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Are you sure

Updated on July 28, 2011

Are you sure?

This is for those who are claiming to be a christian and yet using the bible to condemn everybody but that person that you saw in the mirror on the daily basis. You may think that you are better than the person that you saw enter that bar but the truth is that you are worst than that person that you saw entering that bar because at least he don't have to pretending to be someone who is not. You on the other hand have use that bible to condemn other for what they did like steal, lying, and covet everything that doesn't belong to you.

If the bible thumper saw your car park forty feet from the bar, he accused you of being a drunk. If the bible thumper see you kissing a woman, he called you an adultery. If the bible thumper saw you stuck a needle in your arm, he called you a drug addict and the worst part is that the bible thumper did not bother to check the fact on why you did it. The only reason why your car is parked forty feet from the bar is because your car break down in that area. That woman that the bible thumper saw you kissing is your wife and that needle in your arm happen to be filled in insulin that you need because you are diabetic.

I know one woman in Riverside, California who condemn her own niece for getting pregnant outside of marriage and she is the one who was born outside of marriage on February 14, 1966 in Long Beach, California. Called one of her neighbor a fag. She cannot stomach the truth that her own mother is a bible thumper hypocrite who rather lie through her teeth than admit the truth that she have forged her sister name as the birth mother.

When the time come, you are the one who are going to be judge by the same thing that you use to judge other and I know that you are going to hate it because you won't take the same medicine that you like to put down on everybody throat.

Sure, this guy in this video know the bible,
but I know that he didn't practice what he preach.


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