ago

      thank you very much Vicki, i have wanted to invoke good spirits especially the archangels but i need your help seriously and a book as your son to know much about these awesome guardian angels.


      P.O.BOX C11590

      TEMA COMM 11.


    • profile image

      johnny johnson 4 years ago

      i need one one of this book? 4 kent rd, rednal, birmingham b45 0nw

    • profile image

      a jackson 4 years ago

      i myself would like one of your how can?

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Dear Vicki Simms,God's peace be unto you and your entire family.I am Pastor Ebenezer Adarkwaa the head pastor and the general overseer of THE TRUE CHURCH OF YAHWEH 7TH DAY. I have now realise that you have the knowledge of invoking angels.Please I have a big promblem which is that,since I was born till now,I have not seen my GURDIAN ANGEL or ANY ANGEL in my life because of this my ministry is not improving so please any way that you will use help me so that I can see and hear my GUARDIAN ANGEL do it for me.Also I have seen that you have more books teaching about angels invoking so please have mercy on me in Jesus name and send me each one of your books so that I can read and get the knowledge about how to invoke angels. My address is P.O. BOX NT 599