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As is the food, so is the Life!

Updated on June 13, 2016

As is the food, so is the thought!

A minute quantity of food become the "Thought"

“As is the food, so are the thoughts. As are the thoughts, so is the habit, as is the habit, so is the character and as is the character, so is the life”- Some wise man.

The above quote is the quintessence of mortal life. The man who breeds ill thoughts can never hope to lead a happy life. We have seen that pious people consume simple and wholesome food! The perverted minds hanker for spicy, hot deep fried food. The moment one consume such food, agitations will result in the mind. Such man is repositories of anger and hatred. They won’t tolerate goodness in any person. There is a third category of person who consumes stale food refrigerated for days. These induce ‘sloth’ and they tend to become lazy. They will sleep for hours. These are the results of faulty food habits!

There are certain foods which keep us calm and composed. Green leaves, nuts, whole wheat grains, pulses, sprouted seeds, fruits and a little milk go into the diet of holy, spiritually inclined people. They won’t consume flesh and meat. They like only green vegetables, fruits and little butter milk. This type of food is conducive to spiritual aspirants. Though Doctors all over the world recommend meat protein and fish, there are number of vegetarian items which contains equal amount of protein content like soya bean and other milk or dairy products like butter etc.

Clear warnings!

The benefit of vegetarian food!

Of course, there are certain regions of the world which remains extremely cold. It is inevitable for the people who reside there to consume fish and other available items. For those who live in temperament climates, plenty of vegetarian options exist. Meat eaters are prone to cardiac and other serious health problems. Hence vegetarian food is safer and conducive to mental well beings. Most of the ailments people suffer today are due to faulty and negative thinking. The mind is the main cause for ‘bodily ailments”. Hence, if we want to remain calm and composed in this stressful world, we have to select appropriate diet and avoid meat, fish and other such non-vegetarian foods! Lot of research has been made in this and it is proved beyond doubt that vegetarian food is far superior and healthy for human intake!

Most of the time, we find that thoughts emanate without our volition. In fact, a minute part of the food is converted as thought and hence the kind of thought we imagine is the outcome of the kind of food and its quality! In the ancient history of mankind, we come across a category ‘demon’. It is frequently found in Indian epics and scriptures. Their demonic disposition is surely due to the nasty food culture. Demons consume human beings as well apart from the meat of different animals. Those demons were very cruel and they have not even an iota of sympathy in their hearts. They are violent by nature!

Fire rituals for welfare of mankind!

Offerings to demigods through fire rituals ensure rain and prosperity!

Those demons are deadly enemies to demigods like Indra, Agni, Vayu and Akasa! These are nothing but the basic fundamental elements that form the universe and its beings. They are the earth, water, fire, air and ether! These elements are ruled by some demigods in heaven. These demigods consume the offerings made in fire by the recluses, sages, and pious people who maintain fire place to perform their rituals. The fire god conveys their offerings to different gods. This is like the postal system which is in vogue in the world. We write letters and messages, put them in an envelope, write the name and address of the receiver and affix a postal stamp and post it in a nearby post box! The Postal department takes care to see it delivered to the correct addressee in a day or two according to the distance.

In a similar way, the fire place is like a post box, wherein offerings of food, grains, fruits, cloths, medicinal herbs and other valuable items like even gold and silver coins and costly gems are put in with appropriate annotations or chanting addressing different demigods. The fire god duly conveys them to the demigods in charge for rain, water, ether, and other items. Hence in the ancient world, especially in India, there was copious rainfall, which enabled sumptuous crops and fodder for the cattle. There was all-round prosperity and all categories of people lived happily and amicably. The King took it as his responsibility to carry our periodical fire rituals for the overall prosperity of his Kingdom and the citizens. Only due to the invasion aliens from other parts of the globe, there was disruption in such fire rituals. This resulted in collapse in morals which led to the collapse of society on the whole. Hence many flourishing empires collapsed and the kingdom disintegrated due to famine and draught! Hence morality and culture of a Nation are two strong pillars of the Kingdom and citizens!

Being a good person...

Ancient Indian tradition and culture!

In spite of intrusion of alien people, India maintained truth and righteousness and the country gave asylum to many alien people who started living in India without any fear. All citizens were treated alike and justice meted out equally. Hence the basic unity was undercurrent for the sustaining culture of India.

Today, we are witnessing collapse of many countries due to misrule by the leaders. Human values were not adopted anywhere. Education systems have become purely materialistic in nature. In such a situation, nature retaliates due to the atrocities of many people in the world. There is no dearth of terrorism anywhere. Innocent people, women and children in some countries are targeted by those terrorists to instigate fear in the minds of people everywhere. The main reason is lack of morals and human values in people and the rulers. God alone can set right this grievous situation in the world!

Select such food items which will not infuriate the mind. Everyone in the world needs peace and happiness. Hence avoid killing innocent animals for the sake of filling up the bellies. Rather we can consume wholesome nourishing vegetarian diet!


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