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Are You Down At Heart?

Updated on November 28, 2011

Are You Down At Heart?

When you are down at heart  and you're feeling so low

You'd have to reach up to reach the bottom of the pit ?

Do you feel that no one cares and you're so all alone ?

Then go to The Lord in prayer and tell Him all about it.

Ask Him to take away your every doubt and every fear.

He can give you help and comfort as none on earth can.

He knows what's in your heart and  sees your very soul,

He will bring you peace and Love as He will to every man.

When you've reached bottom there's nowhere else to go,

Then ask and believe and send up a simple little prayer.

You can talk to the people but they can't help you at all,

But Christ can supply your need and He is always  there!


Can you imagine what it would feel like to be

that low ?it would have to be a terrible feeling,

I had a relative who had spells of depression

and she said then she would feel like the lowest

thing on earth.,A doctor finally  found the right

combination of pills to help her but just imagine

always feeling that low down with no relief.Thank

God we have Jesus to go to when we have trouble,

but don't wait till trouble comes before you go to

Him , as they say He is just a prayer away , keep in

touch with Him always..


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