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Are we working for the aim of human life?

Updated on March 14, 2015

Real Happiness!

The grand aim of humanity!

Devotion must go along with discipline, and then only the devotion can be fulfilled in the attainment of peace. Both in the secular life as well as spiritual, discipline is an essential aspect. Today, in the world, we find much strife and differences. No country is peaceful and no leader bothers about the citizen’s welfare. Everywhere there is pure selfishness, personal aggrandizement and possessiveness. None care for the feelings of deprived section of the society. Hence there is open revolt by the ordinary citizen who takes to the streets to represent their anger at the authorities who are concerned only with their own happiness and possessions.

There is no dearth of wise people and preachers in the world but there is none to follow the sermons and adopt them in life. As a routine, people go to temples and churches, murmur some prayer and return. They feel that they have fulfilled some religious requirements. While we focus much in earning and hoarding, we are not showing the same interest to spiritual activities.

When the world was created, God gave man freedom to choose his ways and actions but with one condition. The results will follow with certainty and none can escape from the actions of past. Some results will accrue at once and other results may take time to fructify. Criminals and evil doers think that no one has noticed their wrong doings. But the conscious within takes cognizance of each acts of commission and omission without fail. These are recorded subtly without our knowledge. Hence we find that life offers us many things which we never expect. It is always a mixture of good and bad. We curse god when we get bad things and take pride when we reap good. But man never understands the subtle working of fate which is nothing but the consequences of his past actions. Hence man is perplexed at the complexity of life. When he tries to derive joy and happiness from worldly gains and pleasures, what he gets is only grief at the end. With great anticipation, man garners wealth and properties thinking that they will stand as good support in need. But to his constraint, nothing comes to his aid when he is in real danger. People who really love others selflessly can alone render required help when people face calamities.

Hence man must never rely on these illusory acquirements. The wealth we gather may leave us at no time. The properties we acquire may end up in mortgage. People will catch our throats when we possess money and properties. One small example will clarify this point. A hawk with a piece of meat in its beak will be pursued relentlessly by crows. Wherever the hawk turns, it will be haunted by the crows. Only when it drops the meat piece, it can remain in rest! Identical is man’s life on earth. He can neither carry the wealth when he leaves the world. Not even a grain of sand he can carry. We witness many people pass away in front of us and they are buried in tombs or consigned to fire. But we think that we are immortals. We never bother that the next turn will be ours! This is the most complex riddle of life. All people whether they are mighty kings or poor destitute, each has to pass at the allotted hour. None can prolong anybody’s life, be him the best physician in the world. At the end, he will say, “I tried my best, I am unable to do anything further, please pray god!

When your money or position cannot save you from certain death, what is the use or value of that money? Hence remember that everything in this external world including our bodies is subject to sure destruction. Can we prevent that mishap? Only one can save us from this riddle who is our creator. He will show the way to immortality. He asserts, “I am yours and you are mine”. But we never rely upon his assurances. Having born as a human being, we should never descend to animal level. Try to achieve the goal of human life which is nothing but realizing the SELF within you!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      The fact is most of the people know it but seldom practice it. Thank you!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      A happy reminder to follow the way of devotion, of Truth. Alas! ... I commend your efforts, Bro. Much peace.