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A.S.K: Ask Seek Knock

Updated on July 10, 2010

I didn't happen to chance upon Him, rather He was introduced to me at a tender age. Probably before I knew who I was, maybe even before they even knew who I would be. The reigns that steered me along the path He paved out for me, having been relinquished to me at an age where I was believed fit to make my own decisions, is why I felt it fit to dedicate this first article to Him...

There lived a man who died and went to heaven. He was met at the pearly gates by St. Peter and as is custom with every arrival, he was given a tour of the grounds before he could settle in. Everything he saw was beyond what his imagination could conjure up based on the stories he had heard while he was still here on earth.

However as they were walking along, he happened to see a shack, standing alone off the main grounds, one that seemed to be falling apart. It was definitely a misplacement given that this was heaven, where everything else was exquisite and beyond what all the money in the whole world could have ever bought had he even had it at his disposal and he had quite the chunk of change.

So after deliberating for a few minutes he asked St. Peter, "How come there is such a building in heaven.

St Peter looks at him with an amused expression on his face and says," It took you 30 seconds longer than the guy who came in just before you to ask that same question. Want to have a look at what's inside?"

With a puzzled look on his face the guy looks at St.Peter and asks, “Are you trying to tell me that even with the way the structure seems to be falling apart, you guys...I mean angels are using it? What in heaven would a shack be needed for?!

St. Peter chuckles and motions him over saying, "Well let’s have a look and you can decide for yourself.

Silently they walk over a path overgrown with weeds towards the shack. St. Peter opens the door and gives the guy right of way into the building. To his astonishment the building is filled with gifts wrapped with a bow to match.

He walks deeper into the building and is lost for words because he can’t believe it. He then turns abruptly but before he can ask what was bothering him, something catches his interest…cautiously he approaches one of the shelves and he stares disbelievingly at a gift box with his name written on it.

He reaches a hand up but suddenly withdraws it and looks to St. Peter who gives him the go ahead. His hand trembling, he reaches up a second time and plucks the box from the shelf. He looks at the box, a thin film of dust an indication of just how long it has been there and instinctively knows what is inside.

He then looks up at St. Peter and with tearful eyes he asks, “Why didn’t I receive it?”

St. Peter looks regretfully at him and simply says, “But you never asked!”

Lump in throat he looks up and conclusively ventures what troubling him, “Does this mean that all these gifts in here, are for those people down on earth and they will only get them if they ask?

Solemnly St Peter looks at him and says, “Yes, the person need only ask to get the gift.”

The guy ventures further and asks, “What if the person doesn’t know what to ask for?”

St. Peter finally tells him, “When they search deep within their hearts and genuinely seek God then they will know what to ask for when they need it.”

St Peter adds, “You read the bible, right?

The guy says, “Yes.”

Then St. Peter asks, “What does Matthew 7:7-8 say?”


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