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Armageddon,War Scroll and Revelation, How do these link?

Updated on February 20, 2010

God's Word is everywhere! Number 7 tells the story!

 Scholars and religious leaders have attempted to discredit the value of the Qumran scrolls and other ancient writings that link to the Bible. I hope to show you that there is a very real link that confirms God had his hand in the writing of the scrolls for the purpose of verification of the Bible.  The Almighty knew that many would try to discredit the Bible during these end times, in order to deceive many and led them from an Understanding God's word. 

These scrolls should not be confused with the oracles that God warns us against. There are certain oracles that are false and created to mislead. God warns us not to read them, therefore, there needs to be wisdom and discernment on our part when reading ancient writings to ensure authenticity first. 

It is quite remarkable that when the Qumran scrolls were discovered, there were many various biblical parchments. However, only one of them was complete and legible, that was the book of Isaiah!  The reason this is so remarkable is because it is the most relevant book of prophesy for these end times, apart from the book of Revelation.  A question must be asked here, why did this particular scroll remain intact and readable? I believe the answer to this question is for a few reasons:

1. The scroll became available to the public at the time when people were disputing the bible as the word of God or that it was to be read as a book of prophesy.

2. People were saying the Bible had been translated so many times that it is far from the original.

3. The apostasy increased. More and more people were turning to humanism.

This scroll brought new hope to people, as the book of Isaiah had been preserved for centuries and unchanged by human hands, yet it still said the same as the book of Isaiah in the Bible today.  Confirming that no matter how many versions or which versions of the bible are read - the meaning can still be seen! 

It was also preserved because it witnesses in these last days to Yeshua as the victor and king but it also prophesied Yeshua's coming, his crucifixion and resurrection.

From this the reader can see that there is a value for additional ancient writings, it can shed some further light on events of God's ultimate plan.

I would also like to point out to the reader some scripture verses that refer to scrolls being written and sealed for these end times; starting with Isaiah 29. 

This is a warning to Israel (Ariel) the Jewish leaders changed the Festival calendar and this angered God, so it talks of God's punishment on Israel. Then God will turn on Israel's enemies, Yeshua will come with thunder and earthquake and great noise, ...and flames of devouring fire.  ...

In verse 10 is says, " The Lord has brought over you a deep sleep: He has sealed your eyes (the prophets); he has covered your heads (the seers). " Verse 11, "For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll.  And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say to him, "read this, please," he will answer, "I can't it is sealed."  In verse 18 " In that Day, the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, ...the eyes of the blind will see."

God is saying here, that certain people are being prevented from understanding or reading these scrolls. However, for the appointed time it will be the weak and not the intellectuals or the scholars, or those with a degree that will be able to read and interpret the scrolls but the blind and deaf! In other words, people you would never image could, are the ones God reveals the meaning of the scrolls too.

In Isaiah chapter 30:8 Again a mention of a scroll. " Go, now, write it on a tablet for them, inscribe it on a scroll, that for the days to come it may be an everlasting witness.  These are rebellious people, deceitful children, unwilling to listen to the Lord's instruction. "

Jeremiah also instructed Baruch to write for him, " In their presence (witnesses) I gave Baruch these instructions: ' This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says:  Take these documents, both the sealed and unsealed copies of the deed of purchase, and put them in a clay jar so they will last a long time. "

Baruch has written a great deal on the end times.

In Ezekiel the prophet is told to eat a scroll then go and speak, this also is written in the book of Revelation 10:9.  In both cases the prophet eats the scroll and it tasted as sweet as honey in the mouth  and he is told to eat it 5 times!. So this eating of the scroll is very significant.  If you follow on the reading it explains that to eat means to digest the words. We should make every effort to understand the words and obey them. Do not be like those who are rebellious, but take note of the words! Read from Ezekiel 2 verse 9 through to Chapt 3: 3.

In Jude verse 14 there is also reference to Enoch having written something about the end times battle, yet we know he does not have a book in the Bible, therefore he must have written a scroll.

Now you can see that scrolls have been written and hidden (sealed) until the end times, for a purpose.  Now the scrolls are being opened to reveal what has been sealed for a very long time. 

