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Are you ready to meet God - Sermon Transcription of Dr. Kevin Zadai

Updated on September 3, 2020

Are you ready to Meet God

The father honors his word but he also has given us the spirit who is in us but he's also around us and did you know that the holy spirit is always around us and is ready to act at any one moment to do God's will. So you can instantaneously have a miracle, instantaneously something supernatural could happen, and all all your trouble could be gone in one flash of a second. It's the truth I've had it happen and the spirit's always willing. Right.

Jesus said the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and and we focus on the strength of God and we honor our weakness and we stay humble but we don't allow our weaknesses to keep us there. We immediately expect God's strength to come in, in our weakness, so when we preach the word of God, when you speak the word of God, when you prophesy, when you testify about Jesus it's the spirit of prophecy and it'll kick in right away. But when you speak, when you prophesy, when you start to interact in this realm there's a transaction that happens and the spirit of God is right, so it has to have the word of God but it doesn't act on it in your mind and this has been the biggest deception.

I wish people would have told me this and you know it wasn't until I was an adult until I found out some of these things and then I saw it even more when I was in heaven that I had only operated at 35 percent of what I could have done on this earth and I was judged but Jesus didn't say a word to me. He said well done and when he said well done it went into my being and I saw in a flash my whole life, every single thing but I saw what was flash at any one moment can take it and perform a miracle. A supernatural thing could happen in your life that's that quick.

The spirit is always willing to jump in at any one moment. He can just come right in and perform a miracle. That is the absolute truth. I know this to be the fact nothing is desperate to the point where you cannot come back.

Every witch in here every witch that comes to try to disrupt the services everywhere we go, you know I wish, you would just repent and come over with us because we serve the true God and they can't stop what God's doing. I got to made up my mind, you know. I'm not like what happened with Elijah and Elisha. Elisha was touched by Elijah's mantle while he was out in the field. He walked by and put his mantle on him and kept walking. Now, Elisha saw something happened to him because he said hey, I just got to go get everything tied up at home and then I'll come with you. And this is what Elijah said, now though he is a wise person, he said what have I done to you. See, he wanted to know if Elisha knew what had just happened because the true thing that happened with Jesus disciples was they just dropped everything and followed him.

But this guy wanted to fix some things up and so he said that because he wanted Elisha to know what he is about to encounter and what's going to happen. He wanted to know what the Lord had just done. The Lord had just called him but he Elijah didn't want someone that was just going to tag along as a journalist be in the mental realm, so he was. This is something that you have to you know to go on with. Once we get through September we got to go into October.

We got to make it through the end of the year and uproot all the evil in this country now. In order to do that with the snake, when the snake, when you're about to take the snake's head off and it turns around says, you know “hey can we talk, can we reason together” you know, you take his head off but see you you can't let the devil try to, in any way negotiate. You don't negotiate with terrorists I'm serious I'm training a bunch of snipers

Because I want you to take out the enemy. I don't want you to call me and say “you know what this snake is pretty, cute. Can I keep this one, or you know oh it's got babies” No you got the shot or not. Green or red, just green or red. Keep it. No chatter. I want to have so many out there that know how to pray and take the enemy out. Now you either got the shot or you don't

It's either red or green. If you don't got the shot move and to another point or you can have a shot but see that's the way you have to be with the enemy so the enemy doesn't want Christians like this, that start laughing when he talks. He wants you to be afraid of him and he wants you to honor him and and worship him and when you don't he doesn't know what to do. Now I know this as a secret this is not part of what I was going to plan on saying but it really is important for you to know. This demons are disembodied spirits they're part of the hybrid race. Before the flood they were destroyed. They have no repentance, they are done, for good they're locked out, they're not the fallen angels. The angels that fault, that fell, Peter says they're chained up right now and angels can't inhabit people. So just get over it, these are spirits of human beings.

They are hybrids, they have no resurrection that's what we're. The fame in hebrew means no resurrection, these beings lost their bodies, they lost their ability, they're not human, they're not fully human so they cannot be redeemed. Jesus came back for a fully unblemished human being that's why you got to be careful in the days to come about your genetics. You need to protect your genetics, you need to protect your bloodline, and stay human, stay thirsty, stay hungry, all right.

But this is the thing demons, they don't, I'm honest with you about this. I did not know this and they don't want me to tell you this but they don't know what to do with someone who starts laughing at them because to them they have been exposed now. In their mind they have nothing else. If you don't take them serious, if you're not afraid of them, they have no power. Their power is in their ability to stay cloaked and to keep you on your toes to where you never feel equilibrium.

You never feel balanced and so in fear they can do certain things that they can't do if you're not in fear. That's why you have to be made perfect in the love of God. Do you understand, so God is love and he drives out fear. He's perfect, He's perfect love and when you're made perfect in love you don't fear and then there's no question whether you should do certain things. I like to go the doctor because every time I go he finds something that's not there anymore that was there. So I like to confirm with him and I let him know. You know I'm not going to be taking this much longer. You know I always say “do you notice my hair it's growing back, do you notice I don't wear contacts anymore.” I just, you know, if he doesn't ask, I let him know and by the end like the last time we were there he was teared up and he said can you pray for me and so we, me and my wife prayed for him and his wife our doctors. I'm not afraid to go to the doctor. But I don't want to go in there well and come out sick. I went in there so I'm not letting them do anything to me, they're not going to give me something. They're going to help me get rid of something and if they don't do that, then you know eventually Jesus is going to have his way with my body on all different ways. I'm coming down with a healing right now, in fact yeah you know so there is a greater way, there is a greater way, okay.

So these demons they honestly don't have a plan B. They fully putting everything into being effective on their first line. It totally bewilders a demon spirit. See they're banking on you to respond and roll over right away and submit to their agenda and when you don't there comes a point where it's too much energy for them and they'll go. But see that's not even my job my job is not even, I can drive out devils. I drive out devils everywhere I go, but see my job is to get you occupied with God to where they can't come back.

Nor would they choose to, if they could they wouldn't want to mess with you, I know you think there's some new doctrine but this is the way it is. These demon spirits they have no plan B, and they do not want me to tell you that. But they don't know what to do with a Christian, who laughs at them who says that's it. That's all you got, you'll never see them again. They'll bring somebody bigger and then you'll have to take them out. But eventually when you take everything out it gets around in the hell.

