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Are Ghosts Really Real? Complete Information On Paranormal Activity

Updated on January 30, 2012

What Are Ghosts?

There are believers and skeptics alike when it comes to ghosts. Most people who do not believe have never had a personal experience in any kind of paranormal activity. Ghosts can come in several forms and depending on the situation can be either be a scary or pleasant experience.

Ghosts are said to be the "spirits" of people who have already passed and are walking around, caught in this world and not able to move on. There is something holding them in this world preventing them from being released to move on. Sometimes even at the time of passing their body was left in a traumatic state causing them to not be aware of their death.

There are hauntings of particular places where the ghost enjoyed spending time or where they had died. These are called intelligent hauntings.

Residual recordings of hauntings - Have you ever saw the same vision of a ghost over and over, heard the same sound or smell repeatedly? This is what is known as a residual recording where they are still seen and heard, but have been long gone for many years. The actions and appearance are always the very same.

Messengers - These type of ghosts are the most common and happen after a person has passed away and comes to offer comfort to their loved one to let them know they do not have to grief that they will be okay.

Poltergeists - These are the most feared with the ability to affect physically. Unexplained noises, sounds of walking, banging of the wall, doors slamming, lights turn on & off, objects being moved, pulling on clothing or hair, sometimes if a ghost is evil a person could end up with scratches on their body and slapped.

Some investigators label these ghosts as demons because of the cruel nature of their spirit. While other investigators discredit ghost theories and believe it is not caused by anything paranormal, but rather just people living under stressful conditions.

What Are Ghosts Made Of?

This is something I have always wondered myself exactly what is a ghost made of? Noone has any definite answer on this, but there are many theories floating around on the subject.

First some believe ghosts are made up of energy and can manifest themselves by gathering energy from various sources around them such as humans, heat in the air, batteries, among many other things.

Some believe ghosts are made up of neutrinos and can go anywhere through objects such as people and buildings because of this.

While others believe ghosts can possibly be made up from plasma which is the fourth state of matter. Plasma is a grouping of atoms that has absorbed a large amount of energy.

Than there are those who are more or less skeptics and like to believe that ghosts are brought on by a person's over active imagination and is due from stress.

Personally, I am a believer of ghosts and think they are made from a combination of energy sources and plasma. The plasma can become translucent and transparent thus making it possible for ghosts to make their appearance known to some people and than disappearing.

Is There A Difference Between Ghosts And Spirits?

Many people use both words interchangeably and consider them to be the same thing. A ghost is someone who has passed on and are stuck so to speak in this physical world and are unable to move on for whatever reason. The reason could be they have something they need still to accomplish, a message to give, or they may not be aware they are dead and need to go into the light.

A spirit on the other hand has passed on, gone into the light and into the Afterlife. They are free to return to the physical world to watch over us and offer comfort.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

How Can You Tell If Your House Has Ghosts?

If your house is being haunted you probably have experienced one or more of the following:

♦ Noises you can not explain such as footsteps up and down a hallway, banging against a wall, scractching sounds, rapping, something dropping on the floor. The noises can either be subtle or loud.

♦ Doors, cupboards and cabinets opening and closely. Most generally you will not actually see this, but will notice it afterwards and wonder why the cabinet door is now open.

♦ Items come up missing than reappear again later on in a different place. Have you been having trouble locating certain items and are sure you did not misplace them? Chances are it could be a ghost playing tricks on you.

♦ Unexplained shadows - You could be seeing shadows along the walls in the corner of your home. These shadows could come in the shape of a human or be less distinguishable.

♦ Pets acting oddly. Has your dog been barking for no reason or your cat watching something intently? Animals are said to have a much sharper sense than humans.

♦ Have you been getting the feeling that someone is watching you? Sometimes you may feel a presence in the same room with you. You should pay attention to when you have these feelings if it is in a particular room and at a certain time.

♦ The feeling that someone has touched you. You may have felt something brush past you, or a nudge, poke or a hand rest on your shoulder.

