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How to Raise Kundalini

Updated on June 4, 2014
Breaking thru/spiritual enlightenment
Breaking thru/spiritual enlightenment | Source
the doubled headed Snake and the Staff or the tree of knowledge.
the doubled headed Snake and the Staff or the tree of knowledge. | Source

How to Raise Kundalini: Kundalini What is it? And How Does It Work?

Kundalini or Soul force as known is Ancient Kemet "Present Day Egypt" is the name of the eternal life giving power of the soul. This power is in everyone and can be tapped when is spiritually ready. Kundalini it's self is an eitheric energy that connects to everything you see, smell, eat, and hear. Science know to a certain extent had toyed with the energy and in the process has created weapons of death and destruction, Such an example of this energy is the explosion of an atom bomb that can destroy massive areas and completely wipe-out anything in its wake. Hence the Caution using this type of energy can not only hurt he it can destroy others. Thank to the Heavens there are safe guards to keep those who are not ready from using the power. Sadly as stated before this knowledge has fell into the wrongs hands and people have lost their lives because of it. In most art Kundalini is depicted is 2 intertwining serpent climbing up a pole or a staff. Each serpent represents an opposite pole one one being a positive energy which is masculine and the other being the negative which is Feminine energy . the pole, Staff, or tree is representative of of the spine which is what these dual energies ascend up to through the 7 chakra centers which are located on the spine to connect with and stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain. Creating a bridge know as the Rainbow, Depicted in movies such as rainbow bridge in Thor. When the bridge is created the left and right increase in energy flow. this energy is then transferred tot he center pare of the brain, which is called the penal Gland.

How to Raise Kundalini: Engerizing Kundalini

Charging the Kundalini is not as hard as you thought, However it takes time a focus to cultivate it. there are a couple of ways to to energize your soul power.


How to Raise Kundalini: Engerizing Kundalini

1) the first way of energizing kundalini is thru meditation and visualization.

Step 1: find a quite place sit Indian style or lay in a relaxed position, and take three breaths and being sure to inhale positive energy and exhaling negative energy.

Step 2: Next, close your eyes and visualize just a blow your root chaka is a ball of blue and energy. inhale and see the ball expand then exhale and see the ball contract into and slighting bigger a brighter ball then before.

Step 3: Repeat this exercise until you feel a cooling sensation in that area.

The second way is to change your diet. All you simply do is eat more fruits and veggies that require high concentrations of sunlight for it to produce properly.

The Third way is sex. Since kundalini is a sexual energy remember when you release you acting releasing life force to create a child. That is kundalini. there are a few way to day this , however, because there may be young readers on reading this article. I'm going to simply say the best way and most sure way to increase kundalini energy is to abstain from sex all together. this why monks and priests have high concentrations of Chi or kundalini energy.

The 7 Chakra Centers
The 7 Chakra Centers | Source

How to Raise Kundalini - The 7 Chakra Centers

What are the 7 Chakras? Before we learn how to cleanse balance and energize them.The chakras are 7 Power centers located throughout that body, that coordinate to specific colors and organs of the body. each Chakra also possess a spiritual gift that can be tapped into when energized with kundalini energy. The lack of these gifts indicated that there is a blockage in that corresponding chakra. The 7 Chakra Centers Starting from the bottom are The Root Chakra, The Scaral Chakra, The Solar Plexus Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Throat Chakra, The Third 3 eye or Brow Chakra, and finally The Crown Chakra. When all of these chakras are fully operational it allows to to reach higher planes of spirituality and oneness with the universe. However activating them may take some time depending upon the person's level in he or she's spiritual evolution. So please be patient and do not rush the process it has been know to backfire on people, literally driving people crazy, or having spontaneously catch on fire, even death. fellow the proceeding steps to the letter to help guide you to this worthy goal.

How to Raise Kundalini - How To Cleanse The Seven Chakras

Before you begin the journey of becoming enlightened you must prepare yourself to be able to conduct this energy. A clean mind Body and soul is in order. There are a multitude of was to accomplish this, everything from spinning to yoga. Here are a few way to Achieve this without breaking the bank or completely cutting yourself off from the human population.


clearing thy mind through meditation, and intro introspection.
clearing thy mind through meditation, and intro introspection. | Source

How to Raise Kundalini - Cleansing Your Mind

Cleaning your Mind: Cleaning you mind is the first and a very important part of the cleaning process. In religious book such as the bible Moses and Jesus both too sabbaticals, in the Quaran it was Muhammad, We must do the same. For example Jesus took 40 day and 40 nights in meditation battling temptations of Satan, was Satan literally there? No!! this battle refers to the battle between Pure thoughts and Unpure thoughts."The idle mind is a Playground for the devil". Meaning the d'evil uses your mind against you. Negativity is inherent in the human not to mention the constant bombardment negativity from TV, Music, even family and friends that impregnate your subconscious. Here are a few things to help get you mind focused and under control

1) Meditation/ Clearing the mind. Clearing the mind sounds, however it is much harder then you think.


Step 1: sit in a quite room and try to focus on you breathing, for 10 min take notes, of the random thoughts that pop in your mind.

note: DO NOT ENGAGE the thoughts just write them down after the 10 min segment

Step 2: Review the things that crossed your mind and try to figure out what is important or not, what is negative, and what is gibberish.

Put them in categories:

What is within my power to correct? Take care of them.

What ever are negative thoughts? locate the root of the negitve thought, decided if it true or not. "if true Correct it" if not add it to the gibberish category.

