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Are we Muslims think about it...

Updated on April 8, 2012

Are we Muslims???

Are we Muslim? This question might appear in each of the Muslims nowadays. And the reason that why should this question appear is so many, more than we expected. Let see who are Muslims? By not getting in long discussion, just to compile all that Muslims are those who believe that God is one and only God is the one who listen to their prayers and be always with them. It doesn't matter that we have a good time or bad time, we are sad or we are happy, we win some or we lose some. We must never ever forget God. The reason behind that is this cause God never forget, then how can we forget the one who is Almighty. So as it is mentioned in the article that are we Muslim? This Question clearly explain that we clearly move away from the God's right path. That path in which if we have walk in our entire life, there is no hurdle in this entire world that cannot be crossed. Because it is obvious that if we live our life with some pattern, the right pattern our lives can automatically will be as good as it should be.

So why this question arises. The main reason for this is that we simply getting away from the God's right path. God tell us to say our prayers but we don't do that because we are so busy in our daily lives that we did not give more importance to the prayers. We should take that as our first outmost priority. God just want us to follow the path that God has given to us. Now a days this modern technology also ruined us not to follow the God's right path. We spend a lot more time on the television, mobile, internet and so many things that is invented. who take our more attention that we must have given in the God' right path. We prefer to waste our precious time now a days on the modern technology then on the God's right path. The same is the case with the God othes message that to give some amount of yours money to the poor. Which is called Zakat. We want to save as much money as we can save but we don't want to give a small amount of our money to the poor people. We just not realize that what are we doing, we can spend thousands on our single meal but we didn't give a single bite to those who have not eaten anything the whole day. This thing can go on and on and so on. That we just not follow the path that we should follow our whole life. We lie we cheat we steal which is just not good for us.

By saying that we are Muslims does not mean that we are the real Muslims. We don't recognize as a Muslims just by name, its the deed that make us the Muslim. All the good deeds that God has tell us to follow. This might look tough but when we start doing it we get the one thing that we can not get without following it. And that thing is the inner peace. Inner peace the one that the person who have it his life passes so humbly and peacefully. And that who don't have inner peace always make regrets, always get upset take so much tension in his life who simply just forget God's right path. By compiling the whole thing if we want to be Muslims follow the God's right path.

Written by: A.Q


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    • ahmadj3 profile image

      Ahmad Jenkins 6 years ago from Tacoma, Wa

      Assalaimu alaikum, Mash'allah, a great reminder for muslims. May allah reward you ahki :)

    • alamch profile image

      alamch 6 years ago

      Wa Alaikum-Asalam, thanks brother for your appreciation and may Allah show us the right path to turn back to His guidance as soon as possible. Ameen

    • forall profile image

      forall 6 years ago

      Assalamu Alaykum Alamch. I got your idea and I agree with what you said. Our priorities changed and our life doesn't have the purpose it should have anymore. I hope we will turn back to the guidance of Allah.

      Welcome to HP :)