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As the evil ascends to its peak, Dawn of Golden Age is fast approaching!

Updated on March 3, 2017

Prayers of Peace!

All species have five common needs or features.

Everyone in this world hankers for ‘happiness’. Even other species desire it without knowing, since they have no mind element. Wise people have termed it as ‘creature comforts’, since all lives engage in vive fundamental activities prompted by their instincts. 1. Food to satiate hunger;2. Water to quench its thirst; 3. Mating for satisfaction; 4.Fear. 5. Sleep. Human beings as well as all species share the five! The specialty of human being is his thinking capacity, discrimination and choice making. All other species go through the process of eating, drinking, mating, fearing and sleeping, solely based on their inborn instincts. Man is not driven by mere instincts; he is driven by desires. What is the primary desire of any human being? He wants to achieve happiness through myriads of efforts. But, nothing seems to satisfy him fully. He thinks that wealth and properties can grant him happiness. But he found that they are momentary and fickle. Only till he earns wealth, he becomes mad. Then he finds that more and more wealth never satisfies him and he still hankers for further wealth. Same is the case with acquisition of properties! This is the reason why multimillionaires invest in more portfolios to earn further. We have many billionaires in many countries. Once you become a billionaire, you need not seek any further, but this is not the case. There is a fundamental theory in mathematics. The value of 1 is great since any number of zeroes can be added after the one to become more value. Put zero first, and then even whole integers have no value following the zero! I am not talking about decimals but whole integers.

Kaliyuga starts after Krishna departs.

Scientists have no answers for creation!

Philosophers term the One as God and the zeroes as the creation. The creation really gains value because of God. Without God forming the base, there is no creation at all. It is valueless. But the entire computer operation is based on 1 and 0. 1 represents open charge and 0 represents close. By representing the alphabets and numerals in a series of one and zero based on ‘Boolean Algebra”, the entire computer language has evolved and the input is always based on a system of ‘machine language’, which the computer understands. All researches are possible due to 1 and 0 and people from far off lands could communicate through this ‘algorithm’. Though we key in ordinary letters and numerals, the machine convert them suitably as machine language and transmit them across the continents in milliseconds according to the speed of the processor chip. All space ventures were made possible because of super computers. No doubt, these are breathtaking inventions of twenty first century. Still no scientist could find answer to the origin of the universe or the fundamental building block except they have found ‘masons’ are the minute part. No scientist is aware how ecology adjusts itself and how the various living beings co-exist without causing any disruption to ecology! No scientist is capable of making a simple leaf. Even after thousands of years of research, none has found out how the creation has happened and at what time? Even the “big Bang theory is assumptions of scientists.

The time scale of Yuga

Scriptures answer succinctly about cosmos!

But the scriptures are ready with the answers that riddle the human mind! The scriptures have stated that the Supreme Intelligence has caused the creation, sustenance and destruction systematically and periodically. After the conclusion of one Yuga, there will be ultimate destruction called “Pralaya” during which time, floods will engulf the entire landmass and all beings will perish in the destructive flood. After a period of several thousands of years, the creation will start once again. The interval between one Yuga and the next is known as ‘contact period’. The present Yuga is known as “Kaliyuga, the darkest period of life on earth. Hence there is utter disregard for human values, truth, tolerance, love and non-violence. Hence there are incessant wars and more destructive weapons created for annihilation of hostile countries and people. In fact, the Kaliyuga had started around 5200 years ago when Sri Krishna relinquished his earthly career! But this particular Kali will not last for its entire 4, 32,000 years. In fact, the vices and evil of mankind has become the worst now and hence holy sages incognito have taken it as their task to cut short the dark era. I have already posted several hubs on this point. Nowadays good natured people are targeted by evil minded. Corruption has reached the peak level in most of the countries. Women and young girls are subjected to untold misery by terrorists. There is no sense of compassion anywhere. People are fleeing their countries in bunches and many lose their lives in the mid oceans. Many countries are closing their borders to refugees. No organization could give solace to the affected mass. Hence the creator alone could intervene and save the suffering humanity.

Dawn of Golden Age!

There will be virtual combats between evil and Divine forces!

The time is fast approaching. The prayers of millions of souls have reached the Divine! When the evil rise to the peak, the intervention will start simultaneously. Earth shaking events will take place. The evil forces will be destroyed mercilessly by Divine forces. A golden era is about to dawn. Wait and watch patiently!

The Divine forces will quell the evil from earth!

Do you believe in Divine intervention at this darkest hour?

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