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Aries Sun Gemini Moon Combinations

Updated on October 5, 2012

Aries Sun Gemini Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Excitable.

Her dark side: Weird body clock.

Probably had a date with her tonight and she changed her mind, huh? Something really did come up--another speech to write, another commercial to tape, or could very well have been another man. He got to her pheromones. Rest assured, whatever the reason, she's plenty excited about the project. You see, she's always at the mercy of her rather over stimulated nervous system. She's usually physically and mentally over taxed. She talks on both phones, usually uses her hands to gesture, and she often does two things at once, like eat lunch and write ad copy. She'll probably end up on beta blockers. She'll need something to slow down her racehorse mind in a plow horse body. The Gemini Moon lends itself to nervous disorders and she really needs to heed her inner voice that screams "one thing at a time!" Not especially good wife and mother material, she is a super coworker. She's sympathetic to their stories of woe, and hopes for their best success. Naturally the fault finders at the top who expect her creativity to pour out from 9 to 5 may find they are in for some unpleasant surprises. Like she's usually a little tardy, or prefers to work until the wee hours of the morning. Then she figures she has the right to pay back that time by taking an extra long lunch to get her nails done. Then jealousy rears its ugly head! The keeper of the time clock gets really cranky. Try to explain her time sheets to anyone--the time will be there, but like everything else it'll be in her own fashion, and with her own set of rules. If you want to be the one she gives her heart to, be as prepared as the rest of the world for her lack of punctuality, dependability, and conventional order to drive you right over the edge. An Aquarius or another Aries understands all this. A Sagittarius can at least give it a whirl."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Bette Davis.

Aries Sun Gemini Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Executive material.

His dark side: Restless.

The people with Gemini Moon's can be quite difficult. There are a couple of age groups that produce some Gemini Moon combinations that are not real easy to live with. In fact, there are a lot of forty something men running around now that are always going to be looking for another lover, another wife, etc. Maybe both. They sorta can't help it. You just have to not take it personally, so as a husband, he is a handful. As a father, he's often detached. Of course, if you are a Gemini Sun or Moon yourself, you can feel yourself getting sucked into the vortex almost at first sight. Destiny sets in, you know. Anyway, they always want more. And they aren't too happy about it when they get it. These guys are glib. Your only recourse is to be a little more slick. To make a hit with this one, you must be funny, ambitious, slender, and footloose. He is often more apt to talk a good game than to actually do it, whatever "it" is. This man will usually be found hanging around press clubs, and radio stations, and he will be fun. You need to be a companion first, and full of surprises second. But don't be caught dead with lists, schedules or routines. Tell him you take alternate routes to work (never mind you had to get up an hour early to do it,) just so that you didn't feel like you were getting caught in a rut. Make him think he is a touch too dependable. Be capricious, outgoing and social. He may decide, in a lightning quick moment, that he needs to settle down, for your own good. Why bother? Because "Executive" is written all over him. Coworkers fear him. He will succeed, and will show you a dazzling good time. But if you want on about someone else. If this is still the one for you, pray that you are a fire sign, have some Virgo in your chart, and that he hasn't met his Gemini yet. If you are a Pisces and absolutely can't control yourself, go directly to the courthouse and get your birthday changed. Or inject steel into your sweet little veins."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Ewan McGregor.


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    • profile image


      2 months ago

      The best description!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Can you please do Gemini sun + Leo moon and Gemini sun + Gemini moon?

    • profile image

      the beach waves 

      5 years ago

      I have a sun in aries, moon in aries, how well would we both work out?


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