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Are Evangelicals Afraid of Immigrants?

Updated on May 1, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

This is a response

To the article Why are evangelicals so afraid of immigrants by John Fea and published over at Christian Post. To begin, his article is highly presumptuous as the author assumes that evangelicals are actually afraid of immigrants.

The reasons that author gives to support his view are very simplistic and makes wide generalizations as well as more unsupported assumptions. He calls them logical reasons but in reality, they are just exaggerated claims created with no solid foundation to support them.

Maybe they should be afraid

With all my research into the topic, reading different articles and the comments made by many different posters from a broad range of living conditions, etc. I found that basically, no one is afraid of legal immigrants.

In fact, these people support immigration as long as the migrant follows all the country’s rules on immigrating. I have found that many of these people encourage legal immigrants and wish them all the success that can be had.

What evangelicals should be afraid of are all those Democratic politicians, judges, other liberals and misguided religious adherents who advocate the ignoring of the country’s laws and encourage illegal immigration.

If their own fellow citizens do not uphold the nation’s laws, then those groups certainly cannot be trusted to look after the nation’s affairs or keep every citizen safe.

It doesn’t matter the source of the information

Mr. Fea stated in his article that evangelicals get their news from Fox News and accuses them of exploiting the immigration issue for ratings. I have read Fox News and do not see any evidence to support that claim.

It is not my only news source and I have found that charge should be applied to those liberal media sources who do not like the current president. But the source of the immigration information should only be a concern if the news is false, a distortion and inaccurate.

So far, most Democratic politicians and journalists have stated that there is no illegal immigration crises. This is done in contrast to the many valid articles showing the real situation and the thousands of people from Central America trying to illegally come to America.

If the news is true, then it doesn’t matter who reports it.

Is America Christian

The answer to that is all true believers wish it were so. But in reality, we know it isn’t as the secular citizens have seen to it that God’s ways are not implemented. After almost 300 years of trying, the non-believer and their government style have failed to show that their ways are better than God’s.

This includes, the areas like education, social services, and how to treat their neighbor. It is clear that the non-believer , for the most part, does not love their Christian neighbor and continues to seek ruining their ministries as well as their livelihoods.

But it is not all the non-believers’ fault. If the church, in general, was truly following God, then we might see a different nation, one that would remain strong and influential in world and national affairs.

When it comes to America’s decline, all the fingers cannot be pointed at the non-believer.

Do evangelicals want a white America

This is another accusation Mr. Fea sends the evangelical way. It is not true as all the evangelicals I know have no problem with the people of color. They have a problem with the continual sins all people commit. Doesn’t matter their color.

One of those sins is illegal immigration. When the immigrant refuses to follow the laws of the land and viol;ate those laws by entering the country illegally, they have not only broken the law, they have sinned against God.

The longer they stay in the country without changing that status has them committing a sin every hour of every day no matter how good their lives have become. Paul spent a great deal of time in his Epistle to the Romans talking about the importance of the law.

He ends his discussion on the law with the following words

Romans 13:10

Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Love thy Neighbor

Is a verse that many supporters of illegal immigration uses to brow beat opponents into submission. Yet, as we view Paul’s words in that one verse we see that loving your neighbor includes observing the law and making others observe the law.

Love does not allow for the law to be broken. Even when those breaking the law do so to escape poverty, oppression, persecution and other reasons they may have for leaving their native lands.

Love protects all of a person’s neighbors, not just those who are friends of those politicians, judges, etc., who use illegal immigration to their advantage. Every citizen needs to be protected from illegal immigration because it is a law that needs to be upheld and obeyed.

Disobeying it puts not only evangelicals at risk but other religious people are also put at risk, as is the atheist and other non-believers. The correct love needs to be shown everyone not just a few.

Attacking the current president

In the second to last paragraph Mr. Fea turns to attacking the current president. Why he does this is uncertain and we can only surmise that he doesn’t like Mr. Trump for any number of reasons.

Unfortunately, there is no valid reason to attack the President. Mr. Trump has continually shown his love for all his neighbors by making the right attempts to stop illegal immigration from taking place.

Sadly, the Democratic and liberal opponents to Mr. Trump do not consider him their neighbor and do everything they can to hurt the Presidents efforts to show love for his country and his fellow neighbors.

If those opponents to the President were as Christian as many of them claim, they would see the hypocrisy in their actions and stop their opposition. It is Christian and biblical to obey the law and obey the government, which Mr. Trump is a part of and its leader.

For those who think that Mr. Trump is morally wrong, then the words of Jesus need to be spoken, He said in John 8:7 the following words

But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

We can extrapolate that and say those who support illegal immigration cannot throw any stones for they are not without sin. Illegal immigration is wrong, it is against the law and it is sin.

Those groups who continue to fight for it need to repent of their sins and work to stop it from taking place. There is no other option except to help those immigrants to legally enter America and other nations.

Christ demands it.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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