In hell they know your face and they know who you are. They do, they will leave you alone but see now they're worried about conroe with me. See because they left me but now they're worried about everywhere I go because I'm not going to stop now. I'm going to help other people and and this will build the body of Christ up to where demon spirits will not be allowed anywhere near any believer. It doesn't seem possible but yet it doesn't seem possible some of the things have already happened. There is no difference. Right now me standing before you at 59 and then it was at 19 when Jesus appeared to me and said you're a prophet you're called to be a prophet to the nations.

I can't even leave my neighborhood I don't have enough money to get a bus out of here and I'm called to the nations and he sat with me on the side of the hill there and told me. He told me about the prophet's ministry and told me how he was going to use me in a mighty way.

He said, you're going to lose friends and a lot of people are not going to like you but he said, you're going to go to college. You're not going to the air force academy and then he said you're going to get a job at an airline when you're done with your college. You will get a job with your airline, and then you will stay there for your whole career and then retire, and he said because my the message I've given, you cannot be compromised. He said I'm going to give you a retirement so you'll never have to worry about money ever again.

And all that happened so that's how I know God that's how I know Jesus that's how I know my father in heaven I know him as keeping his word and taking care of things because he said I never want you to compromise your message by people manipulating you with money.

I don't pay to play. I've never invited myself anywhere and yet in three and a half years we have conference centers. It's like we skipped a couple steps. Jesse said, I've never seen anything like this ever. He said what you've had happen in one year hasn't happened to my friends in all their 40 years of ministry. You've had six things happen that haven't happened to people that I know in 40 years of ministry. He said you're at my 33 year mark right now in three and a half years. But see all I am is a believer I'm just a flight attendant that speaks in tongues. I didn't become a fivefold ministr of five fold ministery of the church until this year.

So it couldn't have been the prophet. I was non-profit, it was believership. It was just believing God being simple about it like a child knowing that I really can't lose because even if I die I live forever and not being afraid of death anymore. Not being afraid to die. It's amazing then there's no power over it. Then your body starts to heal because you're not afraid to die it's amazing and and when you don't pursue money it comes to you because it wants to serve you it doesn't want to serve the devil.

Oh there's plenty of money out there. It's just in the wrong hands. It's not worth much anyway unless God touches it. I remember when I thought a dollar was something man I got five dollars one time. I mowed 20 acres of grass and got five bucks. I just about fell over five bucks and then when I got to Southwest I mean you know well. Even in college they said you go through training and you can become one of the armed security guards for the campus and I got a raise. I went from 185 an hour to 235 an hour and I was armed, thought I had died, gone to heaven had my own gun. I was like Barney Fifey. You know just sat there it's amazing. Then when I when I got hard with Southwest Airlines I made more in my first three months than my dad did in a year and he had five kids. So he supported my mom and five kids for what I made in three months.

And I saw Jesus do that. Then my dad got saved because he watched me take a saxophone out of a box and play it. He's a professional saxophone player and it took him a year to get a sound out of that sax. I got it out of the box and played it, made an album and he sat there. Before he died, he listened to that album every day because he knew that it was a miracle he got.

He got saved because he knew there's no way that I could do that. I saw that's nothing. Here's a soprano, here's a classical guitar, here's a cello, oh violin, flute he's like no oh yeah here's the album. He got saved because he saw God. He in tears which he never cried, he told my wife, he said I'm a christian today because of this man and pointed to me at the thanksgiving table. See that's the manifestation. That will cause people to come in. Okay so I don't want you getting backed up by these demons. You have to literally hand over your will to them for them to do anything, you have to agree with them, you have to somehow engage them for them to do something.

And we hear this all the time and I have friends that used to be witches and I know people like that you would know that are on tv, no one asked me to be on tv so I just got my own channel. I got my own network warrior notes tv just skipped a whole step, amen. all right.

But God's going to initiate some things in you but see the demons they do not want you to move forward. So God might have you do something yourself. The church might not recognize you and they might. You might have a good pastor but that shouldn't stop you. Demons shouldn't stop you. So once you get fully convinced and the spirit of God is willing and you are willing then then you're going to produce a crop 30, 60 and 100 fold and what was sown into your heart. All right. Which means that it won't be very long before you start owning things and God starts to promote you. It starts in the privacy of your own home. You just sow that's what I did.

I didn't go out and start prophesying after Jesus appeared to me. I did what he told me to do I became a servant for 30 years. I went to college and learned everything that you can imagine and hardly any of it has helped me except when I learned the word of God. I mean the literal word of God but I didn't get that in four years. I got about the word of God.

I could tell you about all the different cults every last one of them. I could tell you about the occult but when I started to talk to people who were witches and are not anymore and how they would send spirits to stop things and they would come back and say we can't penetrate them they pled the blood. They're sealed up, they're sealed up.

Yeah, yeah even I mean even people you would know, their churches, they, the Lord would tell them to. I mean Benny Hinn told me this. Benny Hinn told me that the Lord told him to go and touch all the walls of his church and plead the blood on him and there were witches that came in after that because the demons weren't allowed in after that so the witches had to come in the service and sit in the service and then traffic the demons from themselves inside the service and they still couldn't do anything. So the head of the of the satanist church came because the demons kept coming back and said we can't get in they pled the blood. So he came and he got saved in the service and Benny Hinn service. So I know all these stories and I have plenty of stories that I could tell you like that.

But I I know that they're defeated. But they it doesn't seem like they are because Jesus gave us the clue and he said to tell the people this. He said the evil one is coming, but he has nothing in me and those words if you study it out it's flesh hook. It means it has nothing to hook me in my flesh and I know that he was a son of God. But he was also the son of man and He walked it in this life by the spirit. He didn't do anything on his own. Remember what he said he only did what his father said by the spirit, okay so he didn't do anything as a son of God.

