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Are You a Careful or Careless Christian

Updated on March 29, 2013

Jesus Ascension


Be ever watchful for His return

In Luke 12: 35-48 Jesus offers three images of carelessness. Each story is designed to warn His followers about making sure they stay true to God and are ready to give an account for what they have done with their lives. As Jesus states each Christian must stay alert and be prepared because, the Son of Man is coming at an hour,” when no one expects Him.

The first image in Luke is of a servant who needs to stay vigilant and ready for the masters return from the wedding feast. The servant must stand at the ready to open the door and let the master in to the household.

The second image is of someone who is careless about watching over their household. So in the night a thief comes and breaks into their house and steals their possessions.

The third image is of careless servants, some who beat their fellow servants all the while spending their time partying because the master is slow in his return and there are some other servants who are not diligent in doing the masters work in his absence.

When Jesus ascended back into Heaven the angels looked at His followers and chastised them by telling them,”“You Galileans!—why do you just stand here looking up at an empty sky? This very Jesus who was taken up from among you to heaven will come as certainly—and mysteriously—as he left,” The Message Bible. In other words Jesus is coming back, go and do His work but always be prepared for His return.

The question each Christian must ask themselves is, “ Am I one of the careless Christians or am I a careful Christian whose heart is always prepared for the return.

As followers of Christ each Christian is to find themselves ready at all times for what comes their way. The Christian life is not a pleasure cruise where Christians feast on the things of this world while at the same time trying to keep the faith. No, we are to keep our eyes firmly focused on God, while our feet, hands and voice are diligently doing His work.

Woe is the one who lets their guard down while they wait for the Master's return because it will be hard to answer Jesus' question of, “What were you doing to benefit my kingdom while I was gone?”


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    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 4 years ago

      Hi Whittwrites,

      We all fall short of the Glory of God. I know I yearn to be ever watchful and awake but sadly, know that I sometimes sleep, take rests, am not always doing all I could in the Lords Harvest field.

      BUT GOD

      I believe in Him, I long for His reappearance, I love Him and am filled with gratitude that I have been brought into the fold. I perhaps spend too much time developing my own relationship with Jesus, but can that ever be wrong? We all have to discover the balance of private time with the Lord, witnessing for the Lord, fellowshipping etc and a myriad of earthly responsibilities which we have to attend to.

      The Lord knows our hearts in a way that no other can. I pray that some of my fruits will survive the fire. Amen and God Bless.