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Are Witches Born or Made?

Updated on November 30, 2014

Witches and Sociey

Are Witches born or made? When we think of witches, we instantly think of an old woman wearing a pointy hat, with a wart and a black cat. It seems to me, that to this day, someone calling themselves a "witch" makes others cringe or feel uneasy. But what society thinks of a witch is mostly a fictional character who rides a broom, has a nose wart, and poisons her apples. But what is a witch really, except someone who is blessed with certain abilities, or certain ways.

Now a days, you have your typical doctors, but you also have Naturopathic doctors, which are doctors that combine the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. So now we have the choice of going to an md or a Naturopathic. Many centuries ago, and to this day in certain places of the earth, people who had this gifts with herbs, healers, were put to their deaths, because it was seen as "witchcraft". They considered these healers, to be making "deals" with the devil, and that's how they would get their powers. But look at us now, having the choice of walking into these clinics, and not once looking at that doctor thinking to ourselves " They must be a witch, they must hang".

Natural Witches, Made Witches

I believe that there are what you would call natural witches, or people with "gifts". I believe that we are all born with these senses, but as we grow, we stop paying attention to them, because no one mentions them, or we just lose interest. But some of us, don't lose these gifts, and as they grow they keep getting stronger and stronger.

For example, feeling like you are at home when you are in nature, feeling that energy from the earth,the intuitive tendency to sense patterns and signs. Sometimes when we need information, the universe will send us that information through signs and patterns. A natural witch will follow her intuition to decipher these patterns. (this same thing can be true for psychics and sensitives) We are guided by them, and we always trust our instincts no matter what. In fact, when you actually try to act against your own instinct, you feel "unsafe"

Being able to sense positive and negative energies in other people. Most people have a combination of positive and negative energies in their body, but some lean more towards one direction. A witch usually knows who she cannot trust, especially if she has children. This is one of my gifts, I have had it since I was young, but now it has never failed me, and before I used to feel bad, now I am thankful, and keep my distance when needed.

A lot of people have these gifts, but refuse to call themselves witches, because that name has been misused throughout time, and it seems to have a negative note.

I also believe that witches can be made, it is all a matter of learning to listen to your inner voice, learning to follow your gut, that weird heartbeat that you feel sometimes, ect. You can start by doing simple things like taking a walk in nature, barefoot if you can, feeling the earths energy, being thankful to nature for all that she does. You can also keep a dream journal next to your bed, and when you first wake up, write down everything you can remember, even if it doesn't make sense, and keep this journal, and soon you will realize that there is a pattern to them.

We are who we are. No Labels needed!

I believe in nature, I believe in the power of earth. Yes, the moment that you walk into my home, you will be aware of all the candles, incense sticks, as well as my books and stones, tarot cards, you get the picture. I believe in herbal remedies, and in energy. I believe in the moon phases, as well as to everything having a natural balance to it and not disturbing the balance. My Daughter, she is very young, but she is attracted to nature as well. She loves to make little towers of rocks when we go to trails, as a thank you to nature. I see it in her, that we are all born with that gift. I just consider ourselves blessed, because after all, I don't really like "labels".


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