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"Supernatural Events Come To Pass When a Person Believes With The Doubtless Faith of a Child"

Updated on November 15, 2013

... "At the same time, I poured salt on the bird's tail; I gently wrapped my right hand over the bird and lifted it."

How a A Child's Faith Makes Fantastic Miracles Happen!

Must the universe transform time and nature to create every requirement in just the exact sequence for a child who innocently and perfectly believes a supernatural, physical phenomenon definitely WILL come to pass?!?!

Sounds like the stuff of hokum, but keep reading. I've detailed a story you may find difficult to believe—but the account IS true, and it illustrates the spectral power given a very young boy who believed in another human with every fiber of his being.

The object of his faith was not a god, but another human being.

People believe in many things and people. For example, I believe the chair I'm now sitting in will hold my weight. I also believe when I press the "T" key on my computer keyboard, I will see a 'T' on my computer screen.

Granted, these examples mean nothing when compared to the astounding events that take place in the story you are hopefully about to read.

Belief or faith, simply defined, is the absence of doubt, but true believers apply this sense one crucial step further. Genuine believers KNOW their outcome will become reality as a future happening.

God and other other-worldly spirits or powers need not be a part of the believers process... This truism is an important piece of the believer's mental processes. The human mind transcends perceived reality to believe a future event will occur.

Faith is a gift given to all human beings by our Creator. As with any gift or talent, some people possess more than others, and people use faith successfully only when doubt is completely barred from the process. ANY disbelief; ANY part of doubt eliminates any chances at realizing the desired end result.

I first discovered the incredible power of faith some 40 years ago as an 8 year old child. The story you are about to read is true:

How To Catch A Bird - A True Story

Spring time, 1960... .

My college-going uncle was hard at work, studying to pass an upcoming, particularly crucial test. At the same time, I was making noise and walking in and out of his study area located in my grandfather's house - as most 8 year old boys do when bored.

My activity quickly wore thin with my uncle and he lashed out with some truly colorful language directed my way:

"James, you are making too much noise and you are bothering me. Why don't you go outside to play?," he demanded.

"All of my friends are gone for the day," I replied.

My uncle came back, "Well then go catch a bird!"

"How do I do that?" I innocently asked.

"Put salt on its tail," he said with a somewhat sardonic smile.

I quickly ran to find my grandmother. I finally tracked her down in the kitchen and then asked for the dark blue, "when it rains it pours", Morton salt container.

My grandmother thought my request a bit unusual. She asked why I needed that particular kitchen-housed item.

I said, "Because Uncle Jim told me to catch a bird. He told me to put salt on his tail, and I could then hold it."

She returned a glimpse of slight annoyance, but I was soon holding the salt container.

I then bolted for the back door leading to the driveway.

Approximately 20 yards away, I immediately spotted my bird. The little creature was motionless but decidedly much alive. I stealthily proceeded, making my way in the direction of the still bird.

I then stopped, pulled back the salt container's metal spout, took the single step that placed me behind the animal.

At the same time, I poured salt on the bird's tail; I gently wrapped my right hand over the bird and lifted it from the concrete driveway.

Bird in hand, I walked through the back door of the house and immediately released it.

All of a sudden that once-still bird took ferocious flight throughout that house! My grandmother began screaming; my uncle bolted from his study, mouth agape.

After 3 or 4 minutes of chasing a flapping, flipping, flying bird from room to room, my uncle finally allowed that adrenaline-filled, wild, smallish bird to escape through the same door I brought him in.

Minutes later, my upset grandmother overcame her tiny state of shock. She then told me to spill the beans about the bird capture. My uncle was a bit more than slightly curious as well!

"Uncle Jim told me to go outside and catch a bird, but I needed to put salt on its tail in order to catch it," I said.

They both threw their hands to the sky sporting looks of amazement and disbelief. My uncle appeared slightly frightened as he stared me down, but he soon went back to his studies.

On the other hand, my grandmother scurried to the phone and called at least 12 people, including my mother, six of her sisters and all of my aunts.

In lively style she re-told the story phone call after phone call: Every one-sided conversation filled to the brim with intricate detail in her descriptions of this most amazing event.

I thought precisely nothing of the incident. I just believed in my uncle. Not a single doubt existed in my mind—I was going to catch a bird that day, and the salt was to be the magic sprinkle to make it happen.

My uncle said it was so, and I totally believed in him.

Pic of yours truly, copywriter31. I am the kid who who used salt to capture the bird.

The Power of a Child's Faith

The replayed story is factually true, and it colorfully illustrates the power of belief tied with a child's faith. Why do children believe so perfectly and easily?

I feel the answer is because a child receives a clear mind, responsive to suggestion from the more aged who love them and have gained their trust.

Retelling the facts you just read certifies Jesus Christ's words to be truthful.

"Unless you have the faith of a child, you can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven." He also said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you."

Jesus was speaking of life on earth, and his message touches many people . . . in fact, even today, because faith and belief are robust agents for achieving incredible possibilities - even catching a bird by putting salt on its tail.



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    • copywriter31 profile imageAUTHOR

      James Ranka 

      5 years ago from Port Neches

      Hi, izettl, thanks for the comment. Having 2 children, under the age of five, 'frees' you to simply be yourself, because, in their un-grooved minds, you can do no wrong. I had 2 children at one time in my life. I recall these beautiful, innocent gifts could have cared less if I was a worthless, drug-addicted man, or if I were the man who made sure they never missed a meal; always received a hug and a "I love you, and I'm proud of you," as they walked out the door for school. I, thank God, was the latter. Point being, our children look to us for direction, and they totally and completely believe what we say to them; not who we are, filtered through an adult's mind. Children forgive without condition, and if we, as parents, have gained their respect, would follow us and BELIEVE us to their success, or to their detriment. I may be rambling now. If so, I apologize, but this is a hugely important part of everyone's life!

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 

      5 years ago from The Great Northwest

      This is a great story. Having two small children right ow under 5 , I am amazed at how effortless faith is for them. The scary thing sometimes is them having faith in me and the pressure to not let them down. This story also reminds me of the placebo effect, or sugar pill. Power of suggestion. And...all things are possible.

    • copywriter31 profile imageAUTHOR

      James Ranka 

      5 years ago from Port Neches

      Hey there, Bonsie007 - I believe most of us have experienced something similar as a child. True, no-doubt belief is extremely powerful! It's sad that we adults have forgotten this magic!


    • Bonsie007 profile image


      5 years ago

      Very nice hub! I have experienced faith as child myself many times. Thank you for posting this.


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