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Are You Fed Up With Religion?

Updated on July 14, 2015

Burning Books


Are You Fed Up With Religion?

Are You Fed Up With Religion?

Who needs a book to tell them how to love when this is something that even a baby understands? Yes babies know when they are loved and they return the love and when they don’t get love they seek it out from whomever is present without discrimination. Even children know how to make friends and be friendly. They forgive quickly and their relationships are never permanently at stake. What happened to us that we require conditions, rules, and regulations to tell us when we should or shouldn’t be loving? Why do we need a so called holy writing to tell us what love is and how to do it along with various other unimportant, but restricting and enslaving ideas. It seems that holy writings bring nothing new to the scene except these restrictions, rules, and regulations that do nothing but divide people into those who according to that writing are worthy to worship their God and those who are not. If it weren’t for all the holy writings in the world wouldn’t everyone be friends with petty quarrels that are nowhere near the epic proportions of holy wars and holy living while avoiding those who are different or even persecuting them. If you were left to your own devices would you have hate? Would you be prejudiced? Would you consider some things to be major trespasses that are hard to forgive? It seems that religion teaches us to hate and discriminate and hold grudges against people that we want to inflict justice on otherwise we would forgive them and set them free. Can’t we think of more humane ways of dealing with trespasses against ourselves and our loved ones than what is given in religious writings? Religion seems to be purely nurturance that no one would pick up weren’t it for some outside force. Religion is something that you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t taught to you and you would have no concept of God or that there was anyone else’s will besides your own and those that you care about that you have to consider. Why is everyone so concerned about someone else’s will in the first place? If they have a will for something to happen why can’t they do it themselves and leave everyone else alone to create their own lives? We haven’t even gotten to how rotten group religion is when people prefer a certain religion over others and promote it as being the best or the one and only. When this happens it attracts dysfunctional people who have bad psychology. Often they are looking for a way to feel superior or more special than others which leads to a lot of fronting and saving face and lies to hide how one really is all in the name of fitting into being a holy person. It’s enough to turn ones stomach or at least give you an ulcer. Nobody in these settings ever escapes thinking they are better and looking down on other sects of belief. Not only that, they will turn over Heaven and Earth to get a follower for their sect just to make him/her twice the son/daughter of Hell. Religious people are always happy to spread their dysfunctional beliefs all over the world as if they have seen the end of time at the final judgement and as if they know the ultimate outcome that their haphazard actions to convert the world will bring. Ask any religious follower what good have they done for the world and you’ll get a mixture of the world has to take care of her own and it’s not their responsibility to make the world a better place except to spread more of their religious beliefs around the world. It seems that so many people who would have made good public servants waste their lives as ministers who barely do anything good in the community compared to how much they do for themselves. Give to my organization and you will receive a blessing they say, yet the membership is far from blessed and still seeking that blessing 40 years later, poorer than ever, yet still giving to their religious leadership faithfully. Some even give welfare funds to religious organizations instead of using it to better their lives as it was intended and the religious leaders don’t discriminate when it comes to money like they do when it comes to people. They want your money, but if you don't have money they don't want you. Yes people in their natural state can be more loving than someone nurtured into a divisive religion. Are you fed up yet? Because of this I threw my holy writings in the garbage years ago.


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