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Are you evil just because you're a Vampire?

Updated on May 25, 2016

What is a Vampire?

Most of us probably know from watching TV what a vampire is... For those of you that don't know, I'll explain....

A vampire is a infected human being that can't go out into the sunlight for a very long without being burned to ashes by the sun's rays...
A vampire's main diet is eating/drinking human blood...

When a vampire has recently fed on human blood, they become extremely strong and agile, and have few weaknesses...

It is said that if you were to put poison in a human's cup and the same amount in a vampires cup, the human will eventually die, whereas the vampire will have only felt slightly intoxicated,

On a side note, it is said that when a Vampire intends to get drunk, they slightly poison themselves just enough to get a buzz on in the bar...

Another way for a vampire to get drunk is if he fasted (stopped drinking blood) for 3 or 4 days, which would weaken his metabolism enough to get drunk.

So.... What is a Vampire.

*A vampire feeds on blood
*Can live immortally
*Can only go out at night

How does a vampire die?

A vampire can die through many methods... the main way is by murder.... If a human being wanted to kill a vampire, all they need is a wooden stake.... If you plunge a steak into a vampire's heart, they will die instantly...

A crueler technique in killing a vampire is by tying them up to a post and waiting until sunrise. From Dawn until Dusk, that vampire will slowly die off in the worst possible way known to their race.

The third way for a vampire to die is if it stops feeding on human blood.... Without human blood in the system the vampire would starve to death in a week.

How do you become a vampire?

When a vampire is feeding on a human being, sometimes they get distracted or spare their victim.... From the moment a vampire's teeth bite into you, there are only two choices, spreading the virus or killing the victim....

Most vampires choose to drink all of the blood in the body, leaving them full for days and leaving less competition for their next meal.

The ones that don't drink all of the blood leave their victim with either a Blessed Life or a Cursed Life, depending on how you look at it....

Although they can now live forever, they also have to avoid going out in the day and they must frequently kill for their next meal.

Is it possible to be a Good Vampire?

So they question is, is it possible to be a good vampire? Or are you cursed to be evil for the rest of your life.

The fact is, you're already looking evil just because of your diet.... How can you be a better vampire?

* You can drain an pint/ounce of blood off of some random stranger you knocked out at night.

~~ Using this method would make you a mugger, but saves you from being a Murderer.~~

* You can rob the local Blood Bank

~~This method would make you a hi-profile burglar, but it would prevent Murder as well. ~~

* Fast More and Feed Less Often.

~~Fasting to a Vampire starts off as the awareness of a weaker body... Afterwards you might actually pass out drinking too much beer... In it's 3rd stage you may feel weakly high from nothing... At this stage you must eat or die. ~~

~Eating for the first time after Fasting is like winning the lottery after going bankrupt several days earlier... First you feel strong, then you feel happy, and the last stage most vampires forget about is the high you get from Human Blood the first time.~~

Do You Think a Vampire is Evil no Matter What?

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