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Are you really happy with the boom in Information Technology?

Updated on August 22, 2014

ill effects of technology!

The sorry state of society due to innovations!

Innovations in the present few decades have taken technology to very great heights. We are astonished at the speed with which information is processed and sent to all corners of the globe instantaneously. We all feel proud about these achievements. But sadly we have forgotten the negative effects of this information boom. Petrol catches fire instantaneously than a log of wood. The present achievement can be very well compared to ‘petrol’. But, the havoc petrol will cause when spilled over and accidentally catches fire has to be kept in mind. No doubt, that the innovations are really great. But, the innovators have not thought over the pitfalls of information boom. The world now is reaping the effects of Information technology in several negative areas. Let us ask ourselves certain simple questions! What caused the twin tower tragedy? It is only due to the advancement in communication technology, mobile technology, and wireless and internet technologies. How many lives were lost? How much loss was incurred by the public and government? Sometimes we feel that our society needs to have only some basic knowledge to carry on the activities. What we have achieved by instant communications and social sites? The morality of youngsters both boys and girls have touched rock bottom in many advanced countries. The tragedy is that the third world countries are feverishly adopting this advancement. We can talk about the merits of these innovations but sadly the proper use of internet has helped hardly 5% of the world population and the remaining 95% use the internet for banal activities.

We have become ‘paper tigers’ by sending instantaneous e mail to our clients as well as friends and family. We have avoided direct communication even with our friends and family. What feeling one will have by reading lifeless e mails? Man has become a hardware like the desktop, laptop and mobiles. This is high time, people seriously give a thought to these modern technology! Can you get a taste of traditional coffee with ‘instant coffee’? People have stopped visiting their relatives and friends. Everything by smartphone and tablets! We have all become ‘gadget geeks’ at the risk of losing our finer human values. Let anybody in this forum argue and prove the benefits of these modern technologies! But saner people will agree about the harms that these technologies have caused in human societies. None is really happy. Any innovation should contribute to the welfare of the average man in society. What we have contributed really. Most of the world governments are talking about ‘e-governance’. It remains in paper in many of the countries. The internet has come into the life of people around two decades ago. But none has adopted the technologies for the sake of common man. It is used for entertainment that too vulgar entertainment, for filling the pockets of crooks through hacking the accounts of common man. It had led to the abuse of children, promoting pornography and blackmailing innocents. In the society prior to the invention of mobile and internet, there was some discipline in the mind of youngsters. But after this invention, there is no resemblance of restraint or discipline anywhere. The educational Institutions which promote knowledge amongst the students are becoming den of vice due to many unlawful activities that were the result of the technologies. The world will be in a better shape without the advancement in communication technologies!

Now every country is inventing weapon systems with the help of computer and internet technologies. Now even a lay man can assemble a crude time bomb with the help of information available in the net. Nothing is secret. The net has laid bare many harmful innovations which are like the petrol bomb. The educated unemployed have free access to the net and mobile. Most of the terrorists around the world disseminate their ideologies through the net. Hence they are able to mobilize many disgruntled youth to their outfits. In addition, the lure for black money and the posh life the money promise is enough inducement to the youth to take to terrorism and sabotage activities. If at all mankind can be proud of these technologies, it is only through these banal activities. When innocents are killed, the video is taken and uploaded in the net instantaneously to create terror in the minds of other innocent citizens. This is what our technology has contributed to the humanity. We should hang our head at the way, the internet and Information technology has contributed to the society!


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