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Are Ghosts Real And How Can You Tell?

Updated on August 27, 2009

Are ghosts real and how can you tell?

There has always been some debate as to whether or not ghosts and spirits actually exist or if they are simply the product of an avid imagination.  I have to say outright I am on the side of "they do exist" purely and simply because if they don't then I have more than an avid imagination - if they don't exist then I am totally potty and yet maintaining the illusion of sanity.

You see I tend to travel in a crowd.  It was my daughter that noticed it first and who gave me any outside validation that the "people" I sense on a daily basis actually exist.  When I went to visit her not that long ago, she looked up as I came into the room and then looked past me.  I turned around to see what she was looking at, and of course I saw nothing unusual, but she had actually "seen" two other people come into the room with me.  Now who could they be?

Cemeteries are beautiful places

But they can pretty dull places for the dead
But they can pretty dull places for the dead

I enjoy having them around

The people that tend to tag along if I go anywhere, or who watch over my shoulder while i sit up at night alone on my computer change from time to time.  When I went to visit my daughter my grandmother and great aunt decided to come along with me.  On other days it might be my mother, my mother-in-law, or other people who just seem to like my energy frequencies so hang around for a while.  

I don't tend to notice them specifically unless they are trying to attract my attention - and then they usually make sure I can't ignore them.  You have no idea how frustrating it can be to be doing up a new web page or writing a new book and all of a sudden have your computer shut down and restart for no other reason than one of my "other" whanau decides I have either had enough for the night, or they want to be noticed for some other reason.   I have my Word program set up now to auto save every minute now after I lost more than half of a new book I had been working on once.  Because I accept ghosts in my life, as a normal part of my life, I also find ways to make sure they don't interfere with what I am doing more than necessary.

I just know ghosts are real

I think I am one of the lucky people - I don't fear ghosts, I don't worry about them.  Admittedly not every encounter I have had with ghosts has been pleasant and there have been some instances where I didn't get to see a ghost when I wanted to.  For example when I was about eleven we went on a school trip to the Tower of London (England) and I was sure I would get to see the famous ghost of Ann Boleyn who supposedly walks around with her head under her arm. 

I spent ages looking for her, but although I did see a number of interesting sites, Ann Boleyn was not one of them.  As I now live in NZ I will have to wait until I win the lottery before I can go back and try again.

I think one of the reasons that I accept the presence of ghosts (and their existence) more readily than some people is because I do live in an area that has strong spiritual energies.  Here in Northland, NZ, there is a strong Maori population and the Maori have a lot of respect for their dead ancestors and fully accept that they interact with the living.  It also helps that people around me (the living) don't think I am strange for accepting the presence of ghosts in my house and my life - they think it is more strange that I am on the computer so often.

Are Ghosts Real?

Do you believe in Ghosts - are they real to you?

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So how can you tell if ghosts exist?

Okay before i outline some of the ways you can tell if ghosts exist or not, I do have to say that for those readers who do not believe, well for them there will never be enough proof given that might change their mind.  Some people prefer not to believe in ghosts because they prefer a world they can see and understand.  Some people try and tell themselves they don't believe in ghosts because they have a fear of ghosts, and some people might secretly believe perhaps because of an experience they have had, but they feel foolish telling anybody else.

So for everyone else who has not been covered above these are a few ways you can tell if ghosts exist in your life.

1.  Sound's cliched, but it is true - if the hair stands up on the back of your neck like someone has just blown on it - that is a ghost attracting your attention.

2.  If you feel suddenly cold in an otherwise warm room - you have ghosts visiting you

3.  If your electrical equipment (especially lights and camera equipment) starts to play up as you walk around a graveyard - yep - that's a sign that ghosts are curious about what you are doing

4.  if you have a vivid dream that something is going to happen in your house and you can remember it when you wake up - that is likely to be a dead relative giving you a warning signal to take care

5.  And here is one you might not know.  If you sit somewhere quiet - at home, at the beach or in a park, and you have this feeling of contentment, and of not being alone - chances are that you are not alone but have some company from the other side.

I have written a couple of books about ghosts that explains all this further and if you are interested please head over to - there are articles some great articles by other writers there as well.

My last piece of advice is to those who do not believe in ghosts - as mere mortals we were never meant to understand everything that goes on around us - but the belief in ghosts is a huge comfort to many people as it reassures us there is life after death.  It is possible that you are someone who fears what they cannot accurately perceive and when it comes to fearing ghosts that is perfectly natural but just remember that ghosts themselves can't hurt you, although I have to admit some other paranormal things can.

I believe in ghosts purely and simply because since I was five years old and saw my dead grandfather sitting on my bed, I have known that those who have passed over still have a curiousity and a desire to interact with the living.  To me they are a natural part of my daily life and I work constantly to refine ways that I can communicate with them better.  But I am never alone, and neither are you and that can be a great comfort sometimes - don't knock it till you have tried it.



Let me know what you think

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    • profile image

      aryan anji 

      4 years ago

      Yaap I've never seen the ghosts but I hear so many tails of ghosts so that's way I'm beleaving the ghosts are with us.....

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting hub!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      what is wrong with you? Claiming you have a link to the missing children of grieving families? People who refuse to go to a graveyard at night?

      Have you ever thought people do not want to go to a graveyard at night looking for ghosts because there are much more productive ways to spend their time than a past time, which if you will forgive my bluntness does little more than have most of the danger signs of a mental illness? The arrogance exuded like a musk from people who would write such barefaced attention seeking garbage about people and children dying due to circumstances outside their control disgusts and astounds me. I would seriously consider hiring either a PR agent or proof reader or alternatively a psychiatrist before you endeavor to offend reason so much again.

      Love and kisses.


    • Scarlett Black profile image

      Scarlett Black 

      7 years ago from New York

      This is such a normal fram eof thinking for me that although I know other people do not believe it it surprises me. I have been intuitive my whole life. I read cards, I write intuitively (somewhat like automatic), I write for a spiritual website and am writing a book on the topic. I love having them around me. Especially a very beloved friend who passed away in my arms. The lights the TV and cameras all of it. I am not lucky enough to see them accept in a few dreams with messages after they passed. I feel them and have a knowing. I study mediumship and am consistantly working on increasing my connection to spirit. I think your experiences are real and fabulous. Great hub!

    • ddsurfsca profile image

      deb douglas 

      8 years ago from Oxnard

      I have always known what was real and what was not since I was a very small child. My grandma helped me understand the spiritual world, she was a gypsy and I now have the ability to know for example when a child goes missing and is on tv. whether or not that child is alive or dead. My husband tested me over about a year period and I was 100% accurate. Also I had an experience when 911 happened. There was a woman in the parking garage who was dying alone and was afraid and I was suddenly there with her so she would not die alone. It brings me to tears everytime I think of it. There is far more to this world than we as humans want to admit, and we have done a good job of learning how to "not know" certain things. Good hub.

    • profile image

      johnny cottrell 

      8 years ago

      that was beautifully written, it's nice to find people who believe in ghosts. i have tried telling people i work with that i have had ghost experiences and talk about them. these guys i work with say there is no such thing as a ghost. but, they won't go to a cemetery at night and lookand see whats around them. i am a paranormal investigator and i have been to cemeteries at night where i feel i am not alone and had meters going off and i haver investigated a haunted house. i had experiences when i was a kid and living at my dads place. i think that ghosts are curious about me and they let me know they are watching me. i know what you mean about the people who don't believe in ghosts their too afraid to try what i have tried to look for them and enjoy being im their company. i think that was a great article.


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