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Are You Ready for the Fourth Horse?

Updated on July 10, 2012

Wisen up or pay the price


It's coming soon

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!”I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth Revelation 6:7-8 Kill by the Sword. Has there ever been any time in history where there is so much warfare? It is not necessarily nation against nation either. Think of the drug wars in South, Central and North America. Aren’t they worse than what is happening in Syria?

What famine

When you think of famine don’t most of us think about Africa? What about in your own back yard? I just read an article that said one in ever one hundred children in the U.S is homeless. What about all the homelessness there is in Europe? If you have no home and no job, how are you going to get food? Look at the droughts in Canada, the U.S. and Russia? Aren’t there many places in China where it has not rained for over ten years? How about the deluge that is happening in Canada, the U.S, parts of Europe and in many parts of Asia? Can’t you see the catastrophic famine coming?

Do antibiotics kill?

How many times has the WHO said there is the flu virus coming that will be worldwide? Many people panic and get the shots. Then very little happens to the people who did not get the shots. What poison is in those shots? Every time people get sick, instead of allowing the virus to take its action and allow the body to build up good anti bodies to fight it and make stronger, don’t many people run to take antibiotic? Doesn’t this weaken the bodies’ immune system? Today we are a global community. People travel all over the world. If a disease starts in one country, how easy is it for people to board a plane and spread it unknowingly to other countries? Isn’t that what happened in the U.S. with one woman bringing in the flu after World War One? How many people died because of that? If we are poor and can’t afford proper nutrition, won’t that make our bodies weak and susceptible to this?

I don’t know about the wild beasts unless it may be a virus like the bird flu and or rats with the plague,deer with lyme disease.

If you are truly interested about the end times may I suggest you go to, click on Saddleback sites, click on drive time. You will see the revelations site there. I came to these conclusions by Gods leading me to study the Book of Revelation. This site merely confirms my conclusions. You may find it quite eye opening.

Prayer: Oh Jesus my Rabbi (Jesus our Teacher) please open the minds to the people reading this. May they see the time is short. May this cause them to turn their hearts to You as You are the only way. In Your Holy name I pray. Amen.

And they cried out in a loud voice: "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb."
Revelation 7:10

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.


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    • teacherjoe52 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi teaches.

      I agree.

      Being a natural path my saying is: natural medicine come from God for your good.

      Pharmaceuticals come from man to make big companies rich.

      Which one will you trust?

      You would not believe the stories I could tell you about them when being a missionary.

      God bless you.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I have heard mention from some in the profession that the shots are cause of many "new virus" epidemics. You just have to be careful. Prayer, staying connected to God in these times is so crucial. He will guide us through these stormy waters.

    • teacherjoe52 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi Cammy.

      I find it interesting that most of the people who mocked me and laughed at me thirty years ago for studying and practicing natural pathic medicine are noe weak and shells of what they once were while I am still healthy and strong.

      I remember whe a volunteer in a hospital the many times people would come in with the sniffles and demand strong anti biotics.

      I believe we are setting ourselve up for a global disaster

      God bless you.

    • cammyshawn profile image


      6 years ago

      Yes, we do ourselves a disservice with the overuse of antibiotics. As a nurse I've seen this overuse (taking antibiotics for viruses which don't help or for the common cold) cause what's know as "super bugs". Super bugs like MRSA require majorly strong antibiotics to treat because it has grown resistant to all the normal classes of medication. I'm convinced that much of the chronic, auto-immune disease is from the toxic environment we humans have created.


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