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Art of Meditation on The Canvas of Life

Updated on July 22, 2015
The Light of Wisdom
The Light of Wisdom

Hammering his fingertips on the keyboard, Sohum was rushing to finish last mile of his assignment. He knew he has pile of milestones to address before he can board his flight and kickstart much awaited vacation. And as the clock was ticking, Sohum was further diving into frustration and dissatisfaction. There were tornadoes of random thoughts and emotions swirling through his consciousness, eating his own energy. Sohum was tired of his work environment and his life, he had labelled everything around him as “unhealthy” and was actively looking outwards for answers. Answers that would change the world around him and will make him feel happy and his life a wonderful experience. Just like any working professional in the corporate world, Sohum was experiencing disconnect and the more he thought about his life, listening to the internal voice, visualizing his own thoughts he was further distancing himself from his real self. Sohum desperately needed answers to change the world around him and hence he had planned for this vacation - trip to Himalayas, where many have got their answers in their own ways. Managing to complete his work, Sohum retired for the day and headed straight to airport to board his flight.

Being exhausted, Sohum sunk into deep sleep up in the air, tucked safe inside the bird. Finally, the man was in the lap of Himalayas. As he was stepping down from his flight, light breezes of cool, crisp and aromatic air were brushing along his sides. The very sight of snow clad mountains, dressed in abundant natural beauty and the tune of birds humming and chirping raised the feeling of satisfaction and content. And as this feeling was moving all over the body, his face was lit, expressing satisfaction and peace, the expression that was dormant for quite some time. Sohum had now embraced Himachal and vice versa. Even though, he managed to sleep for few hours, yet the land had managed to instill new vigour and zeal. The tornadoes that were reaping his consciousness apart, earlier, had some how vanished. His mind was now a calm ocean, miles deep yet calm and composed ready to build its own ecosystem harvesting peace and tranquility. The journey has just begun, ready to stamp its own lessons on the subconscious and connecting one deeply and firmly with one’s higher self, as the enlightened ones call it.

As Sohum was wandering along the avenues of Dharamsala, soothing and healing acoustic waves started thumping on his ear drums. As Sohum was becoming more and more aware of the acoustic, and experiencing strong pull towards its source, he soon found himself standing in front of monastery. Interestingly, Sohum entered the facade not knowing why but eager and open to all the dramatic experiences that were waiting for him, ready to unfold the mystique. As we explore the serenity and the divinity on the outside, internally the subconscious gets shaped resonating vibrantly with serenity outside and as this process accelerates on its own, gradually and steadily, the veil fades out and we become one, one with the supreme divinity, all that is. Sohum was undergoing this process in the laps of Himalayas completely unaware. Sohum managed to find the chamber where monks were playing Gyaling, Rolmo and Tibetan horn. Eventhough he didn’t know what exactly he is witnessing, he was sure it was a ritual to initiate aspiring monks on their spiritual journey. Since it was something unique, he decided to stay and watch, what he didnt know instead was that his journey on the path has already been initiated.

As Sohum entered the chamber he was awestruck with the graffiti and mesmerizing artwork all around him. Every step he was taking inside, was inducing a deeper level of trance in his consciousness and this trance was further enriched and catalysed by Master’s words which were getting absorbed down deep in the mind. Master was educating the disciples on the process of meditation. Masters in Tibetan society are also known as Lamas. Lamas are highly intellectual and enlightened beings and they guide and mentor monks on their spiritual paths. The sermons blessed by Lama’s are very profound in nature, as they raise a phenomenal new energetic waves from inside out. And as these waves transcend, it brings about mutation within, restructuring the system of value and belief. And as the system restructures from inside an evolutionary momentum sets into the world outside and then the universe marvels at the bliss that prevails. We all have experienced this bliss at some point, haven’t we? As Sohum was experiencing this bliss and locking it down, his attention was again attracted towards Master.

“Children, meditation is very simple and light process yet divine, as simple as it looks, feels and sounds. All that you have to do is close your eyes and turn attention inwards. And as you turn the attention inwards, you will be welcomed by what you are in this moment. Those who experience bliss have nurtured that wonderful garden inside, harvesting serenity continuously. Those who experience instant vacuum inside, have emptied self and are ready for more lessons to come and evolve with the vacuum further. Those who experience lot of pain, turbulent emotions or any feeling that is not comfortable, have dumped all their negative emotions inside and have never let those emotions go. So, if you experience negativity, its not because of meditation but due to the garbage inside and hence the process begins to cleanup and transform a dump yard into a zen garden. A drop of antiseptic on the wound hurts, yet it heals. Such is the experience with meditation as well. Breath is the pipe that pumps life into our body and hence the only thing that you do during meditation is watch and admire the breath. And as you watch this wonderful process and hear the sounds of air gushing in and out, you will experience more and more calm and peace. As the peace builds up, you will experience flow of energy and divine messages pouring in. As you progress further, these messages will guide you and empower you in ways you want and thus as you practice it you master yourself and as you master yourself you inch even closer to the divine oneness. Most of us can get swayed in random thoughts while meditating all you need to do is come back to breath. Thoughts are passing by cloud. They are meant to come and go. None has ever manager to attach itself to a cloud”. Now the disciples were their own drivers. After the initiation, Master opened the session for question and answers. Sohum thought of reaching out to master, but he was alien there and hence he refrained from bringing in the surprise. He was still having his own musings. His attention was restored to present by voice of a disciple. Disciple had reached out to the Master with very interesting question, “Master, You are enlightened one. So, instead of us starting from zero can you please share all your lessons and knowledge with us? Your knowledge and teachings will enlighten us in no time and will save us lot of time and efforts going through scriptures and meditations. Thus, we will be ready to serve the world in no time”. Master greeted the question with charismatic smile, and as Sohum was witnessing this episode, the word “meditation” had struck him and now numerous thoughts were oozing out of his vulnerable conscious. Although he had heard about meditation, he never practiced it and had feeble understanding of it. Somehow, he managed to barge out of the swirl of thoughts and restore his attention to what master was about to say.

