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Are You Bored? Do You Feel Stuck?

Updated on September 13, 2009
Photo by Karen Kliethermes
Photo by Karen Kliethermes

Small Changes in Your Daily Actions Will Plant Seeds of Significant New Beginnings

We all feel frustrated with our lives from time to time. It feels like there is no movement, no direction, and we feel bored and stuck. The best way to spur new growth in our lives is by changing the way we do things.

Although Spring is generally the time of year that we plant seeds for new growth in our gardens, we are, metaphorically speaking, planting seeds to grow our human lives at all times of the year. If you are feeling especially bored or even stuck in your life, it’s time for you to consciously plant some new seeds. What seeds are you planting in your own life that offer you new beginnings? One way you can really jump start fresh growth is by changing the way you do things.

Even something as simple as changing the way you perform an errand, action, or task on any given day—what may seem to be quite meaningless at first glance—can plant new seeds of tremendous value. Trying out a new gym. Filling your gas tank at a different gas station. Reading a book from a genre you rarely consider. Taking a new path on your daily walk. Playing music that is new to your ears. Changing the flow of your day in any way will plant seeds. It changes the energy in a multitude of ways.

For instance, if you try out a new gym, right off the bat you will be exposed to a whole different group of people. What friendships will sprout? What conversations will surface? What new exercise machine will you be introduced to? What valuable information will you see on the bulletin board, that you would not have seen at your old gym?

Perhaps it's a flyer advertising a workshop that broadens your horizons, or a rental home that is the perfect fit for you, or a massage therapist who provides the healing touch you need. And when you follow any one of those directions, it can seed a whole host of new opportunities.

Synchronicity (or meaningful coincidences) can give you the optimal direction of planting seeds if you can simply trust, be open and "listen" with your eyes, ears, and feelings. Your intuition can tell you to turn right, or left, to ignore, or to pay strict attention, when you open yourself to receive that information.

I have been having an extraordinary amount of synchronicity with the numbers 7 and 11. So one day, when it was especially strong and when I happened to need to fill up my gas tank, I decided to go to the 711 gas station, one that I rarely patronize, even though it is quite close to my home. After I filled up the tank, I felt a strong urge to buy a lottery ticket, after all I was feeling quite "lucky" with all the 711s in my life that day. So I parked the car in the only spot in front which happened to be next to what we call "the 777 cab." It's yellow with the phone number 777-7777 on it.

When I went in, I decided to get a scratch off ticket (I hadn't bought one in years) instead of a lotto ticket. However, I didn't know which to pick, so synchronicity picked it for me. A lady on a ladder working on a display right above the counter threw down a bag of chips. At first the abruptness jarred me but then I noticed the word "Select" on the bag, which I then realized is the 711 store brand name. Anyways, the word "Select" was situated right next to a particular ticket underneath the glass counter. I asked for three of them, went to my car, and began scratching.

The first ticket was a winner... The second ticket was a winner... No this couldn't be, as the back of the ticket claims that there is roughly a one in four chance that any one ticket is a winner. The third ticket? A winner too! I won $70, but the win was much more for my spirit than my pocketbook. It was a wonderful sign. I trusted and I won. So while it may seem silly or strange to take note of where the potato chip bag fell and take the meaning of "Select" at its face value, it worked. The beauty of glorious synchronicity. I never heard of three scratch offs winning in a row. Have you?

Although this may not appear to be a very significant example of planting a seed, it is still one that speaks volumes. I went to a gas station I don't normally go to. I played a game I don't normally play. And I made a decision in a brand new "selective" way. And it planted a new seed. It reminded me to be childlike and playful and spontaneous. It spawned even more 711 synchronicities since that "lucky" day. How will that further germinate? I can only anticipate.

Rid yourself of being bored and stuck in your life. Allow your best growth to come from seeds you plant outside your garden.

Mary Soliel's Award Winning Book on Synchronicity


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    • Mary Soliel profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Soliel 

      8 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks The Rope and Neet8!

      And Neet8, it was very synchronistic you mentioned the powerful phrase, "windows of opportunity." Please note the first comment by Sherri Cortland. She is the author of "Windows of Opportunity"! This may be a synchronicity leading you to her outstanding book? Just had to share and if you're interested, she is on hubpages as well, and her website is

    • Neet8 profile image


      8 years ago

      Excellent hub! It is so true that doing things differently can open up many windows of opportunity. Thank you so much for this, it is most uplifting. All good wishes Neet8

    • The Rope profile image

      The Rope 

      9 years ago from SE US

      Great hub!

    • Mary Soliel profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks so much Sherri. Wishing you wonderful new beginnings!

    • Sherri Cortland profile image

      Sherri Cortland 

      9 years ago

      Excellent advice! I plan to take it to heart immediately!


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