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Are We, One Nation Under God?

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 08/18/09

I awoke this morning with these words heavy on my heart, they are surely a sign of the times. I can honestly say this isn't a "fun" writing to do, it's like turning on the news, reality isn't often pleasent these days. But as we all know the United States of America is going through a rough time economicaly and other wise, it has identity issues, political issues and it's populace is ever changing and burdened. I've recently completed a reading of the Old Testament in full, and even though the I didn't do a comprehensive study of the entire OT, certain parts were delved into more deeply. But even a mere reading of the OT shows how history repeats itself, what this country is going through is certainly nothing new, as everything "Old" is new again, so to speak.


 In the Old Testament Israel were Gods chosen people, much like the settlers coming to America the Israelites were led into the Promised Land, the land of milk & honey, they lived under and by many laws to hopefully keep them from falling into their sinful human nature, but just like in America we all have our own free will or "freedom". Seemingly all to often that very free will would lead to the down fall of the once great nation of Israel. Sadly, we see this trend growing here in America now as we slide ever more into economic despair, the break down of the family structure, education levels plumeting and division among our citizens over just about everything. No one wants to "give" on issues, seemingly everyone wants their "fair share" or what their "entitled to" and this Country, known for it's generous giving over all these years seems more and more self serving.


 I'm not writing from a political viewpoint, so if anything seems political, please disregard it from being that way. I'm writing from an individual, personal and spiritual level, a level that could just as easily be spiritually bankrupt as spirit filled. Our actions superceed our words in times of strife and peril, where our Faith and allegiance lie become evident when the heat is turned up. With most polls showing that 80% of America claim or profess Christianity, the "deeds" of this country would surely be called into question, as I said, by actions we will be known, not words.


 No one is perfect, even King David, refered to as a man after Gods own heart, failed miserably in the arena of self control. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that he had an on going or continual problem, but his one documented incident was a doozy! It contained adultry, deciet, an illegitamate pregnancy and David having his adultresses husband put in a position to be killed. This poor man Uriah who loved, admired and served David & God faithfully was twice double crossed. But David did repent, David did suffer sorrow, regret, remorse and the loss of his child (the illegitmate one) and we read of no further incidents of David after that. But the deeper question in all of this is why? David saw a beautiful woman and lustfully determined that he had to have her, he gave in to "self". Yet this man ruled the kingdom! He had everything that a man could want at the time, the finest and the best of everything and as to women he had a few wives and several concubines - but it wasn't enough when he lusted for more.

At least David learned his lesson, it seems these days many of us in this "One Nation Under God" are repeat offenders with no remorse. Need proof? Turn on a TV on any given day, at any given time, not only is it rampant and regular, it's almost "celebrated". Shows like Cheaters, Jerry Springer & Maury Povich draw huge audiences with topics of deciet, betrayal and unfaithfulness in the utmost form. It's as if today in America Babylon, Sodom, Gomorrah and pretty much any illicit and degraded nation or city you can think of throughout history is largely represented. As a nation it seems that everyday attempts are being made to remove God or his name from somewhere else, just yesterday I read of a court case going on to take down a WWI veterans and fallen soldiers Cross out in the desert in California, it's stood and been maintained for 75 years. Now because one bonehead, whos enjoying the freedoms that those soldiers have fought and died for feels that IF he happens to drive down this desolate desert road and see the Cross it might offend, even though it's been a blessing to so many before. This Cross has come to be a symbol to other veterans as well, many see it's location as a place of peace and healing. Not in a supernatural way, but as a place for veterans to go and Pray, unite or just seek peace. Sadly the 1st 2 courts that heard the case agreed with the bonehead, now it's going before the Supreme Court, come on people, I'd not typically call anyone a bonehead, but this particular case smacks at the veterans as well as God. Our Freedom in this country also gives this man the Freedom to NOT LOOK!


 Anyway, as we look at instances like the one above and the many other places that we've removed any reference or symbolism of God, while at the same time granting further and further freedoms to Muslims in this country you have to wonder, what the heck is going on. The Religion that was the foundation of this great FREE nation is being pushed aside, but at the same time the freedom that this country offers allows another religion to build itself up. No one was or ever should have been "forced" to be a Christian, God gives Free Will. By coming to America, you were never required to be a Christian or become one, but it was the premise used as the foundation for establishing America. There is much debate about America being a "Christian" nation. Well, I'd surely say that it isn't these days, but honestly I don't know that it ever was, the premise was there and there was a majority populace, but at the same time we were free, given free will, free choice and free reign. The laws enacted were Biblically based, but also quite honestly I think most were common sense. In any event we do have the Pledge of Allegiance, The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence which all reference or acknowledge God.


 Yet these days many try to remove Him from where ever they can. So I ask you, why would God's hand remain upon a country professed and claimed to Him, but by seeming majority not living for, acknowledging or obeying Him and His most basic laws and premise? If history does repeat itself, Israel and the Israelities fell to the hands (and often the Sword) of their enemies. Times may be different, but how many countries have an economic stronghold on us? Will the USA and it's Christian "majority" return to God in time? Or be "captured & exiled" into the domain and control of another, brought to their knees only by desperation and Prayerfully be delivered from our enemies. The less we Pray, the more we pay. Just like Israel all those many years ago, I'm sure Gods hand was upon this nation as it formed and grew, fought it's battles and wars against oppression & tyranny all in the name of freedom and God in Christ, all the while God smiling down upon those brave men and women, sacrificing & suffering, only to know in the back of His mind that the day would come when like all men since Adam, we would get self indulgent, lose sight, forsake Faith and think we had it under our own control. Then we'd relegate God to the back seat and take the wheel fully, hence driving ourselves into a tree or ditch, then begins the Prayerful requests for "help" once again.


 In these trying times, what upsets people (self included) and really befuddles me, I mean, it's run the gammut, but loss of various items and for some people you'd have thought the world ended! People may have to forgo a cell phone, which up until 10 or 15 years ago wasn't even an option, Burger's instead of steak, a used car instead of a new car, cotton instead of satin, generic instead of name brand. The saddest part about this, so many other countries would look at our peril and wonder what our problem was. Hopefully they'd be thankful that they never had those "things" in the first place, so that they don't have to miss or lose them. Be thankful for what you have, Gods "true" blessing is Christs Death on the Cross - not stuff, the option of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven, thats where "Life More Abundantly" really comes in. Whereas on earth, it's more time with God in Prayer, fellowship with brothers & sisters and the reading of His Word. The news can be disheartening, far to many stories of people killing themselves, and in some cases their families as well, all because they lost "stuff". The options are your's, the only real and true "power or choice" you have over all of it, is Who & What you choose to worship, honor & follow. Where your treasure lies...there your heart will be also - this fact can be really devastating when the economy tanks.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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