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Are we in a season of time? Part 3

Updated on June 29, 2016

Man's time started the day God created him!

We know from scripture (bible) that God created time when He created the heavens and the earth. But time does not run as we today perceive it. It runs in days, nights and seasons. Not in hours, minutes or seconds. It runs by the stars, moon and sun. Man's time did not start until God created him. God gave us time to understand and know the seasons of planting, nurturing and harvesting. That was all we needed to know and to this day that is still all we really need to know so that our lives are not so busy keeping us from family time and or God.Time was created for man, not man for time. Time was created to keep man apprised of his future and what to expect. Man did not know everything about the future but he did know his seasons and what they were for. God did give us prophecies for the future and the seasons would tell us when about when they would pass. If man were to busy he would not recognize the times or seasons and so would lose that which he hoped for. Time was for us to recognize the season and what was in it. Man has lost sight of this because he has been to busy creating his own world and in some cases hurting others to do it. That's another topic for another day. We are talking about time and what it has to do with us.

Steps in time.

Steps in time.
Steps in time. | Source

Entering into time.

we talked about how man fell into sin in the time of the Garden of Eden. Which was ans is Paradise. I want to discuss here how man entered time by his fall into sin. When Adam walked in Paradise he had only seasons of seed time and harvest but he lost that when Eve was seduced and deceived by Satan to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Eve received her instructions from Adam and not God directly. And this was the weak link that Satan knew he could deceive her and then he knew Adam would follow because Eve was his weakness. Satan knew beauty because he used to be the most beautiful Angel of God until it brought him into pride because of his beauty which made him fall. Satan had no tempter but man did and so we had a way out but through time which would help us transform with the help of God through His Son Jesus The Christ. But time was what was given to us by God to repent and turn back to Him and follow His ways again. But there was none to be found that could accomplish this except God Himself through His Son Jesus The Christ. And from that point of Jesus The Christ Resurrection the grace of God fulfilled the judgment of death of sin through His Son Jesus The Christ and man had to use only faith to receive that salvation for eternal life to live forever with God in His Kingdom and no longer bound by time.

The imprint of Jesus The Christ's Life.

The imprint of resurrected life.
The imprint of resurrected life.

The resurrected life to live forever.

When Jesus The Christ was resurrected to life that meant times hold has lost it's grip on man who chose to live by faith in Jesus The Christ in whom He is and what He had done. Only through this faith in Him is man able to escape time and death of his soul. The body of man will die but just for a moment till resurrected in Jesus The Christ who paved the way for man to live and have the power to live in God's ways. Time nor death has any hold on those who live by faith in Jesus The Christ. Jesus The Christ defeated time and death and is in heaven at God's right hand side awaiting His return to resurrect us to Himself and God's Kingdom while He binds Satan for a thousand years and is let loose so that sin would have completed itself and then Satan, workers of sin will be cast into the lake of fire forever and ever. To live in a place where there is no time nor sickness or death but only love and companionship is a Paradise worth waiting in faith for. Scripture tells us that those die in the body by their faith go to paradise which is spoken out of Jesus The Christ's own mouth and those who die by sin in their body will wait in torment until judgement day. In death of the body time has lost it's hold and those await for the return of Jesus The Christ. For scripture says the dead in Jesus The Christ will rise first then those living in Jesus The Christ will be caught up to Him in the clouds and await the binding of Satan and his workers of sin who will live in bondage for a thousand years until Satan is released to finish the completion of sin and then tossed into the lake of fire forever and ever.

Some music that encourages us to stay in faith.

To live in time through faith.

When man comes to faith in Jesus The Christ he is set for further purification of time to help him become more like Jesus The Christ. It is through Jesus The Christ and His power that sustains us and helps us overcome through our faith in Him that transforms us and brings us closer to His likeness. Time is a good thing for those in Jesus The Christ because of His power in us and His Holy spirit who lives in us also that leads us into all truth and righteousness and transforms us into Jesus The Christ likeness. Time is the seasons of our transformations from glory to glory in Jesus The Christ. When our time of transforming is done we are taken to paradise to be with Him. Yet in this time of transforming we help others to come to know Jesus The Christ and what He has done for them and what He will do for them. And so each of us become ministers of the Gospel to reach others to save their souls so that they may also do so for others and be with us all in paradise. Jesus The Christ has formed a body of believers that spans through time to reach others so they may have the chance at salvation through Jesus The Christ. Who came to this earth and taught us how to love, honor God and others to fulfill the command of God and went to the cross that paid the penalty of sin of man and the world. Resurrected to life and is in heaven with God right now awaiting to come get us and bind up Satan and death. Giving us a thousand years of peace, no sickness, no death and no sin. Till Satan is loosed again for a short period. Then bound again forever and ever.

Walking in Paradise.

Walking in Paradise
Walking in Paradise

Living for a future in Paradise.

Living out time by focusing on our future in paradise through Jesus The Christ is a very peace time, not without transforming exams but very much peaceful. Keeping our focus on our goal and not the exams helps us to pass these exams of life's transformations. It helps and encourages us to continue to press through time and the exams we have till we are finished with our final exam and are ready to go to paradise.

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