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Astrological Personality Traits and Relationships of the Leo (July 23-August 23)

Updated on June 16, 2014
Cynthianne profile image

Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.

Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion

Here's what you'll learn about a Leo in this article:

  • The Leo personality
  • The Leo symbol and glyph
  • Leo relationships (romantic or professional/business) with other astrological signs
  • Differences between the male and female Leo

The Leo Personality

  • Despite being more introverted, Leos still love to be noticed. They'll be the ones trying to make people smile by wearing a silly hat or telling a joke loudly, to no one in particular.
  • Leos also love to give people reason to think -- or, just be confused for a moment. They see their life mission as one to turn the world on its end and shake things up a bit, in their own unique way.
  • The Leo lady will be the one with the greatest parties, while the Leo male will be the one with the most dashing suit and sneakers on. If you want your life to have some uniqueness, whether anyone understands it or not, have a Leo in your life.
  • Always the confident lion, the Leo is unshakable from their desires and attitudes. Don't try to change the mind of a Leo -- they know what they want and that's the end of that. They can be stubborn and aggressive, but will come back loyal and loving, just like a cat.

The Leo Glyph and Symbol

The glyph for Leo looks much like a lion’s tail. The Leo symbol, similarly, is a circle with a dot in the middle. A circle with a dot in the middle is a sign of infinite potential and self-realization, which is very important to the Leo.