Interestingly, master didn’t answer the query, however he raised another query “Lamas to be, I am curious to know what meditation means to each of you?”. The question sparked excitement and zeal in the flock and almost all the disciples answered back in their own way based on their understanding. Now since the answers were varying each disciple was pressing hard and justifying how he is correct and others are not. This episode had already fascinated Sohum since he was able to co-relate to his environment. He had quick flash of movie played inside his mind wherein he could see how everyone has their own understanding and tries to convince other. The very first disciple broke the current flow of debate and queried back to the Master, “Master, I m ever more confused now. Everyone has different outlook of what simple process of meditation is. Which one is true?”. “All of them are speaking truth, yet in their own way”, said the master. The disciple was still wearing the expression of confusion while displaying eagerness for clarification and so was Sohum. To everyone’s surprise Master opened up a story, story of 5 blind men visiting a zoo to know what an elephant is.

Since the men were blind, zoo authority had assigned caretaker for the men and the men had liberty to touch elephant so as to know what elephant really is. As the caretaker walked the men into the captivity, he positioned five guests at five different points so that they can experience this elephant all at once, one near the tusk, second one near the trunk, third one near the limb, fourth one near the abdomen and fifth one near the tail. As he announced that the men can now touch the elephant, all the men got excited and started touching elephant all at once at the points they were positioned. He let the men have their own time to generate their own experiences. Once the men signaled that they were done experiencing the elephant, caretaker walked the man out. As the men were walking out, the caretaker asked them about their experience. To that, the first man replied, I heard elephant was huge creature but all I got to experience was a creature resembling a curved spear. To that the fifth man said, “What are you saying? Elephant is like a rope. I did touch it and confirmed multiple times”. Before the caretaker could explain, fourth man said, “Both of you are wrong, elephant is like a wall”. Cutting into the debate third man said, “Definitely not, you all misinterpreted, elephant is like a pillar. I felt it with both my hands”. The second man now invaded the debate and said, “I pity you poor souls, elephant is like a pipe, I felt it as I maneuvered my hands over its body”. The caretaker was silent spectator of this debate and he knew that all the men were true with their experience. However, it was the experience that was limited and had they united all individual experiences together they could have truly realized what elephant indeed is.

As the Master, completed the story, culmination sent a profound wave of deep understanding and as this wave splashed on the consciousness of all the recipients it started restructuring their belief and value system, unique in its own way. Master could make out from the expressions that they have understood the meaning and are now ready in their own capacity for the spiritual path ahead. Master knew of Sohum’s presence and the smile on his face had hinted Sohum that even his thoughts, now, are racing in right direction.

Sohum was having his own musings while he was walking out of the monastery. A spell has already been cast on the subconscious, imprinting what meditation is and how it can help one in life. This imprint had already triggered grand and massive process purging Sohum’s database of old thoughts and emotions and as this purge was rapidly wiping his old experiences, way was being paved for new enriched instinctive intelligence, lessons and experiences to settle in. Disciples had their individual opinions prior to master’s intervention. To one it meant alignment with God, to another it meant developing focus. To someone it meant keeping good state of mind, to another it meant balancing life. To one it was an art of silence, to another it was mastering emotions. Meditation is massive amalgamation of all these and much, much more. Certain wise man has said, “What a seeker truly wants, is for him to decide”. This visit to monastery has bestowed a gift, an artwork, called meditation. Sohum now knows that meditating with open mind can expand his awareness and this expanding awareness shall empower one to be his own master and guiding light. The truth is that universe is expanding. We are all fragments of Universe, so we need to expand to facilitate divine expansion. Multiple viewpoints can coexist in same environment and with expanded awareness all line of thoughts can be cherished.

Sohum was now retracing same avenue, rejuvenated and feeling enlightened and empowered, admiring the dense and tall Deodars bridging the Kangra valley with the horizon above, slowly swallowing the Sun. All the old programs have now vanished giving a lighter feeling and now Sohum had figured out answers to his own questions through his own musings. He is now his own master. A simple episode had brought in evolutionary momentum for him and he is now much committed to meditate and carve his own path following the messages he is bound to get. Looking at the tall Deodars, he was amazed by the fact how one can rise sky high yet be grounded. Sohum is now aware that the world he wants, needs to be developed inside first and then taken outside. The lesson is now learnt, the perfect inherent divine design works inside out. Somewhere someone watching all this was pleased to see more and more souls getting enlightened and silently thought, “The change we seek in the world outside starts with rolling out divine design inside. All of you are my fragments, as the fragments change so shall the entirety”.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Good one. Loved it. BTW, BTW, the mountain range in Dharamshala is Dhauladhar :)

    • canest profile imageAUTHOR

      Arjun Atul Kallawar 

      3 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, India

      Thanks a lot everyone for taking out time to read the article and sharing the feedback.

    • profile image

      Satish Gadwe 

      3 years ago

      Very well narrated using simple but effective words and construct. Need not to say that story of blinds visualizing elephant plays vital role in explaining what Arjun wanted to pen down. Story was no doubt known to everyone but makes more relevance here!

      Congratulations Arjun! It just a start of tempo. Keep it up!!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Good show Arjun. Keep them coming.

      Warm regards,


    • profile image

      Anil Saighal 

      3 years ago

      Well articulated...loved the use of language, the flow of the story...some shallow metaphors and some deep metaphors and even a story within the story and the analogies and personifications...well crafted and well presented. My many congratulations to you. And await for more from you!


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