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Aries Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

If you were born with Aries rising as your astrological ascendant, this will be the mask that people see when they first meet you. How much so will depend on its exact placement in your chart, but the influence on your personality will be there, no matter what. And as an Aries myself, I have to say there are worse signs you could have as your ascendant! To learn more about how this rising sign will present itself in your life, please continue reading below!

Greased Lightning!

These guys are always looking for action! And if they're not actively looking for it, that's probably because they are already right in the middle of it! These people love to get out and do things, whether it be socially or in sport. They enjoy entertaining and being entertained, and the first impression others are likely to have is sure to be a conglomerate of these traits -- he or she will give a first impression of being super energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about whatever it is that's going on around them. Of course, this may subside a bit after that initial first encounter, because this is, after all, a rising sign and not a sun sign. But that character is definitely present and since Aries is generally well-liked by those around him, most people will probably enjoy being around someone with Aries rising as well.


Impulsive Inga!

Those with a rising sign in Aries will probably strike others as a tad too impulsive. People may worry that these folks haven't quite thought everything out before heading into the breach -- and it's probably true! But that is part of their charm... and they will not retreat once they've fully assessed the situation, thanks to that famous Arien courage! They will lead the way through the mire and they will do so headfirst. Unsurprisingly, this sign has a tendency to bump their heads quite a bit (I have lost several battles with kitchen cabinetry!) because of this tendency to leap without looking. Fortunately, as they get older, they do settle down slightly and take things a bit more slowly. Slightly!

That Famous Temper

Folks with this ascendant will not be spared the famous Aries temper, but they will at least have it on a smaller scale. Of course, if you're staring one of these folks in the face whilst they are chewing you out for some transgression (perceived or real) you may not take much comfort in that! However, they do cool off quickly enough and they'll be giving you a bear hug as soon as the storm passes. They won't even hold a grudge in most cases. Just know that passion is what fuels that temper, not malice. If you've riled an Aries rising's temper, bruised feelings or a bruised ego are probably at the root of the outburst.


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