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Who is blind and foolish?

Updated on October 24, 2008

Who has the facts?

Earlier today, I became quite caught up in contributing to a series of comments on a hub, which was written in response to a request by another hubber. I guess I've probably had less than a handful of personal encounters from those who disagree w/ my viewpoints. I really don't much care to confront others or to be confronted if it leads to arguments (which the Bible specifically says to avoid) or hard feelings, but being challenged is something I don't tend to shy away from.

The subject involved historical and scientific evidence regarding Jesus Christ. - I think I'm the guilty culprit in regards to it taking another direction, flavoring it w/ biblical knowledge, faith and testimony regarding his divinity.

Not surprising, one of the opposing positions had to do w/ evolution. I made a comment about their not being transitional fossils to support the macro theory. In my early days as a believer, I became familiar and appreciative of a series of teachings by Ron Rhodes, one of the topics being "Evolution VS Creation." Another one that I didn't 100% buy into, but thought was interesting all the same, was "Dinosaurs, fossils and Geology." There will always be those with beliefs or data to "counter." If we all agreed this world might be an easier place to coexist but it wouldn't be as an interesting. We need to be open though to listening and learning from one another. We are all on individual journeys and should be respectful of where one is at, no matter what - or where - on the path we find ourselves and others to be. It is up to each of us to seek truth and choose what to believe.

I'm kind of going off on a rabbit trail here, but to give readers a better perspective of who I am and where I'm coming from (and perhaps give one something to ponder) there are days I receive email forwards from people who caution about this and that 'physical danger,' or attempt to gain support for this or that 'cause,' attempt to educate about some 'news tidbit' etc. For the record, I have family members and friends who don't share my faith, so the emails I'm referring too come from people from all walks of life. My point, I take the information to and 9 times out of 10, discover the information I've received is false. Isn't it ironic that people can so blindly believe some things but when it comes to things of the Bible, so many are skeptical? Knowing what the Word says, I'm not really surprised by that. I confess that when other Christians do this, it really gets under my skin. Of all people, we should be backing up our facts. In an effort to not be hypocritical, there have been occurrences when I too have been guilty of this since I know there are people in each of our circles who we trust, and see as being reputable sources. I've found out the hard way this isn't always the case, yet I really don't question the good intentions of people.

Check out the utube video which offers $250,000 to anyone who can prove the theory of evolution. Thought there may be some out there who are up for the challenge. Thought some would enjoy the presentation and some may have something new to think about although I personally was hoping there would be something about all the different "homo's" and Neanderthal man.

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Evolution versus Creation


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  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 8 years ago from Washington

    Hi Eddie -

    Thanks for checking out this hub and commenting and I agree with and understand what you've expressed.

    Blessings to you!


  • profile image

    Eddie Perkins 8 years ago


    Very good material.

    Personally I try to avoid the debates and arguments.  I seldom see a winner but I question how many have lost out by seeing people disagree over religious beliefs and personal opinions.  But, I believe that God has gifted some to move into these areas and to do so with grace and love. 

    For me to do one thing well will be an accomplishment. In a way Paul’s words have become my calling card: For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2

    Blessing to you. ~ eddie

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Junjie, all I can say in reply to your comments is "Amen!" Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. God bless.

  • Junjie profile image

    Junjie 9 years ago from Singapore

    I personally don't like to spend much time on this type of debate, simply because in the end all we prove from such a debate (if we win) is there IS a God. But that doesn't help anyone. What changes lives is encountering Jesus.

    Related to this is the debate over the problem of evil. I read all kinds of replies from the Christian viewpoint (I majored in philo in my university days) and realized all of them, in their attempt to come out with an acceptable answer about the problem of evil, don't dare to say this: God has an answer to the problem of evil, and his answer is Jesus Christ.

    Just some thoughts triggered by your hub. :)

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks PhoenixV for reading and commenting and I do admire and appreciate your passion...I'd like to see "Expelled" too....let me know how it is if you beat me to it...perhaps you can write a hub as a review.

  • PhoenixV profile image

    PhoenixV 9 years ago from USA

    Great post . I have some blogs at other places you may be interested in and I run a christian vs atheist yahoo group if youre interested .I havent see expelled yet but am looking forward to it . Piltdowm man was a hoax , that was presented at the monkey trial , they taught that hoax as evidence in public schools for 40 years before they figured it out .Recapitulation theory was taught for over a 100 years , almost worthless .

    Worthless theories and hoaxes , for a combined almost 2 centuries . Try to suggest that award winning physicists believe that Fine tuning points to intelligent design around a school . No way . Evolution is a square peg in round questions of the cosmological . Yet every part-time zoologist /part time anti-christian continues to try to shove it in there . anyways I could go on forever ..sorry lol

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Wsbill, Al, Mr. Marmalade, thanks for visiting and the comments!

    Mr. Marmalade and Wsbill, I agree w/ what you've shared.

    Thanks for the reminder Mr. Marmalade regarding discernment and what may be a waste of time on my part....I know w/ all the "hat's" I wear, I have to be a good steward of time.... the exchanges were several yet all in all, I believe it ended on a note where we just knew we had to agree to disagree and still respect one another. The person who requested the hub in the first place, in the last comment he made, indicated he may be hungry and thirsty, delving deeper for himself.....PTL!