He was the son of God but he considered himself not equal with God. He considered something he couldn't be grasped. He became a servant and he walked it out so that you and I could have an example. Okay, so these demons they do not have the power you think they have. If you agree with them, if you're mesmerized, if you give them attention you give them soul power. They take that and start to use that against you. But they can't handle you laughing at them. They cannot handle it if you don't take them serious. You see the evil one cannot touch you. Jesus said it. Moses wrote psalms 91. Moses wrote it from the cleft of the rock. Moses wrote genesis he wasn't even alive then. He received it on the mountain from angels. He wrote job. He was given to him on the mountain. See, these things you know.

This is the way christianity started. It started with God creating man. Man fell and needed a savior. Jesus was the answer. Not only the answer but the example and because religious systems have allowed satanic influence into their system they don't want you to know everything where they lose control. That's what the pharisees, they were afraid that they were losing control of the people. And people to them meant money. So sound familiar.

See you give because you love God and you want to and you should give. You should support what God's doing but you shouldn't be under compulsion to do it. That's between you and God but you give out of your heart because he loves a cheerful giver. You ought to read 2nd corinthians 9. it will set you free. What Paul said, Paul really had it down good because he said listen just so that there's no manipulation. You take the offering up before I come. But you do have to give. You need to give. You need to express to God. You need to give him a portion of what he's given you. You need to do that. But see it's to unleash you, unlatch you from this world system. Because you're not from here and you consider that you get from God. So you honor God you don't honor the devil. But the devil doesn't want a christian to have a dime. In fact he tries to make poverty one of the doctrines of the church. That's when you get the holiest is when you have no money. What since one is that in the bible you can't help others. What about the people that can't help themselves? How they gonna get helped?

Okay so these demons are gonna try to infiltrate and stop you. But if you resist them they will flee from you. Because you submit to God and you resist him. But the word resist there is the same word that's used when you resist arrest. When you push back you just went into another whole scenario. Now you've got two charges against you. The charge that you were apprehended for and then the resisting arrest is a separate offense so congratulations you want to keep going. So what they, just wait, they say you know how many of you want just keep going, keep struggling, keep flapping that jaw. But see if you submit to God and you push back the devil you resist him. He's going to flee from you that's according to the word of God. That is the way it should be every single time everyone should have that testimony. If it does not happen, if the word of God has already established truth then it's. There's something else wrong and it isn't God and this is where no one will tell people this because they're afraid. They won't get an offering. They're afraid they'll lose everybody but Jesus was never afraid of losing anyone he was actually excited. He liked to thin the herd every now and then. He did.

Paul said am I now your enemy because i've told you the truth. Paul spent most of his days in jail he wasn't going to lose anything. Leave me, they all left them anyway except for a couple good people. Okay moving, moving on you've got to have a love for God's word this is in chapter five and the discussion here is in the study guide. Psalms 119 which you need to to go over and over again At first it's going to seem laborious doll it's after a while it's like okay but see it's because as you're mentally doing this but once you start to read psalm 119 which is the longest psalm.

It's the longest chapter, but once you do get it in your heart you'll have such an honor and a respect for God's word that you'll start to take it more seriously. Even though you thought you were but see what God has said over me is permanent. No matter what anyone else says and once you get to the place where you trust God more than anyone else's word you start to actually see it happen and that's what's going to happen with you. You don't have to read the whole bible over and over again. You can just take a verse and eat it and actually believe it and and do that and it'll transform you.

Okay so in the study guide I discuss all these things but I want to get into something that's actually added to this. I want to answer some questions that some of my students have asked me about this. I feel it's very important. One of the the biggest questions is that about hunger. You know because there's some people they just don't have the hunger, they want to believe, they want to have a hunger. They want to pursue God but they don't have it within them. I know because I've been there but I know why I got there. It's because I didn't discern. That literally if God speaks something you can take it to the bank. You literally have no other hope than his word it has nothing to do with feelings. Has nothing to do with what you see. It's what you know you have to be fully convinced that he is who he says he is and that you are who he says you are.

It's your agreement with him okay so you qualify. Literally everyone qualifies for certain benefits right now that you're not taking advantage of them. You're not participating in everything that God has for you but you don't know it so you need someone to speak it to you. It gives you faith, it produces faith to hear the gospel preached. But it's good news. Jesus told me to preach his goodness that that will lead people into repentance. They're already afraid most people in the world I worked with the world for 30 years they know they're going to hell. They actually think there's parties down there. So how do you get a person to even have a desire. You have to just pray.

You have to pray that their blinders are taken off. You pray Ephesians chapter 1 verse 17 through 23 for every unbeliever as well as the believers that the eyes of their heart would be enlightened that they would know the hope to which they've been called. See everybody's called but few are chosen See there's people in hell that were chosen but they were all called. That's a whole another teaching. So Jesus said I live off of every word that comes from the mouth of God. I live off of it I don't need to turn this stone in the bread because I and man should live not on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. He was the son of God when he said that. But satan said this he said if you are the son of God turn this rock into bread. And Jesus said to me he said Kevin as he said that to me I remember the day I created him. That's how wild this being is. He even did that to Jesus because Jesus couldn't do anything as a son of God. He had to do it as a son of man and that would have crossed the line. He didn't have to prove he was the son of God. He was the son of God but he came as the son of man in a body and lived out this life perfectly and then was sacrificed as a perfect unblemished lamb fulfilled everything. But satan would have opted out him out of it if he would have done that. He could have had 12 legions of angels come but instead he went through that whole thing in the desert and then angels came and ministered to him just how we're supposed to allow it to happen. We're to receive angel ministry all the time, all the time I think I have the platinum package because I need it. I need help every minute. I pass myself in the hallway so you have to have a love of God's word.

How you develop a greater love is you discern that these are the very words from the eternal past that these words weren't just given by man they were moved on by the holy ghost and wrote.

See the word of God didn't originate from man. The scripture says, but holy men of old were moved by the holy spirit and wrote. That's why we have what we have. It's eternal, it's always going to be true. So you honor God's word you let Godspeak to you. What happens next and this is what. The sid roth show that you saw me on the reason I came out with that book was to hear God's voice but this is how I learned how to hear God's voice.

I got familiar with what it sounds like by reading the word and then it got me prepared to hear his voice so I did that then my hunger also increased because I sat and watched only anointed men and women teach the word of God and I did that for the last 40 years.