♦ Cries and whispers. Some people say they have heard sounds of whispering and cries, even at times hearing their own name whispered.

♦ Cold or hot spots - Have you noticed any area of your house to have cold spots or hot spots? If there is a dramatic notice in temperature from one area to the next without any reason this could be a sign of a ghost present.

♦ Smells lingering through the house. You may have noticed certain smells in your house that you do not know where they come from, maybe the scent of perfume, candles or something else.

♦ Seeing objects moving across the room or levitating in mid air. It is one thing to have noticed an object misplaced, but another to literally see one moving in the air. This is a strong indication of a spirit in the house.

♦ Having physical harm inflicted on you or someone else - Being slapped, shoved or scratched.

♦ Your walls suddenly have things written that you do not know where they come from or hand and foot prints on walls and floors.

♦ Finally, seeing apparitions either in mists shaped like humans, something else indistinguishable or in human form that looks as real as you and I.

Real Ghost Pictures

How To Explore For Paranormal Activity

If you have a strong suspicion of ghosts in your house or any kind of paranormal activity there is a way you can explore and determine for yourself if a ghost is present. You can try capturing their voices on audio. This process is called EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

What you will need to start is a good digital recorder and a pair of headphones. You can pick one up for around $60. You need to make sure to use a digital recorder because with a cassette the movement of the cassette will create extra unneeded noises.

Now that you have your recorder and headphones you need to pick a location. You can do this anywhere in your home.

Keep everything in the room completely quiet. Turn off everything like computers, televisions, radios, anything that would make any type of sounds. You do not want the recorder to pick up on any extra noises.

Turn the recorder on, introducing yourself in a normal tone, state your name and what you are doing, followed by a series of questions such as "What is your name?", "Are there any ghosts here in the room?", "Can you tell me something about yourself?". Be sure to pause between each question allowing time for any spirits if present to speak.

A good tip indicated by researchers is to converse with another person in the room. This is said to entice the spirit to comment on your conversation.

You should look to give this recording session around 10 to 20 minutes of time. It is not necessary to be speaking or asking questions the whole time either. Silence is okay sometimes.

After you have finished the recording sit down and begin listening with your headphones. An even better way to hear is to download the recording right to your computer. Some digital recorders come with software allowing you to download your recordings.

Using an EMF detector or Electromagnetic Field Detector is another good way to track ghosts. The EMF detects changes in eletromagnetic field and low strength EMF fields without any type of source. If there is a ghost near the reading will show higher than normal.

First before using the EMF you should walk around and familiarize yourself with the area taking initial readings of any energy sources. When tracking ghosts the readings will be anywhere between 2.0 to 7.0. If the number is higher or lower than this it will be a natural source.

Ghosts Caught On Video

How Can You Get Rid Of Ghosts In Your House?

Have you noticed any signs of haunting in your house and want to know what you can do about it? There are a few solutions you can do yourself to try to rid the spirits from your home. The most simple and straightforward is speaking with the ghost. In a normal tone start talking to the ghost stating who you are, that you live in the house and what your problem is. Give details to the ghost about what you find so bothersome than order the ghost to stop and to leave. This may take a few reminders on your part if you have a stubborn ghost or one who does not take you seriously.

Using holy water is always a tried and true method of repelling any kind of unwanted spirits around. Most generally you can find holy water in a catholic church in a large type container with a cross and spigot. Once you have the holy water pour a large amount in a bowl and proceed to stand in all the doorways in your home, making a large sign of the cross than dip your finger in the water briskly flicking your fingers. While you do this you can also say a prayer such as, "I bless this house in the name of Jesus".

Garlic is another method that has been said to work. Try hanging a clove of garlic, but not the whole bulb, in each of your doorways and windows where you are wanting protection.

Feng Shui Method Using Convex Mirrors - You need to have one mirror in each room that you feel is haunted. if there are windows in the room that face multiple directions you will need more than one mirror. Whatever room you are in if your back is to the door place a mirror in a discreet place. Once the ghosts sees their distorted image in the mirror this will startle them causing them to leave.