    I did feet a little frustration last night, like I may not be well enough equipped but I have peace this morning. As I mentioned in my response to Whezo and as Wsbill pointed out, declare Him and the Spirit will do the rest.

    Al, it's very evident you are passionate about Noni and its medicinal and healing properties! I know you attribute your overcoming diabetes to Noni. I will have to research more for myself regarding what you've shared - I lived in Hawaii for over 14 years and used to see it all over when at the beach. (Incidentally, I used to paddle and race - w / a crew - outrigger canoes). Anyway, I was aware of noni's medicinal and healing properties yet always understood it to be bitter fruit - don't think I tried it for myself - and had not heard of it as a dietary staple. I knew Taro (the leaves being like spinach or chard; from pounding the root and mixing w/ water, you get poi), and ulu (breadfruit) were staples of the Hawaiian diet (in addition to fish and plants products that aren't as starchy as poi and ulu).

  • Wbisbill profile image

    Wbisbill 9 years ago from Tennessee USA

    Hi christinekv;

    My opinion is that the rational for creation is far more palatable than evolution, at least in its more extreme forms. Both evolution and Intelligent design require faith. I admit this; evolutionists do not.

    Science is based on observation, measurements, speculations, forming hypothesis, testing these and developing theories. Proven theories over time are seen as “laws.” All the fossil evidence for human evolution could fit in the back of one pick up truck. It takes a lot of faith to move from theory to law with scant evidence.

    I do not try to prove God; He only asks that I declare Him and the Spirit will do the rest.

    I used to teach science and it is my opinion that a lot of what passes for science today is politics!

    Just my opinion! Thumbs up from a fan!

    The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. (Psalms 19:1)

    And the heavens shall declare his righteousness: for God is judge himself. Selah. (Psalms 50:6)

    The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory. (Psalms 97:6)

  • AL Freed profile image

    AL Freed 9 years ago from Pensacola

    When there is a plant that does this, it is hard for me to believe that anyone would think it was all by chance!

    Noni and the Bible: There was a reference to a Bible verse that describes the Tree of Life. It was mentioned that the noni plant is the only plant known today that fits the description. I thought . . . that's interesting. So I did some research on it. The reference is in Revelations 22:2 "On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of nations." In researching the noni on the internet, the information confirms the plant bears fruit 12 months out of the year and the leaves are used for healing. (In fact, every part of the plant is used for healing.) I have not as of yet found a reference to it being the only plant that does this, however, that is probably a moot point. People who were in Tahiti on the "Outrigger Trip" last year saw on each branch of the noni tree, fruit in all of its stages of growth and, when you pick the ripe fruit, within days a bud forms on the same spot. If you plant the noni seed, it takes 90 days for a tree to grow bearing fruit ready to eat. If any of you are interested, you can ordered 2 books from the Kingsbooks website you may want to take a look at: 1) NONI: Aspirin of the Ancients by Diane Fairechild describes the plant and its uses in detail. 2) The Noni Phenomenon: Discover the Powerful Tropical Healer that fights Cancer, Lowers High Blood Pressure and Relieves Chronic Pain by Dr. Neil Solomon of John's Hopkins. This is a reference book with a section on each physical condition treated with noni and the results as recorded from 10,000 patients. There is also a good herbal informational site with information on the noni plant. In particular, take a look at the section on the bottom left with the articles by Dr. Ralph Heineke, Canoe Plants of Hawaii & Radioactivity & Tahitian Noni. The information is straight forward and may answer questions you have or from others: Click I called the Reading Public Library and they weren't able to locate any additional information so far that is more detailed than any of the above references. On the topic of where the best Noni comes from - there are all kinds of opinions on the internet. I also think that is a moot point and this is why: In Polynesia, the noni plant is considered a critical staple to them as important as water. Noni was their medicine chest in a fruit form they could easily carry. So they brought it with them on their voyages and planted the seeds in the new lands they inhabited. Because of their travels, you will find the plant growing throughout French Polynesia and in Asia, Australia and Hawaii. If you would like to contact me, Albert’s E-mail:

  • MrMarmalade profile image

    MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

    Sometimes i could believe casting your Pearls before the swines is a waste of time.

    We are told the the road is narrow and few there be who will find it.

    We do not have to convert every one, for us to gain entry into the Kingdom.

    God does know each and everyone of us and our thoughts.

    Good hub thank you

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Hi Nate!!!!!!!

    Yes, I'm still learning too. I agree with what you say....passion is needed and taking a stand and not being moved (being tossed to and fro) yet I understand that there are those who don't understand and to a degree, I can understand where they are at.....remembering I was once (we all were before HIM) in a similar place. I can't convince anyone of anything, it's the work of the Holy Spirit. I just have to listen to His voice and move and speak as I'm led. Thanks for the visit and comment - it's always an honor and a blessing to me that you give your time and attention to what I write on.

  • profile image

    Wehzo 9 years ago

    Hi Christinekv,

    I can appreciate this hub very much. I too, at one time was very aggressive at defending what I believe. I'm not familiar with the back and forth that occured, but I do know that when we are willing to engage someone for what we might perceive as an insult to our Lord and Savior, or at the very least, an apparent error, we take a stand and will not be moved. Far be it from me to declare what is right or wrong, but I will say, that kind of passion is needed. Whether we learn to appropriate it effectively is another matter. I'm still learning.