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Are we free in the true sense?

Updated on July 1, 2017

Bound or Free?

Are we bound or Free?

Are we free or are we bound? The answer is difficult to judge. Of course, the rationalists won’t believe about fate. If we are believers in karmic effects or destiny, we will accept the binding effects of past deeds which are yet to be undergone. But fate is not a steel jacket and god is merciful. Hence while he has allowed people to undergo their past karmas, he has left them with ‘free will’ to perform their chosen tasks. Of course all deeds done deliberately will bring their effects on the doers and none can escape from that. Sometimes, we observe that even great sages undergo difficulties during their day to day life. For outward look, it may seem that they are suffering but in reality, they never undergo grief. They remain indifferent to the problems of body. Hence we can safely conclude that we are partially free and partially bound! Do the rationalists escape fate? No! They too suffer for their past acts but they won’t accept the same. Sometimes we observe that the atheist enjoy a carefree life during their life and they seem to enjoy all happiness without any gap. This too could be attributed to their past merits and not otherwise. The epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are full of such episodes.

Best quote for Freedom!

The tricky question of Karmic effects, how they are distributed?

The demonic forces were rules unto themselves and they have no mercy towards the innocent sages and saints who perform spiritual practices in deep jungles. While the pious people suffered immense tortures at the hands of the demons, the demons were indulging in all sinful acts. Unable to bear the tortures of demons, the sages and saints offered prayers to the God. When the atrocities reached a crescendo, god sends some powerful force to destroy the wicked as per the need or he himself will assume a suitable form on earth and end the atrocities of demons. Thus Sri Rama incarnated to kill the demons in forests and to protect the sages and saints living there. Sri Krishna too came to earth to destroy the wicked Kauravas who were one hundred in numbers. Thus he saved the pious group of Pandava brothers! It was achieved during the great Mahabarath war fought around 5200 years ago!

Many people had the doubt how the wicked lot enjoyed all the comforts and power of great Kingdom while the legitimate share holders of the Kingdoms suffered undue miseries in the forest for thirteen years without a place to stay. Ultimately due to the blessings of Sri Krishna, the five brothers could achieve victory against the wicked Kauravas and killed all the hundred brothers! If we believe God is just and caring, how the pious people underwent terrible agonies at the hands of their cousins? The reasons are not difficult to guess. The one hundred brothers of Kauravas earned a lot of merit in their previous births and enjoyed the effects while the Pandava brothers were suffering for their past sins. This proves God is justice. He metes out appropriate results to the people. Every one of us have to undergo difficult periods due to our past misdeeds separately while our past merits will bear fruit at the appropriate time during our life. It is not like the balancing accounts maintained by the books of the banks, where debits and credits are added finally to arrive at the balance. In the book of God, all our deeds are duly recorded and everyone need to undergo the results separately and there is no balancing of accounts! Hence he allowed the pious Pandava brothers to undergo grief and pain due to their past misdeeds and at the same time he allowed the wicked people to enjoy their past merits! This is the secret behind good people undergoing sufferings. In fact, God is not at all responsible for our joys and sufferings. We earn them through our own acts. We can compare the work of god to that of a postman. In India, letters are delivered at our homes by the postman. He simply reads the address and deliver to the correct persons. Postman is not concerned with the contents of letters. Some people will get good news while others may receive bad news but the postman is not responsible for the contents. His duty ends in finding out the correct addressee! God is like that and he is not concerned the good or bad results but he is particular that it should reach the correct persons. But, we unduly blames god for our sufferings and pain. Even in the laws of physics, it is clearly stated that every action will produce equal and opposite reaction. God has granted man a choice making ability and discriminating intellect. If some is not using it for their own uplift, there is no use blaming god. While other species of animals, birds and aqua creatures follow their instincts from time immemorial, they don’t really acquire either sin or merit. But man has the capacity to exert his free will for performing any task and hence he is wholly responsible for the acts he indulge and the results are sure to accrue.

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We are not bound fully, we can exert our freewill for our uplift

Hence it is not correct to assume that all beings are subjected to absolute destiny. Then the purpose of creation itself will be defeated. God has granted partial freedom to man and observe how he utilizes the same? But in this Kali age, man never uses his discrimination and follows the fancy of the mind which is enslaved by the senses. Hence he indulges only in selfish acts which are bound to bring misery in later life. We observe in this world that persons who suffered endlessly during their younger years mostly enjoy good tidings during their later years. Many people started from craps but ended up occupying highest positions of powers like Abraham Lincoln and Dr.Abdul Kalam.It is due to their honesty and hard work they occupied such positions in later years. Hence Fate is our own make and we can still use our free will for our uplift during life.

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The question of destiny and free will.

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