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Updated on January 22, 2014

 The 6th article of faith reads

"We believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church, namely, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and so forth."

This article raises a couple of interesting points for discussion.

1. There was an organization in a church that Christ established

2. This organization had prophets, apostles and other organized "callings"

3. This organization currently exists in the LDS church.

Christ Established a Church in The Old World


What is a Calling and Why Are Some Men Called?

President Thomas S. Monson taught, “If any brother or sister feels unprepared—even incapable—of responding to a call to serve, to sacrifice, to bless the lives of others, remember this truth: ‘Whom God calls, God qualifies.’ He who notes the sparrow’s fall will not abandon the servant’s need” (“Tears, Trials, Trust, Testimony,” Ensign, Sept. 1997, 5). From this comment one can see that a calling is not something random, but something that God has asked an individual to do. The statement that "God calls" is absolutely true in the LDS church. Calls are from God and they are given through other leaders who God has "called".

So why are some called and not others? I see two reasons. One is found in the Doctrine and Covenants when we read that some are not given opportunities because of unrighteousness. I also think about the passage in the book of Abraham when we read about how the Savior and the prophets were foreordained. For many of us we must realize that God has a plan for us and that this plan might be that we do not have "high ranking positions" in the church. We must realize that this is ok.

Current Organization of LDS Church

The current organization of the LDS church is actually pretty simple. There is a president of the church who sits that the top of the church; he is THE prophet. He has two Councilors who sit with him and they form what is called the First Presidency. 

Then there are 12 Apostles. These apostles work in the same capacity that the apostles from the New Testament worked in. After that we have the quorums of Seventy and other auxiliary church leadership.

From a local perspective the church is broken up into Stakes. Each stake has a President who has two councilors. Then there is a group of 12 High Councilors and the Stake also has auxiliary leaders.

Stakes are broken up into Wards. Each ward is lead by a Bishop. The Bishop will also have two councilors. The wards also have auxiliary leaders to assist the Bishop in his efforts.

About the Author

 John Taylor has been a member of the LDS church his whole life. He is, in fact, a 8th generation member of the church. He is directly related with President John Taylor who was the third president of the LDS church.


The views and opinions expressed here reflect only those of the author, and are not official views of the LDS church. The intent of this article is commentary.


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