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Are Red, Yellow, or Orange?

Updated on July 29, 2015

Yellow and Red makes Orange

There are three things during the summer that really get me excited. My week of family vacation; Scout Camp; and VBS. This summer has been different because my son is doing Counselor in Training (CIT) at Scout Camp and we are saving money for a trip to Disney this February. So two of my exciting things are not happening this year. But VBS is still on the calendar. To say that I’m excited about VBS is an understatement. I find VBS as an excuse to be loud and silly. And, it is an opportunity to share Christ with kids not only in the church but in the community. We are on a rescue mission, and kids are a big part of it. Children are the future of our country. Won’t it be great when revival comes - many children will come to know Jesus in a powerful way.

Perhaps you're starting to wonder about the title of this blog. Well, my church has adopted this strategy called Orange. . Orange combines parents (red, because of their love for their kids) and the church (yellow, light of the world) to reach kids with the gospel. That's why we call it Orange. Our VBS this year is using this approach.

With VBS coming and my church's new found way of teaching kids about Jesus, I’m thinking about how one prays for children. Here are my thoughts using the three category approach of red, yellow and orange.

  • Red: Parents are very important to children. They are the first teachers to their kids and the best providers for them. We should pray for marriages to stay intact. For fathers and mothers to work as a team to raise their kids. For kids in single parents home, I suggest that we pray for mentors to fill in the gap. Let’s not just pray for parents, but also for the influence of grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

  • Yellow: The Church is here to be a light to the world. Who better to reach than children, the world’s future. Churches have all kinds of ministries to children. Pray for these ministries and pray for the adult leaders. I bet you can think of children who have looked up to different leaders in their lives. I bet you did. Pray these relationships reflect Jesus. Pray also for the children’s safety. We are more aware now of those that want to hurt kids by first gaining trust. Pray for churches to be diligent in choosing who are involved in ministry to kids.

  • Orange: It does take a whole village to raise one child. Pray for churches and parents to work together in teaching kids about Jesus. Pray for parents to reinforce what the children are being taught at church. I also think we should pray for all members of the church community to come together and minister to these dear ones. Children need positive influences from people of all walks of life; single, blue collar, white collar, retired, men, women, etc. I’m sure that you can think of a lot more.

Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World

All of these are great things to be praying for when it comes to children, but I can’t stop thinking of other ways to be praying. After all, there are children all around us. Here are some other ways we can be praying for children:

  • Reaching Milestones: Just think how people would react if our churches didn’t have any children that are delayed in their development. Pray that all kids would reach their milestone on time.

  • Reading Skills: Pray that kids will learn how to read. For the kids that are the closest to you, learn what they are learning in school and pray that they can learn it. Reading is so very important because the Bible is one way that God speaks to us.

  • Pray for Salvation: This is the most important thing you can do. Pray for them to come to know Jesus. Studies show that you are more likely to become a Christian before becoming an adult than after. So, pray for the opportunity that we have now.

  • Your thoughts: You know I want to hear them!

I can’t stress this enough. Get out there and pray! Our kids need the power of Jesus in their lives, and that is only going to happen if God chooses to act. We pray because we want God to act. He chooses us. Together we act. Pick one child or more to pray for and pray early and often. You can make a difference in a child's life by praying for them.

So, are you Red, Yellow, or Orange? No matter which one you are, you have a place and obligation to be praying for the kids around you. Get out there - pray, pray, and pray, ok?

What color are you?

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