The War Scroll (1Q) found in Qumran caves, is one of those scrolls.  This scroll is thought to comprise of 3 documents. The third being the 'the book of testing'.There is also reference to 7 stages of battle.(1.13f). 11, 1-14 is a general plan of the final war.  It opens with a description of the temple.[This indicates the final battle takes place after the temple has been built.]

How then does the book of Revelation, the War Scroll and Armageddon link together?

Firstly, the war scroll refers to trumpets used to gather together the army and announce the stages of the final battle, Revelation also uses trumpets for the period leading up to and including the final battle, secondly, it talks of a spiritual battle between sons of light and sons of darkness and revelation also shows that God's army and his people will battle against satan and his army. Thirdly it describes Yeshua as the leader of this army as does Revelation and it describes the time when Yeshua will sift the wheat from the chaff.

The War Scroll was written by a group called the Essenes, they were an offshoot from the (pharisee type-strict orthodox) Essenes.  The new group were written as the sons of light and followed the teachings of the 'teacher of righteousness'.  This new group were Jews that separated from the original group who had rebelled against God by changing the festival calender. The new Essene group refused to follow this revised calendar knowing it was against God's wishes.  The new Essences were also known as 'the exiles of the 'desert ' and came from the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. 

They wrote the War Scroll based on the Maccabean Wars. Then they wrote  a completely new war scroll, a single major work, that refers to the last battle - Armageddon.

The first scroll referred to the enemy so it was obviously to historical wars, whereas the second war scroll referenced to the Kittim.  Which is a different concept and much more specific. This version is not applicable to the Roman era because it says, " King of the Kittim", Romans had no kings and the authors could easily have written Romans but instead wrote Kittim.

Kittim is significant as it is made up of various nations including Rome.  The scroll refers to' a supernatural war involving the forces of Belial' [see hub-preacher of lies}   It is the human counterparts of Belial's dominion that forms his kingdom and this is the Kittim. They are all those who will receive the mark of the beast!

'The sons of light are those sealed with a cross'. These did not receive the mark of the beast.

Fragment 2 refers to Jesus Christ (Yeshua), " By his Holy Spirit ...He is cleansed of all ...uprightness and humility is atoned for "

They also made reference to the wicked priest [preacher of lies] who was the highest power in the land and persecuted the group and the teacher of righteousness in their desert retreat. The other strict Essene group rejected the teacher of righteousness and followed Belial [as antichrists].

Essenes in Hebrew is Issiyim.  When translated into Hebrew number and letter meanings it comes out as the following:

The Hebrew Aleph = number 1  meaning- God with us.

The Hebrew Samech = number 60 meaning -Holy Priesthood.

The Hebrew Yod = number 10  meaning - Final Destruction, number ten is there twice.

The Hebrew Final Mem = number 40 meaning - Time of Testing.

If you add together the numbers: 1+60+10+10+40 (ignoring the 0's as they have no value) = 13. You then need to reach a single digit to arrive at the final meaning: 1+3 = 4 which means God's creation!

To sum up this coding:

This is a message to God's people- THE HOLY PRIESTHOOD! The message is this - During the testing times leading to the final destruction, God is with us and remember it is His plan coming to fruition, he is in control- it is all his creation!

To understand the War scroll it is important the reader looks at it from God's perspective not from our own understand with our limited intellect.  Many scholars make this mistake of trying to interpret God's work by humanistic levels instead of realising God's intellect is so magnificant that human beings will only ever reach the moronic level of  understanding in comparison!

The 7 trumpets

In this second scroll written by the second Essene group, it refers to 7 trumpets, 7 banners and 7 spears, there is also reference to 7 stages of battle.

Each trumpet has an inscription and when it is blown a certain way it also has a meaning:

First trumpet - The rallying trumpets of the assembly they shall write (rallied by God) [meaning God's army].

Second trumpet - The rallying trumpets of the Commanders they shall write (the Prince of God) [meaning the chief commander - Yeshua!]

Third trumpet - Enlisting trumpets is written  (Rule of God)

Forth trumpet - Trumpets of famous men write (Chiefs of the fathers of the congregation ) Maybe the organisation of the tribes during the 1,000 year peace with Yeshua as king.

