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Astrological Star Sign Scorpio

Updated on August 23, 2010

Scorpio Mythology

The star sign Scorpio is the eighth of the 12 zodiacs and is entered by the sun around about 23rd October. Scorpio is represented in zodiac symbology by the Scorpion.The Scorpio Horoscope covers those born on and between 24th October and 22nd November.

The Star Sign Scorpio in Greek Mythology

Scorpio or Scorpius

The Star Sign known as Scorpio and recognised as the Scorpius constellation of stars is one of the older mythical histories relating to starlore. The center star forming the constellation of Scorpio is known as Antares and marks the starting place of the Sun at the September equinox some five thousand years ago at the start of the well known mystical and historical Mesopotamian civilisation.

An interesting fact is that the star constellation of Scorpius was originally seen in ancient Egypt to be a serpent and not a scorpion as more recent millenia have accepted.

As most people know, the stars seen from earth are not necessarily still in existence due to the time it takes for light to travel to earth and for this reason, the Scorpius constellation was once much larger and incorporated part of the Libra constellation giving it extended claws. This larger constellation was acceptedly evident in the classical Greek and Roman periods of the first century BCE.

Now for the story part. The Scorpio starlore has always suffered a baneful existence as the arrow of Sagitarius constellation points into the midsection of the Scorpion along the ecliptic line of travel.

The Greek mythology relates to the story of the constant battle of the Scopius to attempt to catch the Orion constellation.Let me explain.

The Earth Goddess Gaea commanded a scorpion to sting Orion. Orion was then saved by Aesculapius due to his healing ability and trampled the scorpion to death. Aesculapius is known to many without even realising it. The symbolism representing Aesculapius (also known in the constellations as Ophiuchus) is of a man holding a serpent in the middle and fighting to restrain both ends. This story gives rise to the healing and fighting abilities associated with medicine and is why the staff and two intertwined serpents has been adopted as the universal accepted symbol for medicine.

Aesculapius is believed to be the ancestor of Hippocrates born around 460 BCE and believed to have received his expertise and training from Hippocrates who was known as the Great Physician of Cos.

Well, I hope you found this as enlightening as I do.  Please dont forget to rate this article up if you enjoyed it.


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    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 7 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks Ray. I am told that Scorpio character traits are peaceful until pushed and can really stick to a principle they believe in. Fiery tempers when they reach their limits.

      Thanks for reading Ray.

    • profile image

      caretakerray 7 years ago

      Dale Nelson:

      Great hub. I am fascinated by astrology.

      thanx caretakerray