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Armageddon - A dream

Updated on October 6, 2016

About this hub

This was written back in the nineties and was recorded as it was remembered the next morning. There is a sequel that is in a journal that I cannot find. Some of my dreams have had sequels and because I do not have the same journal at my bedside the sequel is in another journal that I am yet to locate. It could possibly be too because it was many months later the sequel occurred. I viewed it as a sequel because it continued where this dream ended.

I have come to realize that the dream related to my waking life and was highly symbolic. I have never viewed it any other way. Least of all as a prediction or interpretation for the end of the world.

The Dream

I was standing at the foot of a lofty mountain. Except for a few clusters of ferns that were scantily clad, the mountain was naked. It had a dirt trail that curved its way up the mountain to the top. The cloudless aqua sky hung quietly above me. The sun seemed preoccupied, but the rays were warm enough. No birds, animals or humans could I see. When I looked away from the mountain, I could see land stretching for miles and miles. Thick thriving forests loomed in the distance. Dashing bubbling brooks peeked timidly through the forest trees. No buildings were visible from where I stood.

I decided it was time to go home and started my ascent up the curvy trail. It was eerily quiet. Halfway up the mountain I heard footsteps behind me. I casually turned around curious to know who was following me. I was mildly surprised at a long line of people trailing behind. I had no idea who they were. They were people of different genders, races and ages. At that moment I realized I was dreaming.

It didn’t seem to bother me that they were following. Although they were complete strangers I felt comfortable in their presence. An inner knowing urged me to continue up the trail without question. No one spoke. All that could be heard was our footsteps.

Finally I reached the top. There at the top of the mountain was a domed structure made of pure glass. It was at least 40 feet high. The sun rays shone on the glass giving prism like reflections. Although this was not my waking life home, in my dream it was my home. It felt like home.

I walked to the door, opened it up and the trail of people followed me in without a whisper. Inside the dome were several different colored sofas’ that were placed around the inner circumference of the dome. People went to their seats as if they were allocated a certain seat. By the time the last person stepped through, all the sofas were full and all the people who did not have a seat were standing near the glass peering outward. How odd I thought. It was as if we were all waiting for something.

I took my place as if I knew where I was to be and stared inquiringly out the glass window. I was amazed at the distance I could see through the glass. It was like seeing one half of the globe. At least that is what it felt like. Everything was still. The trees were still, there were no animals and no humans that I could see. The cities and homes in the far distance were so tiny they were hard to make out except for the roofs that sparkled in the sunlight.

I then noticed the roofs go from sparkling to amber red. My mouth opened involuntarily at the sight. I couldn’t help but look up to the sky. The sun was too close. Way too close. You could see the heat. The sun looked sorrowful. The heat was turning to fire. No! I was thinking, you are too close, way to close. Move back, move back! The sun then began to cry its fire spilling all over one half of the earth. I was stunned. I was shocked. I looked at every one else in the room and they too were shocked. There was nothing we could do. This much we all knew. We just watched, wept and grieved for all those lives that were being destroyed by the tears of the sun. Why oh why I was asking the sun in my mind. I was wailing inside. Immense sadness swept across the entire room. People began hugging for comfort. Still no words were spoken. As I turned bravely toward the Sun, I noticed its tears were diminishing; he was moving away, he was moving back in to position. The sun was crying no more, he was silently still.

One half of the world was ablaze in fires of fury. It looked like it was never going to end. I wondered whether it was our turn next. After what seemed like an eternity, the fires settled and smoldering embers seemed to be all that was left.

No one had yet spoken. The unbridled sorrow permeated the room. I turned to the door leading out of my home. Standing there was a man, with buckets, blankets, food and all the things we were going to need. It was unspoken but we all knew we were to go look for survivors. Why we thought any one could survive what we had witnessed I did not know. Al I knew was that there was going to be survivors. About half of the people in the dome decided to stay, out of fear that it might recur again even though they knew what they had to do. No words were exchanged and no protest came from those of us who chose to go. A kindly gentleman led us back down the trail we came up. The blankets and buckets I carried were lighter than the heaviness in my heart. It was a very tragic day.

We reached the bottom of the mountain and found a trail that lead through our half of the globe. The serenity of the forests shade and abundant beauty betrayed what we had just witnessed and did not appease the sorrow within our hearts. We soldiered on. As we arrived at the fringe of our half of the globe, the sight was utter devastation and destruction. The burning embers stretched endlessly carpeting the whole of the other half of the globe. Yet strangely there were dirt trails we could make out through the embers that were weaved in disarray through the earth.

We followed these trails looking frantically for any sign of life. We came across a mum and her child. The child’s sooty face with rivers of tears running through the soot tore at my heart strings. Yet I was happy they were alive and finding them gave me hope. A couple of people from our crowd stopped to help. The rest of us continued on. We were finding more and more people on our trail. The hope began to lighten our hearts. I stopped to help an elderly gentleman and his wife. To my surprise they were calm. They were not worried for themselves. They wanted to join us to help find more survivors.

Half way across the burnt half of the globe and after finding many more survivors a shadow descended across the land. Oh no I thought, it’s going to happen again. This is it our final destination I thought glumly. I slowly looked in to the darkened sky, only to see the sun travelling to the other half of the globe. I realized then what was about to happen. Inside I screamed at the sun, have some mercy for goodness sake, please don’t do it. He flitted across the sky ignoring my desperate plea and sent his flames across the other half of the globe from where we came. They were not tears this time they were flames of fury. I fell to the ground and wept. I looked helplessly at those who were around me. Some were on their knees sobbing. Others were on their tummies slamming their fists against the earth. The grief and sorrow we felt knew no boundaries. I woke up sobbing.


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