What is gibberish? dismiss them admittedly. by saying the same thing in a funny voice you can do the same for negative thoughts.

Example: You can't do that, repeat it back and Oh no.... i shouldn't do that in a devious voice. play around with it until you find a combination that nullifies the thought.

Once you have completed this step Move to the final step which is to empty your mind completely. This many take some time so do not rush it.

Raising Kundalini - Cleansing Your Body

The next step is cleansing your body. From the air we breath to the water we drink, even to the food we eat we are being poised everyday.There are tons of way to expel waste and poisons such as: breath, sweating, eating fiber, etc. Here are four ways to cleanse the body.

1) Exercise - exercising when ever you can is one of the best ways to burn off or expel poisons. is good 1 to 2 hour cardio and strength training program can do wonders for the health of the organs it also takes stress away from the body by flushing of toxins.

2) Meditative breathing - wish is self explanatory, Meditate breathing is basically breathing within a rhythmic pattern. I will not go in-depth about this, There are programs that you can get to to help with this process.

3) Eating Properly - Cutting back or completely eliminating Meat, food heavy in sugars, all processed foods, tap water, microwaveable food, and more. What do we eat?, just simple replace them with foods that are naturally grown.

3) Foot Detox Pad - People don't realize that most toxins when they enters the body is normally gravitates to the lowest part of the body which is the feet. These pads are fairly in expensive and can be found at your local pharmacy.

4) The final Method to flush the body of toxins is to find a total detox program for the heart liver, lungs, colon etc. there are many great detox programs but the best program i have found today would at a site called Realm Dynamics. They have Tons of stuff to help with the ascension process.


Raising Kundalini - Cleansing Your Soul

Cleansing The Soul is the final set in this process of preparation. The good news is if you followed the first 2 sections of the cleansing you are more then halfway there, however if you haven't here is something you can do to help with the cleaning of the soul.

Introspection- Introspection is basically taking time to look at yourself as a whole.

1) ask yourself what are some of your weakness in your persona, where did they come from, and how badly you think it is effecting you.

2) list and organize them by similarity and severity.

3) Close your eyes and envision the situation that you think it started or situations that the flaw show. The play the moment in your mind noticing everything that was going on. Be detailed.

4) after you have the moment and all of it details replay the moment and correct the mistake in your minds eye until you feel you have rewritten the story and and it no longer bothers you to think about it.

NOTE: evoke emotions it will help it stick, really relive the moment.

5) finally repeat the replacement member several time or for as many times as it take to over write the memory.

Once again there are more things that can help with the process such as finding a spiritual guide or healer.but to keep this article form running on to link i will refer to back to the link above "Realm Dynamics" that's where I or one of the other specialist personally can help anyone that may need it. or you can send me a message here and I will do my best to help.


How to Raise Kundalini: Process Of Cleaning the Chakra Centers And Raising Kundalini

We are now at the final Phase of the process of raising Kundalini. If you made it this far in this article great, In the following subsections we will go through the entire chakras, system. This will include there areas of location on the body, vibration names, frequency sounds, and effects of energizing them. This final process can be assisted by the use of semi precious gems that are directly correlated to the power center. In the next post i will cover semi precious gems that can help with the charkas and other everyday activities. Now lets begin. The 7 charka systems please when practicing do them in the exact or as i have posted them.

Good Luck

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

How to Raise Kundalini: The Root Chakra

How to Raise Kundalini: Root Chakra

Color: Fiery Red

Effects: The lower intestine, proper waste disposal,

Grounding of the human spirit Effects self confidence, personal stability

Activation Chant : LUM

Sound Frequency: 741 Hz

How to Raise Kundalini: Sacral Chakra

Color: Sunburst Orange

Location:Reproductive Area

Effects: Reproduction organs, Creativity Power

Activation Chant : VAM

Sound Frequency: 288Hz

How to Raise Kundalini: Solar Plexus

Color: Lemon Drop yellow

Location: Belly Button Area

Effects: Effects the Stomach, Kidneys, Liver

Effective Power:: Intuition

Activation Chant : RAM

Sound Frequency: 528 Hz

How to Raise Kundalini: Heart Chakra

Color: Emerald Green

Location: Heart

Effects: Heart, Lungs, and Spline

Effective Power: Love

Activation Chant : YAM

Sound Frequency: 639 Hz

How to Raise Kundalini: Throat Chakra

Color: Deep Sea Blue

Location: Throat

Effects: Mouth, Esophagus, Teeth, and Ears

Effective Power: Communication

Activation Chant : HAM

Sound Frequency: 256 Hz

How to Raise Kundalini: Third Eye / Brow Chakra

Color: Purplish Indigo

Location: Forehead

Effects: Eye Health, Brain, Pineal Gland

Effective Power: Physic Abilities

Activation Chant : OM

Sound Frequency: 852 Hz

How to Raise Kundalini: Crown Chakra

Color: Purplish Pink

Location: Crown

Effects: Crown

Effective Power: Connection to Higher self

Activation Chant : AM

Sound Frequency: 432Hz

Kundalini Quiz

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How to Raise Kundalini

Once you have completed this Be sure to repeat as often as you can in order to progress further, and when the heavens think that your ready they will respond. Thank you for reading this article, hopefully you enjoyed the Trip as much as i enjoyed writing it. if you need more tips or information leave a comment and i will replay as soon as humanly possible.

thank and See You at the next Level.

Here is a Video for you to look at for further info on this subject.


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