The Leo Glyph and Symbol
The Leo Glyph and Symbol

Leo Relationships: Romantic and Business

  • Aries. The Aries and Leo can be just as good as it's bad -- both signs have tempers, but both strive to be unique and make the world a better place. The ambitious Aries will keep the Leo excited and perhaps on edge a bit. This can be dynamic in the workplace as long as tempers don't flare. Make a Leo mad and there's no turning back. This aspect can be devastate a romantic relationship -- but, with work, it still may still be okay. Aries love to take on projects, causes, and anything that catches their interest. Leos like to be in charge, so the Aries is too independent, this can be a problem for the powerful Leo. Male or female, the Leo is a leader and feels most comfortable while in charge. Neither the Aries nor Leo like anyone having authority over them, and this can be a problem in long-term relationships. This may not be the best romantic union, but may work very well in the business world, as both are aggressive and eager to get what they want.
  • Taurus. Taurus is prudent and frugal where Leo is eager to spend anyone’s money, and not to eager to make their own. This can be a problem in any relationship, but the other aspects in their personalities may offer other reasons as to why this union might still work. Taurus wants to have parties and have the fine things in life, as long as their home is stable and they have a good nest egg in saving. Leo wants a stable home and fine things, as well. Taurus tends to be very blunt with their words, so they may continually aggravate the Leo. However, with careful communication, this relationship could work.
  • Gemini. Gemini is a mutable sign and its communicative air lights the Leo’s fire and excites the lion on all levels. While a Gemini knows how to stroke the lion’s fur and make them happy, that lion is still likely to get tired of Gemini’s social self. It may seem to the Leo that their Gemini is always out with friends, and that's not where Leos like to be. The Gemini gets charged by all the energy a group can give them. Gemini also sense other’s moods and instinctually knows how to fix them, and this is very appealing to the Leo. If you are out of sorts, the Gemini knows exactly what to do without asking. This pleases the Gemini and makes the Leo feel important. The Gemini may tire of the constant attention that the Leo needs, however, and leave. With work and understanding, this relationship can work romantically. It is a very good business match, though.
  • Cancer. Cancer is the most sensitive of the astrological signs -- very intuitive and understanding, all the things a Leo wished they were. Their loving and tender personality will make you fall in love with them and the Cancer may fall in love with your strength and confidence, courage and unique sense of humor. The Leo is not one to seek out a family and responsibility but the Cancer thrives on such domestic things. The Leo loves attention and may take credit for all the hard work the Cancer does to make the home, or workplace, a happy place. For example, Cancer works hard setting up the home with all the right colors and decorations, Leo places one picture on the mantle and takes all the credit for how good the home looks. This will crush the sensitive Cancer even if the Leo did not mean to hurt their gentle partner. This is not a good match for work or romance.
  • Leo. Leo and Leo -- who can understand one better? This may be a hard relationship to imagine, as Leos love the spotlight on them, but two Leos working together can be a hot team. The Leo partner thinks like their sidekick and both can work together to shake up the worlds of all around them. As long as each Leo can let the other Leo have the spotlight, both romantically and in a business setting, this is a non-stop union.
  • Virgo. This intellectual and elegant sign is very attractive to a Leo, but the playfulness of the Leo may not suit the serious Virgo. Virgos are patient and kind, always thinking and seeing things in a unique way. This is intriguing to the Leo, but the Leo can emotionally exhaust the Virgo. Once a Virgo has decided that enough is enough, their patience is gone and they'll never return to the Leo, which won't bode well for one's self- esteem. Work or play, the Virgo may be too serious in life for the playful lion.
  • Libra. Libra is the sign of balance and justice, the debater -- all things that the Leo loves. This is a good union, whether it's romance or work. Libra can be playful and serious. They balance everything in life all the while remaining curious and outgoing. This air sign will ignite the fire in a Leo like no other. Neither sign likes to lose an argument, so be prepared for some heated discussions. However, with a little understanding, this is a good union.
  • Scorpio. Scorpio and Leo are both fixed personalities, stubborn and self-centered. This doesn't necessarily mean that relationship can’t work, however. In the workplace, this may be an unstoppable team, both wanting to outdo the other and shine. In a romantic relationship, there'll be some heated moments, good and bad. Both of you love to spend money, so finances may always be a topic of discussion. With care and budgeting, this relationship can work.
  • Sagittarius. Confident and loyal, Sagittarius is a fire sign like the Leo -- both will light the fire in each other and forge forward in life together. Sagittarius loves to travel and explore, and this will keep the Leo excited with all the new places and adventures. Sagittarius understands the Leo desire to be different. All in all, this is a good union in both work and romance. But, watch the stubbornness and remember to compromise sometimes.
  • Capricorn. Capricorn are frugal, funny and intelligent. The Leo will be attracted to the funny Capricorn, but may soon tire of their workaholic ways. Capricorn are very concerned about finances and may not appreciate Leo’s ways of spending money. The same unique sense of humor will be the glue that holds this relationship together. If Leo can understand and appreciate the stability of the Capricorn through balance and understanding, this pairing can work.
  • Aquarius. Analytical, technical and intelligent, an Aquarius is a mystery to the lion and very intriguing. The Leo will have a very strong desire to possess this creature, with their intelligence and unique wit. The Aquarius will not be possessed by anyone or anything. They have fierce independence. While the Leo is planning the next prank or fun outing, the Aquarius is seeking out the most efficient computer. Both are fixed signs, so don't plan on changing the mind of the Aquarius, Leo. The Aquarius won't allow it. Although Aquarius is an air sign, the fire ignited in Leo may not be the same type of fire ignited in the Aquarius. Aquarius are more focused on friendship and work before romance, whereas the Leo is all about romance, play, and more play. This may not be the best pairing in work or romance.
  • Pisces. Pisces is the gentle fish of the zodiac, always trying to please. This will appeal to the hungry lion. Leo will find the Pisces and their loving ways to be very attractive. Pisces love to make people feel good and Leos thrive on compliments. Pisces don't see the point in being in charge, so they'll accept that the Leo likes to be in charge. The Leo may have a tendency to run over the gentle fish, in work and romance. But, if the Leo is careful to care for their little fish, this can be a very good pairing.

Male and Female Leo

Differences Between the Male and Female Leo

While for most signs, the male and female are very much the same, this isn't the case with the Leo. There are some differences:

The female Leo will be more organized and tend to be more in "party-planning mode" than the male. The male Leo, on the other hand, tend to be more of a prankster or a goofier person than the female. This makes for a very good pairing in romance or work, because they'll balance each other well. Both share the same temper and desire to be in charge -- so, watch out for that.

The Female Leo: Elegant and Fun-Loving

All photos are from Morguefile, unless otherwise stated.

© 2013 Cynthianne Neighbors


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