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Are we in a Season of Time? Part 2

Updated on June 18, 2016

Seasons of life and seasons on earth.

Every person on earth is born into a season in time. We will use what we call spiritual seasons which do affect us here on earth. These seasons I am talking about are times we go through changes in our lives and the things that shape our character. Just as earthly seasonal changes happen to shape this earth so do human seasonal changes that shape man. They work together for our benefit. The reason I say this is because the first man Adam was created from the soil of this earth which houses all the necessities we need for our human bodies. Man was created to take care of this earth and all that was in it. So he was given everything he needed to be successful. That is the first spiritual season on this earth when Adam was created (new life) which as far as we know was spring time but it never rained on the earth until the great flood of Noah. The ground held it's own water and sub-irrigated from streams and rivers.That is another interesting story in itself for another time. So back to Adam who worked alone until God decided to make a suitable companion for him. What better a companion that one that is of himself. So God created Eve from Adam so in reality the two are one just different bodily forms and characteristics. We are not quite sure what season Eve came to life but I suspect around fall (harvest time). Since God harvested Eve from Adam. Together they took care of the part of earth they lived on. We do no know if there was a winter season then but we do know they rested on the seventh day as God had made that a day of rest for them. Just as He says that the land must rest every seventh year so that it may rejuvenate itself. I have learned that in our season of rest our bodies heal themselves. This cycle of life and it's seasons are very important to our bodies as much as it is to our souls and spirit.

Gathering food

Picking fruit
Picking fruit

Human Seasons

Human seasons are those times when we grow physically in our bodily form. When we are babies we grow slowly the first season of being a baby until enough nutrients have sustained us to grow our skeletal structure into toddlers. The the process of growing slows till it can receive the needed nutrients to sustain it in growing again. Our bodies grow in seasons till we reach an age where growing stops and sustainability keeps us alive to function in what is our purpose. Our minds also grow which houses our soul. It's a seasonal learning process also just as our bodies growing in seasonal times but the mind never stops learning until our physical end on this earth. The seasons where our minds grow is where we develop knowledge, wisdom, and compassion from experiences we have gone through. Developing our minds to use their full capability is determined by what we have been taught and encouraged by. The mind also has it's time of rest as it's time of planting and time of harvesting which is the results of what we have been learning. If the mind does not rest it can wear down and become useless. Causing overload and shut down.

What we learn from experiences and taught by others shapes our characters into who we will be. However we have the capability to change who we are in our character and develop it more. However as we grow we are to grow in unity with others to help maintain this earth that we live on so that those who come behind us are taught how and why they should also maintain unity and the life of this earth for those coming behind them until time is no more. For in every season whether earthly or physically there life and there is death. It's called the cycle of life as we know it.

Those coming up behind us


The seasonal development of our minds

Our minds as our bodies go through seasonal development. Our minds as our bodies can not handle growth and development at one single moment in time. Our minds as our bodies develop in a seasonal rate of time. Our minds can hold so much information that we can not comprehend until we have full capability of it. In that time we would be as God knowing all. However that was taken from us in the garden of Eden by Adam's downfall. Our spirit man died and so started the cycle of life and death. However this is truly a blessing because through seasons of development we could grow out of the evil in us by His Son Jesus The Christ coming to this earth and paving the way for us that God had originally designed. That way is to know that you can do what it is that God has allowed us to go through to develop our minds and characters. Using faith, understanding, love, compassion, gentleness, kindness, temperance and self control to show us how to develop our minds and towards others. These seasons of our mind development also affect our spiritual growth so that we can understand God and know what it is He intends for us to do and stay within those parameters. Nothing will be withheld from us if we just seek and ask..

Meditation and Prayer

Meditation and Prayer
Meditation and Prayer

Comprehending seasonal growth

As we all grow in the physical and the mind, we can see the essence of why the seasons are in our life. It's hard to comprehend anything unless we have gone through what it is that we need to learn. Life's seasons have a lot of teaching for us if we will just pay attention to what they are saying and keep them stored for future use in our life. We will always learn things ahead of time that we need in the future so as to fulfill what it is we will go through. All along the way we can see what it is we have learned and used to get us through. It's also amazing how it follows the earthly seasons that we have as we go through things and develop our characters that will carry us on through onto the next life that we will live. Ever since the beginning of time we have had seasons through which we have gone through physically, mentally and spiritually and that process is what God has designed for us to be transformed into His likeness and image for the next life that we will live with Him and His Son Jesus The Christ. Everything that is here on earth with us will be there with us except evil and it's pride that destroyed man in the first place. Had we known then what we know now, I don't think we would have fell into temptation and lost our lives of a great spiritual nature. We were one with God and with earth until that fatal day we fell into the temptation that deceived us to betray our God and lose eternity.

Continued in next article. Are we in a season of time? Part 3

In the next article we will talk about how Eve was deceived and not Adam by taking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. How we lost innocence then and do when we reach the age of understanding now by temptation.

Note of Reference:

This article is written from my own perspective and experiences and from the Bible. Not anyone else's views or perspectives.

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