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As Long As My Actions Don't Affect Others

Updated on August 11, 2011

Or Do They?

So often heard is the phrase, "Well, as long as what I do doesn't affect others, whats it matter", but what if it does. Do we really think that our personal actions don't affect, or have no impact on "others", I honestly think I had this attitude when I was younger, ya know, it's just me, I ain't hurting or bothering no one else... but yet, I was, and it does, affect others. Unless you are a hermit living in the middle of no where, alone, you are going to have an impact on society and the world around you, either for good, or for bad - maybe neutral sometimes, but usually good or bad.

How so, well, even if not in a direct way as to physical, mental or emotional reactions, what of those that are affected by those around us, closest to us (impacted by us in general). Frustration, anger, confusion, bitterness, & concentration. Then those people are acting & reacting within a society or community, having an impact & affect on those whose path they cross. A postman in a bad mood, with a bad attitude could affect the neighborhood or vicinity that he delivers in. A clerk or cashier could affect (have an impact on) everyone who goes through their line. Imagine a waiter or waitress with the wrong attitude and all those who are seated to this person are affected, when they we're just hoping for a nice relaxing meal.

So, what are we to do if there is ANY interaction with "others", who will impact & affect other people. I'm sure all of us have had that incident where a person someplace that were at is just, "AAAHHHGGGHH", and it gets to us somewhat. Sometimes people will express to us something like, "ugh my spouse", "ugh my boss" or kids, bills, what or whoever it is or was. It's rarely ever "us", yet we reap the "reward" of other peoples ignorant actions that affect the lives of friends, family, & loved ones who may cross our path in their daily lives.

Did Amy Winehouse's death and addictions affect only her? What you "do" has to be dealt with by someone eventually. The person who gets the results of your actions is often invisible to you, to far down the chain (reaction) for you to realize, most often it won't even be someone you know or ever knew. How many of us know the paramedics that scrape up the "jumper", or scoop up the drunk motorcycle rider. How often do you know the coroner that gets the deepest look at you of anyone other than God? Yes the one cleaning up "the mess" somewhere, is affected. The ones left abandoned and wondering, are affected, the ones who get to handle all the arrangements, they are affected too - by the hurt, pain, & bitterness of those left in your wake.

Our words and actions do and will affect others, we may not be chipper all the time, but, don't let your bad negativity wreck everyone elses day. Draw on something good & happy, positive and uplifting. We will make an impact, either good or bad, why not make it good. Now, as I said at the opening, there might be a couple of hermits that this doesn't apply to, so if they are reading this... wait, they most likely wouldn't even have access to this writing, so ignore that and Be Nice, Be Happy and if you can't, please at least Be Polite!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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