Fifth trumpet - When they meet in the meeting house write (God's directives for the Holy Council)

Sixth trumpet - Trumpets of camp - write (peace of God in the camps of his holy ones) [God's peaceful period - post armageddon. 1,000 years.

Seventh trumpet - Trumpets of pulling out - (God's mighty deeds to scatter the enemy and force all those who hate justice to flee and withdrawal of mercy from those who hate God = God's wrath, judgement and sentence on the wicked.

When we look at the book of Revelation we see the 7 trumpets are describing events taking place in the world amongst human beings.  However, in the war scroll these trumpets are the spiritual events taking place at the time of the trumpets blown.

The 7 banners

1. Large banner - head of all the peoples and Israel's name and Aaron and names of 12 tribes, [Head of God's people is Yeshua]. [All these names are written on this large banner]

2. Camp banner name-chiefs of the 3 tribes. [probably those mentioned earlier, Judah, Benjamin and Levi. (Although Levi was never originally a tribe it is now) ]

3. God's flag and prince of tribe and the princes of 10,000. [ not enough information in the scroll to understand who these princes are.]

4. God's offerings and princes and Commander of his 1,000

5. banner of 1,000 - God's fury unleashed against Belial and against all the men of his lot. No remnant is left.

6. On banner of 100 is written 'of God, hand of battle against all degenerate flesh'.

7. 50 banner is written ' No longer do the wicked rise due to God's might '[defeating the enemy]. 


Formation Fighting Battalions

When the army is complete God's number of his people come to fruition.  To fill a front line of 1,000 men, they carry a spear and shield which has an ear of wheat in pure gold in the centre, shaped like a cross.  Ears of corn refer to the harvest time - sifting the wheat and the chaff.

There are Battle formation trumpets also with God's inscriptions on them:

1. God's battle formation - for avenging his wrath against all sons of darkness = God's vengeance.

2. Rallying infantrymen when battle gates open to enemy line - Memorial of revenge at God's appointed time.

3. Trumpets of the slain - God's mighty hand in the battle to fell all the slain of unfaithfuls = God's justice.

4 Trumpets of ambush (God's mysteries to destroy wickedness [are revealed.]

5. trumpets of pursuit - sons of darkness struck - all exterminated. [God's annihilation of evil].

6. May God reassemble [God's re-assembly]

7. path of return from battle - back to Jerusalem. [God's reign of peace- 1,000 years]

7 Javelins of war

On the points are written, (I only have record of three of them - scroll was not intact - so the rest were missing):

1. Sheen of the spear by God's might

2. Arrow of blood to fell the dead by God's wrath

3. Flames of the sword devouring the wicked dead by God's judgement.

All 7 javelins are hurled 7 times then returned to their positions.  These simulate the 7 plagues in the book of Revelations.

1Qm 1x 7-x10 refers to 4 angels, they shall set an ambush against...

These are the angels of destruction mentioned in Revelation.

Col x contains wording that indicates final war. " Destruction of evil, at God's hand.'

'Devouring wickedness ..til sin is consumed'

Sentence on Gog'

Waging war against them from heaven'

Covenant of peace and ...

To rule during all times eternal.'

The whole war scroll shows war between sons of light and sons of darkness, through 7 engagements of war until God grants victory to his sons.  It is obvious it is the battle of Armageddon!

It is a spiritual war consisting of God's people, lead by Yeshua. It is not to be confused with the human physical wars of today.  It is a battle of judgement of the nations and takes place in the Valley of Jehoshaphat which occurs just before the 7thangel pours out the wrath of God from the last bowl! ( In book of Revelation) It is also within the blowing of the last trumpet (7th) in Revelation.

At this time the mysteries of God will be accomplished!  The War scroll refers to the battle being won in the 7th part. 

See Matthew 24:4 Rev 19:19  Ezek 39:7 Ezek 38:8

This battle comes after the Great Tribulation when all the saints are gathered.