Clearing the space with incense - With this method you will want several incense sticks in preferably Nag Champa, but vanilla or an apple scent would be suitable as well. Once the incense is lit begin walking around your house, being sure to get the smoke everywhere, inside closets, in corners, even in your attic, the basement, etc. The idea with this is to get the air moving so any ghosts present will come out of hiding.

The next few remedies are based on folklore and some may find these silly, but many people have claimed them to work. You never know unless you try.

Using hematite to draw out any negative, evil energy in the room. You can either wear the black stone or carry a piece with you. Another method is using several herbs, five finger grass, cinnamon and echinacea, gathered in a pouch. The herbs are said to bring protection.

This next method involves your shoes. Yes, that's right your shoes. All you have to do is place your shoes at the end of your bed placing one pointing one direction, and the other shoe in the opposite direction. This is supposed to confuse the ghost causing it to leave.

If all else fails, you can always call in a professional and have a paranormal expert come in and do a full fledged investigation of your house.

Have you had any encounters with any ghosts? Share your ghost stories below in the comments!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • profile image

      kelly from birmingham uk 

      6 years ago

      i beleive in ghosts and stuff but i think me and my friend might of caught something on video. my friend said she think shes seen strange things happening around the house and stuff so i said to her, why dont you put your camcorder on over night and watch it the next day. i put the files from the memory card onto my laptop to watch with her and it was in 2 files as if someone stopped the recording and then started it again which is weird but didnt see any evidence of it wen we watched it, but the the strangest thing we seen and cant explain is 7 mins and 34 seconds into the video the cooker and clock above went all blurry and it started viberating and shaking frantically but it wasnt phically shaking coz we didnt hear the noise of it banging, it was only on the video for about a minute and we heard a beeping noise at the same time then just sudenly stopped but all the rest of the video was normal while that was happening and there was constant banging of things in the kitchen and like water dripping thru out the video, so i switched on my motion dectecter on my player while we watched and even tho we didnt see anything else we kept seeing the motion detect picking up movemovents which wasnt noticeable from the human eyes. could someone possible explain if it was someone trying to communicate or something.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Ohio

      That sounds really eerie and I would have been freaked out. I know that night I was scared and it took me awhile to fall asleep. I have also seen orbs in the room. One night a really bright white orb lit up the room. It was so bright it woke me up. I don't think it was from any light from outside. My bedroom is 2nd story. I still to this day don't have an explanation. I have seen many orbs but that one was much brighter.

    • Bretsuki profile image

      William Elliott 

      6 years ago from California USA

      Hello krissy72,

      that is weird. One time going to bed I had a similar experience. It was about 11pm and I had just gone up to bed. I was still fully awake and heard a sound like a man in heavy work boots tramping up the stairs. the footsteps went across the landing and into the front bedroom. I got up and went to look into the bedroom but there was no-one there. The only exit would have been to pass me on the landing or to jump out of a second floor window, but all the windows were closed.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Ohio

      Hi there bretsuki I took a look at your photo from Gettysburg. I'm not sure if it is a ghost or not, but it looks like it is possible. Just the other night I had a rather spooky thing happen. I was already in bed as was my son and baby. My husband just come into the bedroom to get in bed when we both heard our bedroom door knob jiggle like someone was starting to open it. Right than my husband got up to open it. No one was in the hallway. We thought maybe my son got up and tried to open our door, which is odd considering he always knocks. Well my son was not in the hallway when my husband opened the door he was fast sound asleep in his bed.

    • Bretsuki profile image

      William Elliott 

      6 years ago from California USA

      Hello crissy72, thanks for an interesting hub.

      I was never really certain about ghosts or hauntings myself. Then on a trip to Gettysburg I took a photograph it was taken on a nice Fall day, and came out fogged, the only picture to be spoiled in a sealed disposable camera.

      I published the photo here on hubPages so people can make up their own mind.

      The hub is Gettysburg Ghost Photograph?


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