I mean all the time I bought every dvd every cd of those people every single one of them every study guide every single one and I watched them hours and hours and hours and hours a day. I own everything that was ever put out by Andrew Womack, everything that was ever put out by kenneth hagin everything was ever put out by perry stone except for the red dragon stuff and the antichrist I get too much of that I get nervous. But he's really good and I listened to andrew womack every day until I cried I would cry sitting there picturing myself behind in front of a fireplace just sharing the word of God and helping people. Did that for years I would tell my wife I'm going to fly an extra trip this week because I want to buy andrew's stuff that he just came out with. I would literally I wouldn't he I wouldn't even take the fact that he would give it to you. I would go work extra on my days off so I can buy the material.

So I have everything he has and I would listen to it over and over again I would listen to it all night at work. I would put it in my earsets I would listen to it all night. I've done that for 40 years and now I'm getting a hundredfold return from my out of my spirit. People get nervous because I don't look at my notes but I it's he the word of God is in me. It's a person when I met Jesus there was no difference between his word and him they were the same he didn't say anything unless he meant it and I saw that if he said something he would. He could create another universe if he talked about it. He was very pointed at what he said. He didn't joke with me you can't joke because he might form another universe. You can't joke about breaking a leg. It'll be broken before you know it. He gets what he says and it changed me. He had a command about him he wasn't fickle, he wasn't weak, he wasn't a girly man, he was a warrior. He spoke with authority he loved me but he wasn't putting up with my shenanigans or whatever you want to call it.

He wasn't putting up with me opting out because I'm human, because that excuse is gone because he became human and he did it right. He taught us how to do it and there's a plenty of power. There's plenty of power to live out this life. It's not the sender's problem it's the receiver's problem. It's your receiving the word of God the engrafted word of God which is able to save your soul. Not your spirit, your spirit's saved, save your soul. It's the incorruptible word it cannot be corrupted. Have I said incorruptible? Yeah, never corrupted so it's always going to have we're always going to have the pure. It's always going to be available to us. Heaven is going to pass away but his word is not so our love for his word is because we want the truth. We want to hear from heaven we want to know what God is saying because we're part of it that's the hunger, that's the passion you crave his word you live in the epistles on the letters that Paul wrote and Peter, James you live off all those guys. You live off of them but remember that holy men of old were moved by the holy spirit then they wrote. Okay so the the word of God is literally a seed that's planted in your heart and it's impossible, if you do it the way that is you're told to plant the seed, it's impossible for it not to come up and when it comes up it's going to produce a crop based on its kind so the word of God will produce itself but it'll be a huge harvest just like I I saw that when you plant wheat you get one seed but you get a stock out of that and there, there's if I remember right, there's eight shocks there's eight heads on a wheat stock and they each have 32 seeds. So just one seed in one season you think about almost 400 seeds right. You don't eat those. You plant those. You should. You do the math I have in a few years you can own fields off of one seed. Whatever God speaks to you that's the seed. You plant that in your heart and you guard it so that satan can't come and steal it and it will produce a crop this is something you do in your home this is something you do in secret. But one day you will be public and you will be known for changing history this is how it works. One seed just one word from God can change everything. Can change my life, it changes your life because if you're changed then the body changes the body benefits.

So your your mind is renewed because you place it in the mental realm as well. You place the word before you and before your eyes before your ears and you have to understand the way we're made up. You need to hear but you need to see and you need to write and if you do those three the retention is 75 percent but if you say it so that's why media is so important not to make money media is so important because it reinforces on all those levels. so that's why I even got my doctorate I turned in my first project which is a book a study guide a prayer book and cds. Because I was covering all the areas so that all the different areas of a human being to saturate and make an environment that was saturated with full immersion for learning and that's how I got my doctorate that was my thesis I turned that in so I'd already had it done and I got credit for that but that's what the Lord taught me is to saturate our world with him so that it shifts our perception to his perception so then you see things that's what that you know you see things the way that he sees them. His mindset and this is what einstein prayed you can get. I have the poster of einstein he's sitting there looking up at the stars and he said this to God and it's a big quote. It's not even a christian organization, but he said Lord he said God take me to where you sit so I can see the universe from your point of view and that's how he made his formula on relativity which is flawed I found out when I got to heaven. Because he thought that the c that yeah the e equals m c squared the c is a constant which is the speed of light. Which he thought was constant but when I was in heaven I saw that light is slowing down because it's a physical entity. The light God he thought God was light because it said in the bible but see God is light in the spiritual realm of knowledge he's full knowledge. Light but physical light the photons are slowing down and they are affected by gravity so even the atomic clocks aren'taccurate because the naval observatory if you take that atomic clock I saw this it's hilarious I'm a flight attendant. I go to heaven. I understand e equals m c squared. I saw that that light is slowing down at that time is not accurate anymore because if you take that clock which is based on an one revolution of an of an electron around, around a sesame atom I think and you just take that that one cycle and then they use that as the way to to to gauge the accurate time but if you take that clock up to 35 000 feet gravity is a little less and the clock starts speeding up and we take it out in a space it goes even faster. Well then what is it's all relative now so how can you tell what a day is really like and how many days has God been alive.

What if it doesn't matter because he's not even bound by any of these rules about a cycle in an atom of an electron around it. See everything has fallen but God when he spoke these worlds into existence he hasn't told certain things to stop yet he's told the water according to the word of God he told the water to stop at a certain point on the land. He's counted every grain of sand he knows the hairs of my head and it's more every day upstairs. Why not no one is telling you not to believe. You can believe you can dream it's not illegal. But the word of God takes it a step further it makes it a reality and so we got to love God but we love his word because his word is him. It's his personality so to fix your desire for the word of God to have you get a passion and a love for the God's word you have to remember that there is treasure hidden in this Bible. There's treasure in there. God's personality is all through it. You can get to know him and you can see what he likes and what he doesn't like. He's a person he can be hurt. He loves it when you notice that something happened because he did it for you and he was he literally does things for people and he waits to see if you'll recognize it all the time. But when the devil does something to you you blame it on him but he didn't have nothing to do with it. He wasn't even in the area. He didn't do that. I give the devil credit for every bad thing that happens, even if he wasn't in the area. It's still his fault. Amen

