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As Light Comes Darkness Fades Away

Updated on January 13, 2010

The Power of Spiritual Knowledge

Knowledge is the light that removes the darkness of ignorance. We all, irrespective of our nations, castes, and creed, as the inhabitants of the planet earth want to have fulfillment in our lives. In spite of all the developments that we see in our world ranging from education to industry, health-care to communication, there is still an inner voice coming from each and every one of us "something important is missing." What is missing? The answer is fulfillment. Fulfillment comes from contentment. Only a contented mind can experience fulfillment.

I Am The Source:

I am the source of my happiness. I can be happy as soon as I understand this. I need not wait for something to happen, some tasks to be accomplished, some targets to be achieved or some goals to be reached to be happy. This is an illusion. I can enjoy every second of my journey of life if I wish to. Happiness cannot come to me from somewhere else or can be given to me by someone else. It is my property.

Everything I Seek is Just Within Me:

Imagine the scene of a millionaire forgetting his own identity and begging from each and everyone he meets. I am also in such a pathetic state when I lose my identity as a spiritual being and the unlimited wealth I possess. I wander from place to place, people to people and beg for happiness. Once I get my memory back and realize my identity, I stop to beg.


Self-Awareness is being in the awareness of my true form. By becoming aware of myself, I am able to experience myself as the source of knowledge, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss, and power. When I lose the awareness of my self, my connection to my own powers gets disrupted and this results in inner emptiness.

Healing Myself And Helping Everyone To Get Healed:

No one is bad. Every human being while passing through the journey of life gets affected by a variety of diseases. Disease is nothing but dis + ease, which means not at ease within the consciousness. There are five main diseases that affect the health of the soul which are lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego. I heal myself from these diseases and help to heal everyone so that we all can be healthy once again. This is compassion.


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    • B.K. Pravin profile image

      Ram Pravin 8 years ago from India

      Thank you for reading the article. I hope the article would be useful to you.

    • cluense profile image

      Katie Luense 8 years ago from Buffalo, NY

      Awesome Hub!