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Are You Being Contacted by a Spirit?

Updated on November 5, 2019

Many of us believe that there is something after death. It makes sense, both that death might not be the end and the fact that we're all so curious about it. At our most spiritual level, we are energy. Science tells us that we have a body of flesh and bone, but it takes more than that to breathe and keep life in human tissue. The unknown and unknowable has always been an interest. If you're curious enough to be reading this, then maybe you've already experienced something in the way of spiritual communication.

Spirits might not exist in the same way that living beings do, but that doesn't mean that they don't have reasons to try to communicate with us and the ability to do so. In fact, there are a lot of different ways that spirits have been known to contact the living. Sometimes, it's as simple as influencing our own spontaneous feelings and thoughts; if you've ever had a feeling or thought that you couldn't explain, it could be an attempt at communicating. There are many other, more tangible ways that spirits try to speak with the living as well.

Do you think a spirit has ever tried to contact you?

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Normal Senses

  • A figure that you see in your peripheral vision that isn't there when you look.

Experts agree that spirits can be seen in the world outside of your body like any other person, as well as internally with your mind's eye. However, it isn't often than a spirit is spotted while someone is looking at them specifically. Most sightings of spirits state that they are reported to appear out of the corner of your eye, with your peripheral vision. No matter how sure you are that you saw someone, when you turn to look the spirit will be nowhere to be seen; like they were never physically there at all.

  • An unusual disruption over what you hear, like a buzzing, popping, or ringing..

There are a variety of different reasons that someone's ears might buzz, pop, or ring. When those reasons aren't present and those symptoms are still present, it could be a sign that there is a spirit trying to communicate with you through audio-interference.

  • A false sense you can feel that there is someone standing right behind you.

In the movies, the "victim" of a spirit's attempt to communicate will feel a negative building up behind them, like someone or something is stalking them, ready to prey upon them. In reality, the feeling of a spirit behind you is closer to the familiar feeling of a friend you know well. Often the feeling is playful, like the friend behind you is getting ready to joke around or play a fun prank on you.The feeling of a normal spirit should not feel aggressive.

  • An overwhelming anxiety or tightness in your chest with no discernible cause.

The professional term for a clear sensing or clear feeling is a strong form of empathy that is called clairsentience. Clairsentience covers feeling energy streams from other people, future predictions, inanimate objects, and spirits.Sometimes, even if you can't see or hear a spirit near you, those with a heightened clairsentience will feel them in a way that's similar to being possessed by the feelings of the spirit either on the surface of their skin or deep within their body. This can be as small as a tight feeling in your chest or as extreme as full-blown anxiety. Some spirits aren't felt at all until they're gone, leaving the medium that they were attempting to communicate with feelings of the spirit.

Environmental Intererence

  • The temperature in the area around you changes dramatically.

Experts agree that a change in the temperature in the room around you is the most common sign of a spirit being present. It's so common that the phrase, "someone just walked over your grave" has been used colloquially to describe a cold spot or a chill up your spine. Cold isn't the only temperature change that can indicate the presence of a spirit. Any sudden change or pocket or air that is either significantly hotter or colder is applicable. Spirits aren't warm blooded like we are, they're made of pure energy and being in the company of them can be felt in a very strong way.

  • Coming across numbers repetitively, especially if the number is significant.

When it comes to environmental interference, spirits share their feelings by making you see or hear things that will pass on the message. Sometimes, when a number pops up in your life repetitively, there is some kind of meaning behind it that is meant as a message to you from spirits. It could be a number that reminds you of a memory, reminds you of them, or tells you to pay attention to an event that has yet to come. Another numerical interference caused by spiritual communication is clocks stopping, whether they stop on an important number or not.

  • Hearing a meaningful song, especially if it is played repetitively.

Spirits commonly communicate through music, likely because their vocabulary is limited in most forms of spiritual communication and music usually comes with lyrics and/or a meaning that they can send to you as a message. If you've been hearing the same song so many times that you notice it, or if a song plays that reminds you of a lost loved on, there could be a spirit trying to communicate with you.

  • A flickering or blow-out from light bulb(s) that should be working.

When the lights start to flicker or a bulb blows out, the first thing most people think to do is call an electrician. It's not always a natural electrical problem, sometimes it's an attempt to communicate by spirits. Provoking spirits by asking them to communicate can welcome this kind of presence, or trying to communicate with someone that you spoke with while they were alive about talking after death.

  • A(n) unexplained orb(s) appearing in photos or videos.

Cameras and cell phones capture images so quickly that more orbs are being caught in photos now than ever before. The evolution to digital from film has allowed these photos to be looked at and studied much more quickly too. Any spirit can produce an orb that is captured in a photo, but the most common theory is that they are loved ones that have passed on that want to let us know that they're still around. This is because they show up a lot at celebrations and gatherings like birthdays, holidays, christenings, and weddings.The fact that they show up at these big moments seem to indicate that they want to let us know that they don't exist in the same way that we do anymore, but they do still exist.

  • A single, unexplained ring or a call from a dead person's number.

With how often the living spend on the phone and how frequently they are used to communicate, it's no surprise that spirits use them too as a habit they can't get away from. Some people report getting phone calls from the phone number of someone that has died so recently that it's still in their contacts on their phone. Others report that their deceased loved one's phone will ring after it's no longer in service. A single, unexplained ring can be another sign that a spirit is trying to contact you. No matter how the communication manifests, answering these calls won't just let you have a normal conversation.

  • Significant and/or unexplained sightings of butterflies or feathers.

According to Chinese legends, a butterfly that approaches you is a lost loved one that might bring their face or name to mind to let you know that they're still around somewhere near. Feathers manifest in a similar way to show us that a spirit is near. Often times, if a feather appears out of nowhere, it's a spirit trying to let you know that it is near.


Sometimes, when they're present, they'll tell mediums that they're going to use a any of these examples as a sign to show that they are there before it happens. Whether these forms of communication are expected or not, they can fall anywhere on the scale of completely believable to vague and unconvincing.

After reading this information, do you believe that you've been contacted by a spirit?

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