We get the mind of Christ from the word of God we get a revelation of who he is. So here's the thing we always try to create a system. We're comfortable creating systems and having certain guidelines and things like that to follow to keep us disciplined. But I have found that a passion for God a love for God will go, will cause you to be early will cause you to study, will cause you to excel and be disciplined and that is a better disciple. The disciples I notice the people if you check it out the people that God saved because they didn't want to go to hell, they always have a hard time accepting a father in heaven that loves them. A loving father. That's good because they saw him as ajudge I was going to throw him into hell if they didn't repent and that's all they know about God now think about this and all pastors you could understand this people that are in ministry they see this, they see that people are hurt and damaged and they're operating as though they've never grown a day in christianity. And Jesus said that is why you preach the good news of the gospel and the goodness of God leads people to repentance as Paul said. And that repentance is is permanent because they know that God loves them and he's good so I thought if I was the enemy I would want to put out this information so that people never got to the knowledge of God the true God as a loving father. He was nothing like what I thought Jesus was nothing like what people had told me heaven wasn't wasn't wasn't like what I thought it's. It's not an amusement park up there

It's all you know the stuff that we identify in the soul realm it's nothing like that that's way above that. I mean we are sonsof the kingdom of a God who owns everything and he is establishing his authority in the universes. There's many many universes but Jesus only came to this earth because there is only one species that's like God and that's human beings, that's it. Don't write, don't waste your digitally, there's only one that was made in the image of God that was man. Let us make men. Jesus only can die once and he did that for man not for aliens, not for half-breeds not for giants nothing mankind because he invested everything in them he sent Jesus back as that perfect human being not as a nephilim not as whatever you want to call. These other races they're demonic they're not from another planet they're from another world they're from another dimension and the government knows this they're not going to tell you this but they already know that these are not from other planets. In fact i've been told by high ranking officials that we cannot take these things down. Only God, this is a quote directly, only God himself could take these down we've tried we've tried to develop weapons we cannot shoot these things out of the air but they are not from another planet hello I told you I'd go there asher. But see God's word is established already so anytime you use God's word you've established his authority and now we're playing by God's rules. Now I know that every knee is going to bow every knee will bow and every tongue will confess to Jesus Lord everyone, everything, every demon I want front row seats for that one. It's going to be a long one but you're going to see these creatures that were harassing you all your life and you're going to say this was it. These are the ones that brought the nations down. Oh yeah. They actually diminish in size if you don't feed them. They feed off of your soul oh boy I can't believe I'm going here get the car ready. Every year I say I'm not gonna go and I go further you know. But if you knew these ugly creatures they're so upset. I mean why do these aliens hide in their saucers it's because they're so ugly now how could they be our creators when you look better than them. They have a short man syndrome too big head that should be your first indication. And if they're a creator why they say take me to your leader how can everybody be wrong how can everybody almost everybody has encountered something and yet it doesn't exist see we didn't hire the government to hide stuff from us we hired them appointed them to protect us and to serve us. They work for us and if they ever get rogue you just go to the second amendment that was made in case they go rogue. Amen that's the truth. Now see I can't get in trouble for that because that's the second amendment but see the founding fathers understood they figured it out way ahead of time okay. This is how they're going to try to weasel out of this so we're going to do this and this they did all these checks and balances in order to keep it fair and just. So if we would have listened to the word of God and allow God to let us own everything we would not need the government the government would need us but we don't need the government. But see because we have let them give us government cheese and food stamps and stimulus checks all the time and it's better for I mean we go to restaurants now and nobody's come back all our waiters and everything are gone because it's actually better to stay home and and take the money than it is to work. You actually make more than they did in tips. Is there anybody here there's no incentive to work which is is really against what God put into human beings. I've worked all my life I've worked three lifetimes worth of work and I work now more than I do when I did work. Because I'm doing God's work and I'm about his business you know so I'm fully convinced. But you've got to be fully convinced and then what God will do is the word will multiply inside of you and then it'll start to produce a crop. W ell see everybody's going to see that crop because you're going to know them by their fruit that's what Jesus said. I don't just listen to what christians say. I watch do they have fruit, they have fruit in their lives there has to be that manifestation okay so when we get the word of God in our hearts and then we bring it up and we saturate it with all the different senses with auditory and writing and speaking and seeing it then at a certain point your mind starts to become accustomed to that it starts to side immediately

Now it's really weird like when I was just with a perfect example is because I find this in my job. When you're in a professional job you especially if it has to do with public safety and when it has to do with aircraft or whatever I mean it's really stringent because in an emergency it's amazing how your mind will opt out of the situation really quick and you can't remember things and thenyou you're the one that's supposed to shine and do your job in an emergency but it's really weird how we're not if we're not accustomed to it we have to train ourselves to react the right way and we have to know all the scenarios so that we do it according to the scenario so they they actually simulate scenarios so like whatever it is you're trained in. I wasn't trained in all these different things you've been trained in stuff and you learn how to to do things according to the guidelines and you stay within those guidelines because they've been proven. What's interesting that when you get into situations how at first you don't want to react the way that you should and you automatically go back to something that you do remember which might be out of date. So then I can see what's really what you really have assimilated. So if you revert back to your old ways that I know that you don't have heart faith yet. It's not gone down into you towards part of you and this is what the word of God must do and you must get the word of God in you to where it manifests so that it comes out so that what you were trained to do happens in an emergency no matter what now for instance I I know this because with me personally just like you have your stories and you you're highly trained in whatever it is that your profession is so you can do it better because you've been trained over and over again and you can go out and do that and make everybody else look stupid but that's because you're a professional and you've been trained to do that. But you it's really hard for someone to do what you've been trained to do even if they just start to study it for weeks they don't get it in an emergency they might not do what they were trained to do. They might revert back to something else that is heart knowledge. I've seen this all the time. I've watched it happen in my own life but there comes this time where you don't even hesitate. When the word of the Lord comes to you you do it immediately knowing that if there wasn't a bridge underneath you there will be in a flash of a second you trust God you can leave and go to a city whose builder and maker's God and you don't even know where you're going yet because you see him who is invisible he can tell you he's given me plans way ahead of time. I've talked to them about it to people who now are watching it happen and I tell them a year in advance and so when it happens I'm not excited and I mean even people above me have said like you're not you don't seem excited I go I already saw this they go well that's all that don't look at that I go. Oh yeah, but that was only like that would only pay for a portion of what the whole thing is.

