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Astrological Personality Traits: Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Updated on January 23, 2014
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Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.


Aquarius often get mistaken for being snobbish, but do not be fooled by their aloofness, they are probably thinking. Aquarius thinks a lot. They see a problem and think it out, trying to find the best way to fix it. Aquarius are frugal by nature and are very careful with purchases of any kind. They are intelligent and witty. Once you get to know an Aquarius, you may be surprised at their sense of humor. Aquarius are ahead of the times, having the ability to start new trends without even trying. They tend to be intuitive or psychic. It seems they know how a person feels or what is going to happen before most. They are always on the lookout for outdated ways of thinking or doing. Once found, they will troubleshoot the problem, offering suggestions or just fixing it themselves. They are independent, preferring to work alone, though they love to socialize occasionally.

The Aquarius may see one homeless person then take the idea to help one person and figure out a way to help many homeless people. They excel in helping the world.

The Aquarius feel a very strong need, or drive, to change the world by changing how things are done, or by introducing new ways of thinking.

Relationships: Business and Romantic

Aries: Aries are enthusiastic and creative, something that the Aquarius loves. The joint energy of these two signs makes them a fascinating and very creative team. In the workplace, this is a very good match. Romantically, Aries is loving, without being clingy or needy, something that irritates the Aquarius. Aquarius will find the independent Aries a joy to be around and both are sure to have intelligent and intellectual conversations. Aquarius and Aries both prefer some time to themselves to regroup and to think about their next cause. Both romantically and business-wise, this is a good pairing.

Taurus: Taurus are home and material item focused, they love attention and may not understand the Aquarius way of thinking. The Aquarius is not an emotionally needy person and do not do well with clingy people. Aquarius prefer to be alone to think, to contemplate the next underdog they are going to help and Taurus may feel the Aquarius is focused too much on others. The Aquarius plans where the money goes, rarely purchasing anything spontaneously. Business or romantic, there may be too many differences between these two signs to make a solid relationship.

Gemini: The Gemini is intelligent and talkative, the hallmarks of the Aquarius. When a Gemini and Aquarius get together, they may go on for hours, talking about everything. The connection is strong, both romantically and in the workplace. Gemini are energetic and playful, having the ability to get the serious Aquarius to relax. The Aquarius love to laugh but often get caught up in their project that they may forget to have fun. Gemini can bring out the fun like no other sign, besides another Aquarius can do. This is a perfect pairing, no matter the situation.

Cancer: The Cancer needs attention and family time. The Aquarius are always busy seeing to changing the world. The Aquarius may be attracted to the gentle Cancer because they are bright and cheerful, but in a business and romantic sense, the Aquarius is too aloof and preoccupied for the Cancer. They may be very good friends, but a committed relationship may not work.

Leo: This relationship may take off on amazing levels of fire and compatibility, or both parties may make each other upset in ways no other sign can do. Leo is intelligent and charming, Aquarius is intelligent and charming, this sounds like a very good match, but the type of charm and intelligent are very different, wherein lies the problem. Leos charm and manipulate, they love to be the center of attention and will do what it takes to get there. Aquarius are charming because they care about the underdog. They do not look to be in the spotlight, or to be rich, they just want to change what is wrong with the world. Leo and Aquarius may work wonderfully, or it may be the worst relationship possible, both work and romantically.

Virgo: The Virgo is very organized and practical. Aquarius are not necessarily neat and tidy, though they know where everything is. Aquarius are practical. This pairing, both business and romantically, has possibilities. The primary problem is that neither sign are prone to seek comfort and romance. The romantic relationship may never form, or if it does, last, because neither party are putting in the romance that is needed. In a business relationship, this will work very good as both parties understand the other.

Libra: Libras are social and energetic, outgoing and friendly. Aquarius seek this type of person. The Libra will delight the Aquarius with their energy and intellect. Libra will understand the need for the Aquarius to save the world and will join in. This is a very good match, both romantically and business.

Scorpio: The Scorpio is not a social creature and Aquarius love people. This match may not work, especially due to this one issue. Aquarius will be out talking to everyone while Scorpio is getting impatient to go home or to close the office for the day. The Aquarius won’t close shop until the problem is resolved. Business or romantically, there are too many differences between the two signs for a good relationship that will last.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius love to be around people, to learn and travel. Aquarius will love this type of person. Aquarius need their down time but will not mind if the Sagittarius goes on a trip without them. Aquarius will be fine with letting the Sagittarius do more business travel than them as long as they get filled in on all the details when the Sagittarius gets back. Both signs understand the other; they respect their individuality and need for personal space. Both are intelligent and love to help people. Romantically or business, this relationship is a good one.

Capricorn: This pairing may be difficult because Capricorn is more materialistic than Aquarius and may get frustrated at the laid back attitude of the Aquarius. Aquarius may not mind the Capricorn fussing with the house or office, but will quickly grow tired of Capricorn’s desire to impress others. Aquarius maintains personal appearances but they do this for themselves, not to impress others. This match may work, but it may not be the easiest of relationships, in the workplace or romantically.

Aquarius: Aquarius and Aquarius, nothing short of fantastic, both romantically and in the workplace. Hard working and intelligent, nothing can stop this duo. Romantically they will understand each other and not be too needy, something that drives the Aquarius crazy. They will enjoy lively conversations about many topics and thrive off of each others’ creativity and energy.

Pisces: The Pisces love to help people, one at a time, instead of changing the whole method as the Aquarius does. Pisces is much like a very quiet Aquarius; this may lead the Aquarius to get bored with the introverted Pisces. The Aquarius will be drawn to the Pisces because of their intellect and caring nature, but may wear out the Pisces with their outgoing and excited ways. Pisces work quietly, Aquarius are out in the world trying to fix it all. Both in the workplace and romantically, this may not work, but a Pisces may be a very good, calming friend for the Aquarius.

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