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Aroma of Sufism

Updated on August 30, 2019
Mian Furqan Niaz profile image

I have written this article about one of the most loving and liberal school of thought in Islam which is "Sufism".

Aroma of Sufism

It is always a thorny assignment to adopt the Path of Truth in the most grueling circumstances. The one who love to complete his journey by choosing this path will be a Sufi. They inherited a great veneration of knowledge and its realization. Sufism acts as a catalyst in creating cooperative consonance among diversified religious society. Sufis are blessed with higher divine understanding of the dogma with consequent means of effectiveness. The cognition of a Sufi will be infused with conventional astuteness. Their sanctified wisdom will show you diversified dimensions of life which can be seen in everlasting remembrance of God; remaining heedful of one’s basic propensity; transparency of your heart and soul; refurbishing good self; dominating evil inside you; inquisitiveness of soul and preoccupied yourself with spiritual thoughts. The zenith of Sufism is to believe in the rule of inclusiveness of every heart without considering their cast, creed, religion and culture. It is a meeting point of the devotee and beloved.

Sufism doesn’t belong to any one religion. It is the actuality which has been filtered out from all religions by intelligence. It is in reality a way of life in which you have to dig deep inside yourself to discover your identity and to find out the meanings of life. This deeper distinctiveness beyond the already known personality is in synchronization that already exists. Ultimately it is understood that these abilities belong to a greater life and being which we personalize in our own unique way while never being separate from it. Sufism will never stop challenging inexorable worldly society. It will remain forever a strongest opponent of rapaciousness.

The existence of Sufism is beyond the sectarian disparities across socio-economic limitations, geographies and languages. During different Muslim orders different Sufi orders were introduced reflecting the civilization and linguistic of that time but the crux of the message never changed. The basic components are same in every age that is “the Murshid” the spiritual guide and “the Murid” a follower of Murshid, one who pledges allegiance to the Murshid. The main duty of the Murshid is to teach the Murid, open the mind of follower, directing him how to experience the divine.

One of the greatest poets of Sufism was Mawlana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi in 13th century. His work for the Sufism was in Persian but it is still one of the most translated poets around the globe. People from all over the world are still purchasing his books. His literature is still transforming the lives and assisting them in picking the right path.

The followers of Sufism school of thought are still facing hostile behavior and criticism from fanatic Muslim clerics. They are facing prejudiced behavior towards them. In clerics point of view the followers of Sufism are actually deviating from the prescribed rules of Islam. Sufism is just like a lap of mother in which every child can lay his head and can rest regardless of his ethnicity, social cast, color, religious affiliations. Let’s make this planet a better place to live with our love, sympathy, endurance and granting clemency towards others.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Mian Furqan Niaz


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