I see the big thing this is just a portion of it. It's the rest of it is big. I'm always thinking where God has shown me I'm going. I've come up and become accustomed to not get overly excited about these little things even though I thank God for them. But I see stadiums full of people getting saved but I remember when there was 20, 30 people it didn't bother me because those 20 or 30 people can affect seven. People apiece if I do it right they will change the lives of seven people so you have to train yourself to react exactly at the right time when God says something to do something if he tells you to do something you need to do it and not argue with him about it. But you got to be in a place where you hear from him amen okay I want to talk now about the goodness of God and Moses was a good example that of that and I did not discuss this in depth and so I want to discuss it with you I have encountered things as a common person just like you someone who worked for a living and had had disappointment all my life was a victim and I had been to heaven but I still was a victim because satan was constantly aiming at me and after a while it became apparent that this isn't going to stop and so I was going to have to step in and this is what happened. I realized that satan doesn't have a plan b and so I thought I will stop him and I will tell him that there's a new sheriff in town and things are going to be different now and I started to be responsible for my own life and accountable. But then I started to be responsible for what I was given by God and I started to see that I'm in the inheritance and they've been disinherited

I started rubbing it in I started to flip it the conversations and I didn't know. I thought it was just me so I was talking to friends and people and you know all the people at work that I know I mean thousands and thousands and thousands I've been with Southwest Airlines for 30 years when we first started there was 89 airplanes and then when I retired we had a 1012 airplanes. And all the people when I would talk to people it was really weird their temptation and situations. There, it's across the board, it's all common to man there's like, no, it's not just happening to one of us, all these situations, all these different things that happen they're all happening to everybody. And as I talked to them I realized that I had the solution but then I thought but I'm a victim too. I'm allowing these things to bother me so I started to really study out the authority of the believer. I started to study out being a child of God what that meant inheritancem, adoption you know all those different things and when I got done you're not going to believe what I came to. It wasn't what you'd think the bottom line was is that God was a good God and he's being slandered and that Jesus said it he said hell was not made for man but for the devil and his angels his messengers. And I found out that he didn't want anyone to perish but everyone to have our eternal life. He didn't wish for anybody to perish. Well, when I started adding all this up I realized that I was saved under a misunderstanding. I was saved but it was under a misunderstanding see I didn't have a earthly father who understood what it was like to be a loving father because he didn't have a loving father so he just transferred that to us and the buck stops here of course but I never knew what it was like to have a father that loved me and if he did he just didn't show it and he didn't know how to deal, you know and when he came to me to repent, he repented to me in tears but he didn't know that Jesus when he appeared to me, when Jesus appeared to me he sent me back, but Jesus talked to me about my father but I didn't write it in the book so he said to me oh about your father it's not your fault and I woke up crying on the table, well, three weeks later my dad doesn't know a thing he calls me crying and he says I just want to repent I just want to say i'm sorry that I wasn't a good father. I'm like what brought this on interesting. I didn't tell him until just a couple years ago that I had gone to heaven so he couldn't have known but Jesus said he's going to take care of this for me and he did.

Okay so this is listen to me you serve God, you're in his family because he loves you and you love him. What he did for you, I mean if you talk to Jesus he'll tell you. He said I bought the family back for my father. I bought all of them back I went down and grabbed them and brought them back to my father because my father wanted his family back you're going to find this out. A family this is all pre-planned the trinity met and decided to make man in their own image which meant the liability of doing that was that we would have free will, which meant that we, they would lose us if we chose to. They decided the liability before they made us, before they made the earth I am kidding you not the meeting they had was we want fellowship. We want someone we can talk to and have a friend someone like us so that's why they did this they created the earth everything for us they didn't need it you should see what they have it's not bound by what we have here they needed us but they didn't need to do all that other but Jesus said well then if you do give them free will they will be like us but it's a risk. So Jesus said I'll go back and redeem them so he was the lamb that was slain before what does revelation say before the foundation of the world so he determined that he would do it then they made man but they made the earth first they made it for us so this is your earth everything was made for your enjoyment even though it's fallen and broken. Texas still has good brisket no no it's still good.

It's still good it's broken but see we are in a broken world but we don't have to be broken anymore amen so I want to tell you that the revelation of God's goodness. It wasn't a heaven experience, it wasn't my father, my earthly father experience, what led me into repentance, genuine repentance and a relationship with God was his goodness. That he is a good God and most churches won't put up with that because they can't explain what's happening to the people but we are under a terrorist satan he is the God of this world he is the small g of this world. Paul said we have to usurp authority over him. We have to overcome him by the blood of the lamb and our testimony. We have to drive him out everywhere we go, we can't be gentle with him or respectful. He's not that way with me, he doesn't respect me the only thing he understands is being driven out and being forbidden, the only thing he understands is the word of God. He truly knows if you know who you are and if you're operating as being a sent one versus going somewhere. I don't just go places I'm sent because then I know it's rigged your life is rigged because you've been chosen.

Do you know what it's like to stop all of the demonic when it gets really peaceful and quiet it's because you're no longer a victim but it's a demon that's been assigned to you to keep you in a small place. I'm telling you listen to me I did not want to go there but the Lord is telling me to do this we need to be healed. The devil has misrepresented your situation to you. God is not the author of confusion the reason why we're seeing so much come forth now just in a month telling people to start praying. You should. When I saw that we were supposed to focus on attorney general Barr in May when God told me that I told Sid Roth that and he said well you know what about the president, I go, the Lord said that's already taken care of. He said it's the evil that's entrenched in our justice system. He said if you pray for the justice system and you pray for attorney general Barr he said then indictments will come forth that will get rid of these people that have refused to serve God.

