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Association of Spiritual Organizations (ASO)

Updated on July 12, 2017

Baha'i: all prophets come from the same source.

Mission Statement

OBJECT: To bring together similar spiritual organizations for mutual support and benefit.

METHOD: Sign a letter agreement as to basic beliefs (see below),

advertise such agreement to members,

use joint letterhead of all logos (see below),

use joint marketing,

form and maintain a communication channel among members,

encourage participation among members of each group,

share study materials, and

recognize membership among member organizations.

OPERATION: Each group will operate independently but will report progress to ASO. The ASO is a professional organization. Each group will assign a representative to ASO which will meet once a month to address mutual issues.

TARGETS: Baha’i, Unity Church, Theosophy, Edgar Cayce’s ARE, The Monroe Institute, Institute of Noetic Studies (IONS).

Some of the listed organizations have good theory and some offer the proof or evidence of the theory. Each group needs the other.

501C3: Tax exempt status is not needed because money does not need to change hands. This proposal is for an Association not a Corporation. All that is needed is agreement.

Unity Church


Theory needs Evidence and Evidence needs a Theory

Edgar Cayce
Unity Church
Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute

Common Beliefs forming Letter Agreement

  • There is a Unity of all life and especially among Mankind.
  • The universe is multidimensional.
  • Mankind has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • We are individuals with freewill, but are part of the whole of Mankind and the Creative Force.
  • We may consciously evolve and accelerate or retard the process.
  • Reincarnation and Karma exist for our development, not for punishment.
  • Dream Analysis and meditation are useful for our development.
  • Our thoughts affect ourselves and our environment.
  • We renounce war and fighting for any reason or under any pretense whatsoever.

Both Atheist and Religious people can agree on No Religious War.

Later Peace Churches
Baha'i 1843 refined Quaker
Global Peace Church
Quaker 1660's - beginning Baha'i
Individualistic Peace Church
Buddah never fought but his followers did
Noah and Moses did not fight
Jesus never fought but his followers did.
Mohammed fell from grace if he picked up the sword
Krishna did Not tell Arjuna to fight.
Joshua was wrong to fight, so no covenant
Killing is offensive. There is no such thing as defensive killing.
Arjuna was wrong to kill his family.

Institute of Noetic Science


It is time for similar spiritual organizations to form an association for their mutual benefit. A joint letter of basic beliefs should be signed and distributed. All logos should appear on a common letterhead. Joint membership should be established along with sharing of study materials.


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