There are many versions regarding believers and the tribulation ,some say the rapture will take place before, some same during and some same after.  My personal view is the following:

Believers go through the first 3 1/2 years, prior to the last plagues being administered on the beast and his subjects. I believe this to be a time when believers who are not born again have a chance to make a final decision to come off that fence!  It will be a time for Jews to repent and turn to the one they rejected and all peoples will have a chance to repent and accept the one they pierced!  I believe that those who are born again will have the seal of ownership upon them so that they are 'passed over' during these 3 1/2 years, providing they remain faithful and continue in faith with the full armour of God!

Beware of false preaching that says you are saved by grace, many people believe they are saved- many have followed a false gospel.  You know if you are 'born again'. You just know!

If you doubt your position then find a place of worship or a group of people who you know live by the word of God.  Pray that Yeshua will lead you to the right people who can take you through the steps. Or find a place of solitude and speak to God - this latter method is better- let God himself teach you - I did! He will!  He is the best teacher ever!











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    • profile image

      Thomas Payne 

      7 years ago

      Well done! Best analogy and comparison of the War Scroll and Revelations. Understandable. Right-on with your description of the Western churches too. I am a Christian because and only because I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

    • The Last Quill profile image

      The Last Quill 

      8 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      Am I so naïve not to know about membership fee in a church?

      This I know about becoming a member; listen to the doctrines of faith, if you beleive (you are not force to beleive), then be baptized. Same reason I don't believe in infant baptism. You cannot preach the doctrines to the infant, (well you can talk and talk) and neither perform the true baptism which is submerging to many waters; once emerged from the water, the true meaning of born again then applies not just by claiming to be.

    • M.A.Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      M A Noble 

      8 years ago from U.S.A.

      I think there are different interpretations of church membership. My meaning is when people go to a church and pay a membership fee, the members then are involved with the organisation of events, leadership and so on. People who do not pay a membership fee cannot be involved in the above. However, Yeshua's church consists of people not a building and therefore membership fees are not paid in money but by the virtue of being 'born again'. My point about churches is they should not have a membership fee but that believers should be able to attend any church building (as the family of God and Yeshua's people). But the people should follow the Torah Law on how to look after one another. In particular the Torah Law explains how the people should supply the priest of the temple with their food and other needs. The Church of Christ should do the same and more. The church of Christ then (as the holy priesthood) should support each other just as the Israelites supported their temple priest. The church buildings have become a business not a family in some cases. I think non-Western countries offer a great example of how God's family should behave as a holy priesthood. They have close knit families who are always there to help each other.

      I pray you will continue to be blessed by the Word!


    • The Last Quill profile image

      The Last Quill 

      8 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      I respectfully disagree that church membership is not necessary. Matthew 16:18 Jesus says He will buil His church.Therefore there is a true flock or church that you must be in to have eternal life. He continues, and the powers of hell will not conquer it.

      About the church that Christ built, this is the Armageddon where He will gather the kings, for Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    • M.A.Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      M A Noble 

      8 years ago from U.S.A.

      I wrote something in response and it seems for some reason it was prevented from being published. It just disappeared.So I had to re-write it. I suspect from this that you may be very close to coming to making a decision to accept Yeshua as your savior - that can only be the reason for all of my writing suddenly disappearing. I suspect you may also have been or are very much involved in psychic things, or visited a spiritualist church? If this is so then these have to be dealt with by putting it before Yeshua and asking for forgiveness. You also may need a church with a deliverance ministry- they would pray for you to be released from you past attachment to such things. If I am on the wrong track then please ignore my advice.

      Church Membership is not necessary, you can visit any church and ask for help. You need prayer support and guidance from a church that is grounded in the word of God and based on a firm foundation (prayer and worship and praise and strong solid teachings that are bible based).

      In answer to your question regarding reincarnation, that is not the realm of God but of the occult. Therefore, born again believers do not have reincarnation on their agenda - it is not biblical, therefore not of God! WE, as believers, are guaranteed eternal life but this has nothing to do with the false concept of reincarnation.

      I cannot say I have read Edgar Cayce.

      May Yeshua lead you in the right direction, so that you can be assured of everlasting life! Amen

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Iv,e been reading about different religions. Do you believe in reincarnation? What do you think about edgar cayce,s readings?You say to pray and ask God for directions to the right church. Iv,e done that. Is it necessary to become a church member?


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