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As rivers merge in the ocean, human beings merge in God!

Updated on September 13, 2013

Birds rests on masts; Rivers merge in sea!

The destination of human life!

A stone thrown up has to come down ultimately. Human beings who are mighty and wealthy will one day lose their wealth and strength. Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything will pass and every event is ephemeral. This is the whole Truth. In the vast sea, there are many birds hovering around away from the land. Where they will rest? It is on the mast of the passing ships, they take rest before embarking on its further venture to catch the fishes.

Likewise, in the turbulent ocean of earthly life, our only place of rest is God’s name. However tormented one may be, one can seek succor in God. The materialistic minded and an atheist will never comprehend the grace of God. They always seek wealth, power and fame which will fade away in due course.

In the history books, we have read about great emperors who ruled the entire earth once. Also there are many great civilizations that lived on earth. Also there were Roman and Greek empires. Many mighty kings lived in Egypt and left their memory in the form of great pyramids. Archeological studies reveal the great Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilizations. Where are they now? Where is the wealth and holdings of such great emperors? Time sweeps away everything. Even the incarnations of God pass away from their bodies like Rama, Krishna and others. Then, what about mere human beings?

If we consider the gigantic universe, the size of man will be less than a sand grain. Wise men all over the globe realized the ephemeral nature of human life and warned other people to be wary of the worldly acquisitions and powers. The pleasures enjoyed by the senses are fleeting. Then, why should we hanker after this world? Everyone must realize that the human life is granted only for the realization of the Divine. We obtained this human birth after going through many lives in different species. Yes, we have evolved through plants, birds, animals and ultimately into human beings. We might have undergone thousands of births here on earth but we do not recollect them.

When the end of a man is near, his last breath snatches the mind along with it. The mind contains all the events, feelings, emotions, good thoughts and acts as well as the vices and bad acts. These are all recorded in the mind as that of a thumb drive. Hence when the next birth occurs, man retains most of the past habits and thoughts and he has to progress from that stage to the next higher stage.

Children are admitted to the KG classes first. As the years roll by, they progress from one standard to the other and ultimately reach Post Graduate courses. If he is studious, he can even become a Doctorate after four or five years. Likewise our spiritual journey commences initially by hearing about god and world, good behavior and bad behavior and systematic discipline of mind and thoughts. By practicing good and righteous ways of life, one ultimately gains some wisdom regarding the life and God. He intuitively understands that the life on earth is ephemeral and his only goal is Truth which is God.

He starts to love others selflessly without any expectation. He starts helping the poor and downtrodden providing them food or clothing or medicines as per their needs. He comforts them by his soothing words. He searches for the opportunity to help and serve others. In due course, he attains God realization and merges with God.

In a way, the human life is akin to the rivers which travel many miles to reach the Ocean. Before merging, the rivers had separate form, taste and name. Once they merge in the sea, they acquire the name of the sea, get the taste of the sea water and merge with the vastness of the sea!


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