They're being judged right now see they know and you would know I could name them all you would know every one of them and you'd be cheering but see they know they're done they know that they have them but he's waiting all this division that's been caused it was all intentional. These people they do not want us to be one nation under God. So they cause division because they know that that is how they keep us apart six feet buddy I'm serious why wasn't it seven why is it six feet and I'm not belittling what's happening either because that disease was weaponized. It was the military that was involved and you know that because people who have come forth at that they've disappeared you can't even watch their videos anymore. They got phd’s that doesn't stand for post hole digger that's a qualified person. All right so at what point do we say you know what we're not going to have it this way at the point you cease to become a victim. I've taken military at night I could get extra pay if I flew at night and took troops and repositioned troops in different parts of the world and I would do that but it was amazing how these people were high-ranking officials but they some of them it was well some of these things were classified. S we had to go through a background check just to even be part of it. We landed at places where there is no military base but there is I remember going up past las vegas and approaching from the north in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden a whole city appears in the middle of the desert with lights. We land and I look out and there's just a little where we're at they tax I the whole way to the end and there's just this little trailer

I mean like like a 15-footer and 123 men came out of that trailer well there was something else going on there but it was amazing how you around people you feel the authority and they end up only being like generals and and lieutenant colonels and colonels and but they had just polo shirts on but you could feel it it's like when I get around a police officer it doesn't matter if you've been playing clothes I can feel it I know they're a police officer. I can feel it U.S marshals I had one on every flight. I had U.S. marshals all the time but they were in jeans and t-shirts but you could feel it why because they were walking in their authority. It became part of who they were i'm not kidding you so I realize that people that have the favor of God on their life the goodness of God you can feel it and you can feel it when they're walking in their authority when they're no longer a victim no I've had people that are way above me.

Just in the last couple days say well probably won't be going because that hurricane and what are you getting what do you propose what are you going to do and I said well i'm going. I said we're going to have it no they weren't trying to talk me out of it they were just telling me the facts but I've had this happen. I've had this happen many times with people that I should just roll over really and just say okay but in my spirit I said no we're going to have this conference going to be the best one. But I said that with a category four barreling down. Now two days prior they told me I'm gonna have to cancel and I said no I called hot I caught hot dry air towards marco and he's going to disappear he'll be he'll disintegrate from the dry air in the gulf and we watched it on the radar just disappear so I already won one marco was like poof. Okay but laura she had an attitude and I think that, I think God had his way but I don't know I can't speak on those things because none of it's right to begin with but my point is this in your spirit you've got to know what God is saying [Applause]. Amen, no no those of you who have been those of you been in training you have these scenarios where it's a situational type of awareness where in your job training no matter what you are you'll get into scenarios where it's real fine line on what you're supposed to do and it's like a trick scenario it's like a trick question and you would say like what happened with me is when I got when I got my instrument rating and I was going to my commercial rating one day. My pilot friend who was my, he was a captain for southwest airlines, and none of his sons wanted to be pilots so he trained me for free because he was told to give it to someone else because he was given the gift. When he was a little boy so before he retired he said kevin you're the one the Lord wants me to train you for free so he gave me everything for free even the use of an aircraft it was over 300 000 dollars that he gave to me in in that kind of thing but he would do things like this. We taxied out after the fuel truck loaded our jet up or our airplane up and then we got to the end of the runway and he goes. Did you file a flight plan I said yeah and he goes well okay so for takeoff what's the minimums backin here what's the minimum for the cloud coverage getting back in here and I said well I said we're at 1236 feet so the ceiling can be 700 feet above that he goes well what is it right now I go 600. he goes and how much fuel you have onboard I go too much to come back here. I said he said well where are you going well my alternate is closed now too he goes so what are you going to do I go we're going back to the hangar he goes absolutely correct and we went back to the hangar it was a setup he knew that from the beginning he wanted to see. If I would do it because he had to sign me off see the airplane would be too heavy to come back and land you'd have to burn off fuel but then were you going to do it you got thunderclouds everywhere and then anywhere you go you have to have 45 minutes of fuel extra on board to do holding plus the 45 minutes to get to your alternate what happens if that's closed so all these scenarios they don't seem important until you face them but you've got to be ready for them and if you don't make the right decisions you know you die and other people with you but it's not always preempt it's not always in front of you see with christianity if you saw that satan really wants you know I can't I can't I'm this isn't a church but if I would never be asked back if I talked like this but satan wants to kill you he's a terrorist like if he if he gets a chance he's going to kill you but see I say that well you're not coming back and you're not getting your offering either. But see the thing of it is he kills steals and destroys. What part of John 10:10 do you not understand. Okay Jesus made it clear here's how you can tell if it's God or not.

I've come to give you life and life more abundantly and and if it's a devil he's come to steal kill and destroy. Okay so you just do the math you run your test and you determine everything is what's happening to you is it killing or stealing or destroying. Are you having destruction in your life church people you know we're just gonna sing kumbaya and have our chicken dinners and wait for him to come but I'm not here to hold back no right no chick-fil-a has good tenders we'll just have our lunch there we don't have to we'll have to have chicken dinners to get the church you know up this. Up to pay their bills don't have to have bingo game night you know sell your smoke machine in your light machine and let the glory of God come in that's what I want okay all right so it is the goodness of God that leads you to repentance.

It's not the fear of going to hell there that is a way to get people in but that doesn't create good disciples there. Their children that never grow up. So let's release God to reveal himself to us today as a loving father who is a good God who's not doing these terrible things. Will you believe this word, will you because he's trying to tell you that the scenario that's being built in your mind is that you're being victimized. It is absolutely not true as a child of God you are not a victim. You are an heir of the kingdom, you're always going to be loved you're always going to rule and reign. You are always going to be with him okay so get over that but down here let's start to live that way let's get some prayers answered, let's get some widows and some orphans taken care of, let's pay for some single parents mortgages, let's start giving food out to people that can't pay you back, let's start reversing this thing and helping people. I'm telling you I don't know if the lights are going on with you but Jesus visited me he showed me and I was speechless of how we've missed it this generation could have saw the coming of the Lord.

