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Archangel Sachiel And Magical Associations

Updated on November 30, 2011
Archangel Sachiel
Archangel Sachiel


For those of you who do not know who Sachiel is, he is considered an archangel of the order of Cherubim. Usually this archangel is seen as an older man with gray hair usually wearing a purple cloak. He may also be seen holding a scepter of sorts in his hand.

Though there aren't many that know too much about him, including myself, I do know that he is an archangel that can come to your help in your spells just like any of the other archangels. However this one leans more into intentions with material matters.

In this hub you will learn all of his magical associations, at least the ones that I know of anyway. From the times that is best to work with him, to herbs and flowers that are associated with him and even different names that he is called, some may even surprise you.


Like the other archangels I have written about Sachiel has other names he has gone by. Some of these may surprise you. Zachiel, Zedekiel, Zadakiel, Tzadqiel, and Zedekul are some of them that you may feel like calling him instead of Sachiel. His celestial title is King Of The Gods and if you prefer to call him that you can. Now what I find to be the most interesting of his names are his Egyptian names. They are Isis and Horus. I do not know why Isis is one of his names and I am confused by this, after all Sachiel is depicted as an older man usually, so why Isis would be one of his names is beyond me. However Horus, now that one I can understand. You will be able to as well after reading his correspondences later on.


Sachiel, like the others has a time that he is most helpful to you. This is because his energy is at the most highest during these times. His day is Thursday and his hours are the first and eighth hours of the day and the third and tenth hours of the night. When it comes to his month, however, I do not know this information. If you do please feel free to share this information with me.

Sachiel does have a day that you should avoid working with him on and that is on a Saturday but besides that you may work with him on any day. Just keep in mind that his energy is the highest on a Thursday during those hours.


Sachiel is actually associated with two different elements and directions. The elements are fire and water so of course the directions are south and west. This is something that is unique and special about him.

His colors are purple, blue, orange, white, green, gold, and red. However when working with a ritual candle for him purple is the proper color. His symbol is a square.

Crystals that are connected with this archangel include amethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire, sugilite, and turquoise. Either one of these or more than one can be added to a spell/ritual when you are planning on incorporating Sachiel into one.

Grapes are said to also correspond with him so this is an item that you can add to your alter when you plan to work with him as an offering.

There are six trees that connect to this angel of the day of Thursday. They are the Chestnut, Fig, Juniper, Norway Spruce, Oak and/or Poplar.

You may also choose to add herbs or flowers when working with Sachiel. If you do these are the ones that are said to be associated with him. Anise, Beech, Buttercup, Carnation, Colts-foot, Cinnamon, Damiana, Lilacs, Hyssop, Narcissus, Heliotrope, Lobelia, Nutmeg, Opium, Poppy, Pumpkin Seed, Sage, Thyme and Valenan.

The following animals are connected with this angel too. Bees, money spiders, elephants, whales, fish and eagles.

Angels are also said to govern over certain body parts. Each angel have certain parts that are theirs to work with. Sachiel's include the right leg, the liver, and the digestive system.

Deities that correspond with him include the Egyptian God Amon- Ra, Odin, The Greek God Zeus, Jehovah, Manitou which is what missionaries would call the christian God for other people , Yu-Wang-Shang-ti which is the the Chinese God of Heaven.

Sachiel will help with spells when they have the following intentions behind them achievement of general ambitions, maybe you want to deal with health issues, wealth, maybe you even want to generate friendships. He will also aid with social prestige. This angel is great with anything to do with legal matters, lawyers and justice. On a Thursday because of the energies the day offers us Sachiel is great to ask for help in with spells to do with general success, material gain, accomplishment, honors and awards matters of luck, gambling and even prosperity.


Sachiel is a great angel to work with when it comes to material problems. You do not have to wait for a Thursday to come rolling by for you to ask for his help, though you may choose to do so. He can comfort you in times when money seems to be scarce, he can give you the strength you need, the right energies you seek, when you are looking for justice. Sachiel altogether, like the other angels, is truly that. An angel. Just like his Celestial title he is the King of The Gods.


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