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Are we happy with all these electronic marvels?

Updated on November 27, 2011

Ways to permanent happiness!

I am quite astonished at the inventions in electronics. No field is left out. I can say that the greatest achievement in electronics is the computer and internet. Everyday newer and newer versions are coming out. Well I asked myself whether I am happy with my computer and internet! It was initially a thrill to see the world of subjects in our monitors. No subject is left out. With storage of data leap frogging to terabytes and further, every thing on this earth can be stored in the servers all over the world to cater to the whimsical internet addicts.

I want to know whether 'Internet' confers happiness. To an extent, we marvel at the capacity of the processors to bring into our laptop or PC or even the mobile phones, the terabytes of information. Search any subject on the earth. You get all information within seconds which even encyclopedia could not contain. With the enormous mount of information, are we happy. Take the news! We are enthusiastic to know the latest news happening around the world and we are fed with the flash news all 24 hours and seven days a week. What else we need? Again I question, "Are we happy with the amount of information, we surf through?

Now I have to research on 'happiness' itself. What is Happiness which is real and lasting?Now I understand that all the above inventions, though breath taking, yet they can not confer lasting joy or happiness so to say. Not only electronic marvels, NOTHING IN THIS WORLD CAN GRANT US LASTING HAPPINESS! These electronic wonders makes our life easier. Otherwise you will have to stand in back breaking ques to purchase any thing including air tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, cinema tickets. With online purchases, we can order any thing on the earth and get it delivered at our door step. No doubt, it is a great boon in the present day busy competitive world. One Truth is "Happiness can not be bought from outside". It stems from our inner self or inner man. It is not at all related to the material world or things or relationship. It can not be bought with money or position. You can get luxury through money but not happiness. Saibaba has once said, 'Money can buy a cot and mattress but it can not get you sleep! You may remain in an air conditioned chamber throughout your day. But the AC can not cool your inner agitations. Then let us think over the ways by which 'unalloyed happiness' can be got.

Only spirituality and philosophy provide answers to this riddle. Once some devotee asked Saibaba "I want Peace!. Immediately Saibaba told him, 'Remove the 'I' and 'want', Peace is automatically yours! See the sentence, I want Peace. So we have got two unnecessary words which hinders unalloyed peace. Those words are 1. "I" which constitute EGO or selfishness. First remove the "I". Second, remove the 'want' which is nothing but desires. So it is absolutely simple proposition but it is very hard to practice in actual Life! This Ego or "I" never leaves a person till he reaches the cemetery. It is such a pest which never leaves us. Then how to conquer this Ego. It is simple. Become selfless! Relinquish the body conscious. Expand your Love to one and All. Help Ever and Hurt Never. All are One, Be alike to everyone! Simple to type these sentences. Hence practice the virtue of 'caring for others' instead of hoarding for yourself! When you meet a person on the road who is hungry and forlorn, feed him with whatever little you can offer. If he shivers with cold, cover him with even a old used blanket which you can offer. Offer Love, never hate any! Live in complete harmony with all and the elements of nature too! You will be blessed with unalloyed happiness and peace!

In harmony with others!


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