But now the generation that's in the womb is the one that will bring it in the the voice of the one calling in the wilderness is in the in the womb that's why satan has tried to take out all the babies because they're all prophets and he misses it every time he missed moses he missed Jesus and now he's missing he's missing it again and now my staff is going to, we're going to focus on the children we're going to focus on parents we're going to focus on doing house churches to where peoplethat can't go out they can still have church they can still have a bible study you can have warrior women warrior men or your children or your parents warrior health. We're coming to you and you go to your church and you meet and you support your pastor but I'm telling you that devil is never going to get us in another situation like he just did he's going to wish he's going to wish he left us alone he said because now the glory of God is in our houses our children are falling out in the spirit speaking in tongues prophesying laying hands on people at their child care and getting them healed, prophesied. [Applause]

All because we were confined it didn't work persecution for the word's sake it always causes us to go beyond always at every part of history every time the church was persecuted they grew so now you've made us mad amen. Okay what time we got wow sounds pretty good, all right there's another thing that you can do that I don't go over that study guide and that is praying in the spiritp because I had something happen to me you might be interested in I would put my headsets on at night because when we when we were with the airline we had to have eight hours if we did not have eight hours of rest we were illegal to fly so we couldn't have alcohol and we couldn't we had to be at rest for eight hours before we touched the throttle okay so because of that if we were interrupted in the night and it got to be excessive I could call and just say I can't fly tomorrow and so this was happening in the hotel because for some reason they put the soccer team on my floor which they're not supposed to do so they decided that since it was raining that they would just have a game in my hallway it's kind of convenient because the walls were there they couldn't really make any mistakes you know and so I just I thought you know I gotta move all my stuff and i've got three hours four hours before I got to be in the lobby anyway because it's like midnight and I got to be in the lobby at 3 30. so I just put my headsets in and was listening to the bible and I fell asleep and when I woke up I could hear voices or a voice and I thought they're still doing it and it sounded really close like it was in my room so I thought what did somebody get in my room so I pulled my head my earpiece out of one of them and I was prophesying in my sleep but I was prophesying in english. I wasn't in tongues and at that very moment it freaked me out because what I was saying the holy spirit was talking to me he was prophesying over me my future very very specific things that have all happened well at that very moment you know how your mind wants to step in and say whoa whoa whoa and then before you know it, it pulls you out of it and then you'll stop if you if you let it happen so I told myself now don't get out of this stay in there stay in there stay in there and I kept letting it flow. It was pouring out so I remember this part that I'm allowed to tell you because you just like Jesse says if you heard what the holy ghost was saying about him you'd be jealous you know but that's what happened it was like talking me up. This is what the holy spirit said kevin shall not be stopped he shall go throughout the earth and set it on fire and no one will be able to stop him because he's my son and he's called to do this. This was seven or eight years ago before I had a pulpit or a board or a place to preach no partners no students but I had the holy ghost the holy ghost was talking my future he was calling the things that we're not as though they were. He shall succeed and he was like a lawyer defending me it's written and it shall come to pass. He shall not be stopped it went on for 43 minutes so really if you knew me I'm not the kind of person that could even stand up here in front of people I just want to be by myself I just want to fly a jet and be left alone I don't need much of anything whether you smile or stick your tongue out of me it doesn't really matter I love you but I know that I know that humans are fickle we're all fickle you know you can't go by the compliments or the curses you just gotta love God and know that he has everything about you taken care of and it doesn't matter okayl. But when I heard the holy spirit as a lawyer in the courts of heaven proclaiming my destiny it did something to me. I am no longer a victim I'm a son . I'm an heir, all things are mine and my father is not holding me back he's cheering me on here we go again man it's a flashback to nine o'clock this morning here it is again and here we are again so quickly. Who just yield to the holy spirit he's healing you, we're gonna have Jill and Charlie come up you love them you love them jill or charlotte [Applause].

Okay, this is the result of encountering the goodness of God Jesus said ask that your joy may be full you would not believe how many unemployed demons are outside now. Go for it, it's our reward it's our reward hallelujah don't you want to just worship him right now let the Lord heal you let the Lord do his thing with you receive your package from heaven we will see you tonight at seven we're just about halfway through westill got tomorrow too God

Has he firmly convinced you yet of how good he is because I want you to know the hope to which you've been called hallelujah. Father shine down smile upon your people favor visit inhabit your people right now lift your hands and receive from your heavenly father he loves you receive right now oh my God he's good he's good. The Lord's just saying to tell you he's gonna make it right he's gonna make it right he's gonna make it right for you justice is coming justice justice justice come on


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HubPages Device IDThis is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.
LoginThis is necessary to sign in to the HubPages Service.
Google RecaptchaThis is used to prevent bots and spam. (Privacy Policy)
AkismetThis is used to detect comment spam. (Privacy Policy)
HubPages Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. (Privacy Policy)
HubPages Traffic PixelThis is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized.
Amazon Web ServicesThis is a cloud services platform that we used to host our service. (Privacy Policy)
CloudflareThis is a cloud CDN service that we use to efficiently deliver files required for our service to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos. (Privacy Policy)
Google Hosted LibrariesJavascript software libraries such as jQuery are loaded at endpoints on the or domains, for performance and efficiency reasons. (Privacy Policy)
Google Custom SearchThis is feature allows you to search the site. (Privacy Policy)
Google MapsSome articles have Google Maps embedded in them. (Privacy Policy)
Google ChartsThis is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center. (Privacy Policy)
Google AdSense Host APIThis service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. (Privacy Policy)
Google YouTubeSome articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. (Privacy Policy)
VimeoSome articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. (Privacy Policy)
PaypalThis is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. (Privacy Policy)
Facebook LoginYou can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. (Privacy Policy)
MavenThis supports the Maven widget and search functionality. (Privacy Policy)
Google AdSenseThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
Google DoubleClickGoogle provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
Index ExchangeThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
SovrnThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
Facebook AdsThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Unified Ad MarketplaceThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
AppNexusThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
OpenxThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
Rubicon ProjectThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
TripleLiftThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
Say MediaWe partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. (Privacy Policy)
Remarketing PixelsWe may use remarketing pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to advertise the HubPages Service to people that have visited our sites.
Conversion Tracking PixelsWe may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service.
Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)